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    It took 6 months but my clown fish finally realized that anemones are natural hosts for clown fish. I was so excited to see this as I have been pretty much telling him everyday and he finally listened. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    This is a bummer. My fear is that banning controlled/permitted collection in the US will only incentivize uncontrolled/unpermitted/destructive collections elsewhere in the PacRim. https://mauitime.com/news/science-and-environment/hawaii-supreme-court-slaps-dlnr-on-commercial-aquarium-fishing-permits/ Nate
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    Yeah, that auto correct can wreck a sentence pretty quick like, but I love being able to use my phone to check in and post from. OptimusPrime told me I should just turn it off but I have yet to actually get to that. And Yes Cherany, I certainly think of spoon over fork when it comes to you. So far it is looking like we will have a pretty large turnout for the festivities.
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    Youcallmenny- You can twist my arm and I will take that Mummy Eye off your hands, we can always get you some more goodies when your tank is rockin and rollin again. Albertareef- The litttle guy was looking pretty haggard after the long trip home that day/night but he might just hang in there...Now that I am thinking about it I better go and check on it. Paratore- I already have a couple Shazamscalled for but I will slice you a polyp or two if I can for sure, I will also get you some of the oxides and Supernatural.
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    I’ve been too two Christmas meetings and this one sounds like it’s a gonna be hopping! I’m going Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hello, my name is Chris I am new to the forum and saltwater in general. Is this event for only select members or open to all? If open to anyone are kids allowed? Someone mentioned a gift exchange making me think it's a small personal event. Also some one mentioned a frag swap if I don't have frags to swap would I be able to just buy some?
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    Thanks BlueZ for the cool coral, will give it lots of room.
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    ok, i am FINALLY done working on this tank. the details.. 1. standard marineland deep dimension tank. 48x36x27 starphire front panel. 2. I removed the corner overflows (because they are hideous and kind of stupid) and built a central 2 foot long "ghost box" style overflow. 3. two 1.5" drains and one 1" inch bulkhead on the overflow for a beanimal style drain. 4. two one inch schedule 80 hoes drilled for the returns (next to overflow). 5. the tank is also drilled for a closed loop system. there is a two inch return and the two former stand pipes in the corners for returns. I know.. i know.. people don't run closed loops like they used to but that was before DC pumps came into play. With a $150 jebao you could push 4000gph+. I thought that two of the corner pipes flowing behind the rock work and two facing diagonal. That and maybe one gyre would keep any sps happy. stand is SOLID. .like ridiculous, but it does come apart so you can get it through doors to set it up. It is very nicely made. it's a SWEET tank and you could do some amazing aquascaping..especially since the corner overflows are gone. I was stoked when I bought it from another forum member but when running plumbing through my entire house for a basement sump and running new electrical circuits I told myself I wasn't going to do all this nightmare work and not have my dream tank which is a 6x3 rimless. The downside, this dream tank comes at a "i should have my head examined" price. comes with all the bulkheads and unions for all the returns and closed loop holes. $750 takes it home (bring friends to help unload it). Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Starting today corals are still 50% off and also buy 3 get 1 free.
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    Interesting. I have been casually eying the gyres as a possible replacement if/when the last of my old x-waves die so am curious as to why you don't like them. Not trying to argue at all as I have no experience but honestly just curious what yours has been. Sounds like perhaps a reliability issue?
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    I got a hydnophora frag for pretty cheap a couple weeks ago, and this just makes me stoked for it to grow into a massive colony!
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    I am calling this experiment a bust! I had another motor burn up in the middle of the night. No CR flow for several hours. The peristlatic pump itself is great, the motor is junk... So I am gonna go on the hunt for a better motor and repeat this experiment down the road. For now I am back to my noisy plastic peristaltic, which ironically has been rock solid but quite loud!
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    I would have suggested you looked this up before purchasing the fish. Your Mandarin will continuously eat daily, actually non stop. The truth of it is you will most likely not be able to keep up with the fish as it slowly starves to death within an aquarium. Your best bet is to get a 10-20 Gallon aquarium, fill it with Cheato & copepods then throw in a few Shower loofahs. So here's the idea, the pods grow and reproduce, they hide in the cheato and the loofahs, you then daily shake one of those loofahs into your reef tank dropping off a ton of pods, from there throw it back in the pod tank, next day grab a different loofah and repeat. Though having a copepod tank requires feeding the pods, so the next thing you might want to look at is a great place to purchase phytoplankton in bulk, or of course breeding your own, and that's another big operation on its own. Good luck!
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    I was just at cuttle fish talking about this. I did some further reading and I have some experience in natural resource regulation for what it's worth. So it is shut down for now, but, the good is that the shut down is really based on fish and wildlife (well, the Hawaii version of fish and wildlife) research. The have done numerous surveys of the reefs where commercial collection takes place and they have shown that numbers of target fish are not declining. In fact the opposite is happening in several cases. The bummer is that in modern America, people don't value facts that the scientific method generates. It is all about beliefs, and if something doesn't sit right with someone's beliefs then it gets cast aside.. call it fake news, call it propaganda, whatever. Don't believe this is the case.. ok, how about Portland citizens deciding not to flourinate their water because it was "dangerous" and flouride is a "chemical waste product"? How about people not vaccinating their children because vaccines cause autism even though there has NEVER been a peer reviewed study that proved this was the case? So this same mentality is manifesting itself here. "Snorkle Bob says the waves were once full of yellow tangs.. they take between 2 and 10 million of them a year!!" People say..oh my God! But then it's estimated that there are 30 million fish harvested globally for aquarium trade and Hawaii represents 2% of that trade. The point is that when something becomes political, all bets are off. Sound natural resource management and harvests come from scientific data. My hope is that cooler heads will prevail and that commercial collection will resume. This will take awhile though folks. They will have to complete a NEPA analysis to make a significance call. These analysis are VERY lengthy, especially when the topic is political. So I will have to put my achilies tang lust on hold for now. :( Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Wouldn't hurt to re cook to ensure you kill off anything that may have accumulated on the rock since it has been sitting dry in the drum. Just be sure when you add it to the tank not to increase your bioload and give the new rock time to house bacteria. I would also suggest more frequent water changes than 2 months.
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    If you get the Gyre you should get 2! one at the top horizontally and the other mounted vertically on the back wall, that would create some pretty killer flow!
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    Haha, nice one! Good to see it's doing well in that tank! -Kamran
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    If I remember right the tank has a 900ish gpr pump on it ( probably a bit less with head pressure ) if the fuge was empty they would end up stuck against the skim off slits. The first part of the fuge section we try to keep a few small orange sized spaces so they bounce off the surrounding macro algae and stay in the little pockets of water.
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    That sounds painful. Glad you are still able to get out there after all that. Wish that running actually made me feel good as I could use the exercise but, even when I was in great shape from regular soccer trainings it always just felt like (insert derogatory word indicating much discomfort and suffering here). I salute your (and Jeremy's, Kim's, reef run's) dedication!
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    I was wondering how much flow you had in the refugium as I would be concerned about them getting thrashed. Very cool though!
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    Active duty Army. This was back in 2004-05? If I manage that in 20 minutes these days I'm satisfied. I'm also happy my knees have been put back together enough to even jog (albeit with straps/braces).
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    Bert can I bring you a 5-10 eye OME? That Tierra del Fuego and red planet I got from you are doing well. I am on a livestock moratorium for a while until I'm happier with my overall QT situation but will have a few good frags to share. My aussie blasto colony continues to drip heads so there will definitely be a couple of those.
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    Looks like autocorrect had a field day! I think I’m more of a spoon...
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    Everyone on this forum is welcome! Bring the family (there will be pizza!), cash for any raffles you’d like to enter (tickets are cheap and the prizes are stellar!), and a wrapped gift if you’d like to participate in the white elephant exchange (it’s optional, but really fun!).
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    Hi Jay @Chief I think Saltwater Harmony and ReefiLabs should also be tagged as local even though they don’t have a brick and mortar location exactly - both are PDX based. Thanks again for working on this!
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    Well Chris, it is open to all members of the club so you are certainly envied, if you are just getting started I am sure I can bring you a tank warming frag of sorts just for fun, otherwise I am sure a few forks including myself will be bringing extra corals they no longer have room for.
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    I feed 1-30μm phytoplankton in the form of Brightwell Phytochrom and my 3 clams are... well, happy as clams! I'm just taking a stab in the dark at what might be ailing you.
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