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    What do u mean they're not compatible? They look happy to me!
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    I’ve used little clear plastic fruit containers with all the drain holes in lieu of a bowl because I’ve got too much flow. But +1 what Matt said. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    From my experience they don't glue down and need to naturally attach and that can take some time. Place it in a bowl with some rubble so it can't be blown away and just wait till it grabs onto the rubble then glue that to the plug.
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    Cookies! Well that seals the deal... and no, l’m not kidding 😄.
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    There is always beer in the fridge, as well as soda and water. And, of course, chocolate chip cookies.
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    This Saturday, October 28, 1 - 4 p.m. Literally hundreds of frags, all $10. Seriously. I know, right? PM me for the address. Looking forward to seeing you!
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    Ok......stop with the 1000 pm's, lol These are not for sale......it has taken a good bit of work to get them to play nice in the same tank. It's a delicate balance. I mean just look at the picture....Let's hear some guesses. I mean it's obvious to me, the sea horse is giving the stink eye to the Jelly fish. The jelly fish totally looks like he just got caught.....Do we have any creative thinkers out there ?!? Lets make this a contest.......Give me your short story of what is happening in this picture. You have till this coming Wednesday evening at 8pm to post your story of what is happening in the above pic. Winner will get a $50 dollar Gift Certificate to Paradise Coral. The best story will be picked by a creative thinker her self........... Miss Karissa. Let the fun beggin!
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    Ha! Idle threats - just leave me some cookies... I won’t press my luck on the beer.
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    This is almost like talking politics. Lol I'm still a firm believer in the Dutch Method of supplementing verse changing water. I have been doing this for years and will continue to do so as it works well for me. I too have had my fair share of issues this last year but that was due to Portland changing its water supply and flooding my system with high tds and me not keeping an eye on my tds meter when making top off water. Funny thing is when everything went south I scrambled for answers and even sent out for a full triton test that came back almost perfect. Remember what works for some may not work for you.
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    Unfortunately I'm in Salem, or. So that's a bit of a drive for me- if all else fails, I'll see about making a trip up. I have a buddy just outside of Seattle I've been meaning to go visit as well🤔
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    Thank you! I'm glad you didn't pick it up Here's a picture of it a week ago or so. I've mounted all those frags onto the shelf rock you see there since.
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    Watch out what you wish for I have to go that way in the morning and may be waiting when you show up......................
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    Maybe if you ask nicely...........................but not sure.....................you need to ask Holly on that one.
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    Thank you that one is near and dear to me. I collected it in Tonga in about 20 feet of water. Had to hold my breath and go down with hammer and chisel. It was down in a crevice, but i got it out after a few tries lol
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    a few more updated pics of the tank. Going for over 4 years now
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    I have a Vertex Omega 150 I would sell.
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    What size are you looking for? I will have a vertex omega 180i with neck cleaner in the coming month or two when I break down my larger tank.
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    You make a great point. Ok, let's go with this one, and I'll whip up some pink dye! The only problem I foresee is being mistaken for cotton candy, but nothing a pair of googly eyes can't fix.
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    This pic is from 2015, lost her in the big levamisole crash
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    Approximately 4 years old. Sent from the bottom of the sea.
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    Added some marimo moss balls today. Everything I've read says they do great in brackish water.