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    Hello, Today I noticed one of my yellow banded coral shrimp had an egg sack in her tail area. Does this mean that the two shrimp are a mated pair? Or do they carry eggs even if not fertilized? I couldn't find much about them online in regards to breeding. Other than it's not likely, is there anything I can do to help some survive?
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    I went to clean my tank. (Husband recently set up a 20 gallon for himself). Today I couldn’t find buckets, test kits, hydrometer, fish net, scraper, half my hang on magnum (just half) he broke pieces and hid it, ro machine, towels and other stuff. Places I found them: freezer, on washer and dryer, hydrometer was on floor in front of his tank, kitchen sink, bathroom, behind his tank and back yard. Had to right a note for his safety. This is the third time this has happened and I just cleaned it up.
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    Orang red monti piece $10 Sent from the bottom of the sea.
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    Im a big fan of Dremel with diamond cutting wheel for massive colony types. You can cut surprisingly small and neat frags with this, and a screwdriver to pop off the frag once cut. After making a lot of favia and acan frags in this way I have no urge to use a bandsaw. And this is waaaay cheaper...
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    I've actually used a chisel and hammer to break up rocks with success, but some are easier than others and you can't decide exactly where it will break.
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    Pavona / Cactus coral? https://www.bluezooaquatics.com/productDetail.asp?did=3&pid=1451&cid=52
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    Haha! Our test kits are spread out all over the dinning room table right now as I am trying to track down an issue with my coral. Darcy has to clear out a spot so she can sit down with her meals. Unlike @TheClark we don't have a garage at all so the gear is all spread out on the basement floor (minus the stuff on the dinning room table of course).
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    For anybody using Kent salt the last batch had pretty high alk on our testing~11.8 dkh. Also the calcium was lower then normal. It’s always a good idea to test any new batch of salt before using it.