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    I usually do monthly pics of my tanks just because I can. So here we go, hope you enjoy. This will take 2 posts because my pics are too big, OOPS .
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    Bogo sale this weekend on sps frags! Our sps are on fire and we have tons of amazing pieces. Haven’t run one of these sales for a while so don’t miss out.
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    Yes thank you everyone who has put their life aside to protect our liberties. I would like to share a little story of what I was able to participate in this year. For veterans day the body shop that I manage had the pleasure of donating a 2015 Subaru Crosstrek to a veteran through Progressive Insurance Keys To Progress program. The program Progressive runs is amazing, they give a car, usually a theft recovery that was missing fo over 30 days, to one of the shops that they work directly with and the shop coordinates restoring the car to like new again. The car we received this year was in pretty rough shape, entire inside had been vandalized during the theft and the outside was coverd in dents and scratches like it had been driven through the woods. I was able to get some parts donated, and the parts i was unable to get donated were sold to us at very heavily discounted prices by vendors. This is the third time in four years we have had the pleasure of doing this and the second time I have managed the entire process. This year the car we reconditioned went to a vet named Lisa King who served 5 years in the army and spent time in Kuwait. She is also a co founder of VFRC, Veterans and Family Resource Center of Oregon, which is an organization who helps vets get the services they are owed. Lis also donates time to the Oregon Food Bank in their Learning Gardens program. Before receiving this Subaru she had been commuting via scooter uear round and recently her scoother had been stolen. Lisa has put others before herself constantly and she truly deserved a reliable mode of transportation. from left to right Ken Kraft is the local guy for the VFW who helps the Keys To Progress program. Quy, Dustin, Tran and his wife Lien Tran are the owners of our shop. Myself, Andy Zinda, manager of shop. Melinda Zinda secretary and assistant manager of the shop, also my mom. Robbert Colclesser my grandpa who served in the Korean war joind us for the day. Me giving a speech, hate public speaking but didnt pass out. Lisa King is truly the one to honor here she is the lady in the gray sweater standing at the drivers door.
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    Clean that up, this is a family board
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    Good luck, and remember, nothing good ever happens fast in a reef tank.
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    Looking to downsize some so I’m selling my beautiful starphire glass tank and custom wood stand. The finish looks similar to Barnwood or beach wood. Made by Brian67. Contents will be moving to my new tank. Keeping my lighting. I will include the eschopps 3 chamber sump with refugium (paid $350 one year ago) but am selling the Diablo skimmer for $200. See separate add. $800 for the tank, stand and sump. Text me at 503-803-5221 Susie Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Let me know if you have some and what you want for them. Close to Vancouver is a bonus. Thanks
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    Couldn’t resist fancy new frags from C&C yesterday, so ended up breaking up my Pearlberry colony. Medium and large frags available. $5 for medium, $10 for large. They’re just in the sand bed, so first come first served and hope to get them all out today. Text me at 503-860-2846 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have had this for a little over 7 years, I don't frag it much, but thanks. Lots of Blue Moon Belgian White for a frag of it........................................lol.
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    Looking awesome Carla! What is the large blue tort-like colony just left of center in the first tank pic?
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    I remember you setting this up around the time I got mine running. Really nice tank and stand GLWS.
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    Just my opinion, but try maybe turning the whites down a little. Maybe 50%? Let's see if there is a difference with the algae?
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    Powder coating as long as all rust is removed
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    So this is my true reefer family moment well one of many.. Yep so my husband who also has his own reef tank. We don't touch each other's tank by the way.. separate but equal. Secrets to a happy marriage 101. Well he tonight has decided to bring some of our test kits into our bed room to sleep by them. Don't know why. He just felt the need to be close to them I guess.by the way the tanks are in the garage way away from my bed room. ( this is a reefer family moment.) Picture added. Who else wants to share their moments...
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    Deal of the day on the 150g is on, $800 shipped! http://www.scaquariums.com/dealoftheday.asp
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    I think you were right. I’ve been feeding with phytoplankton and now it’s doing great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    it's the internet, you can argue anything. you don't even have to be burdened with truth or facts. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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