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    Awe wow! A gal goes to work and comes home to this. I seriously can not thank Scott and miles for all their help with food. And Jim’s son...so sorry I forgot his name but man he was a hard worker! I would do this every weekend for this group and for the tanks for teachers [emoji177] we have such an awesome group of people, cooking is the least I can do to help out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Zach, you joined! Awesome! You won't regret this great group of people. They're nothing short of awesomeness! You need to get your sidekick Gene or is it the other way around, on here, as well. I'm sure you guys made out pretty well at the fest, well, at least from me, haha. You and Gene had some really nice stuff! Can't wait to see you guys next year or maybe even sooner! Now fork out the $24 and become a supporting member, lol. [emoji12] Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    Hey everyone, My name is Zach Bogatz, and I was at the most recent PNWMAS frag show. Got to meet a lot of you nice people, it was a lot of fun and tiring ;). Dodge told me about your forums, and thought I would join in on the fun, and thank everyone for coming out to visit us at the show :). I will try to keep up on the forum but I am super bad about checking these things lol!
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    A few new pics. It’s coming along.
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    I also wanted to shout out to @spectra who had the most amazing beans. I hear the salsa was good too but I am one of those rare unfortunate freaks that Cilantro has a soapy taste for me.. Sirena was most impressed with your culinary skills and your take charge attitude. The two of you made a fabulous team. I know you don't like too much public accolade which is why I have not posted up your own thank you thread. Same goes for Jim Armstrong @Gumby. But both these guys have a heart of gold and are hard working and will never sing their own praises. Spectra as many of you know was also the reason I originally checked out this club and wanted to be a part of it... Please don't hold that against him!
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    This really sucks, right when things are looking fantastic, something off the wall like this happens. I had a 300w hydor Theo heater that decided to break. Obviously didn't know this at first, my wife called me on lunch and said the skimmer was overflowing. I told her to unplug it and I'd check when I got home. 3 hours later when I get back all corals are closed and not looking hot. Everything appeared fine so I began prepping water for a large change. Not sure what prompted me to check the heater but I reached in and grabbed it and it shocked me! I dropped it back and quickly unplugged it. I do have a titanium grounding Probe in the sump also, so hopefully that helped with some stray voltage. this was on Wednesday. I make a late run to pet smart and get a replacement heater as the temp dropped to 75. I did a 25 gallon water change that night (45 cube with sump, figure it's roughly 50%). Cleaned skimmer and swapped for new carbon. Yesterday, corals continue to deteriorate. I bought a 20L and setup last night. Temps were low so I waited until this morning to move corals over. i don't know what the heck is in those heaters but it's bad news. I have to assume some heavy metal like copper but not sure. At this point, my only move is to drain the whole tank tomorrow and restart it after cleaning. Not sure if anyone has experienced this or has any tips. Here's a pic from a month ago :'(
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    I wish you had two of these lol. Would work great over 150 deep dimension
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    You can get a new 75 gallon for $75 at Petco if you can find a store with one in stock.
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    Right now everything is doing ok in the 20L I setup. The cube is cycling with the help of Aquaforest BioS. Currently looking gross with brown algae. After that calms a bit I've got the Triton Detox to run as a precaution as I am reusing my rock work. Reef Octopus had a similar titanium heater without controller I was considering but feel good about the Jager despite being glass. I do use my RK to control temps so it is a viable option.
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    @CuttleFishandCoral Laura Simmons was very impressed by your shop. She has been all over the world and really was impressed with the room and how everything was laid out.
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    Thanks for everything you all did, sure the vendors had some stuff to do. But I feel like your job was harder, you had so much to organize and keep things in line. But it was very smooth, and we all appreciate how much you even took care of us and even offered to get coffee for a barely awake individual ;). I had a lot of fun, and glad that others did too :).
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    Heck yeah! I will try to be active on here too. I am normally on R2R, but nice to know there is a forum for us locals :).
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    I will encourage him to join ;).
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    Here is the link for her talk. There were some updated parts but most of it was the same. Great information:
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    Was glad to see you guys there. (Nancy) I must confess I didn't get anything from you this weekend, but I do love the acans I got from you at the sale at BRA last month.
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    Let's see some pictures of this beauty, I come here for my fish porn fix an I see no pictures lol..
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    Welcome Zach! Glad you made it to the show and were able to find some good pieces. I really liked that bubble gum digi - glad you scored a frag! Sorry about that - I managed to merge your post with Wantanewtank - the danger of early morning posting from a phone Hope things went well for you and definitely glad you could join us!
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    Nice to meet you Zach at the show! You were working really hard. Setting up a show is hard work. Remember folks these vendors have to get up like 3 am drive down and then set up a tank in 2 hours or less. No easy task!! Most of the time they are lucky to break even and do it for the love of the hobby. This was our first show so I really couldn’t tell them how many people would come and they eagerly signed up anyway! Unrivaled Reefs definitely has my business! Great forum name wantanewtank as that will never go out of style!! Please support these vendors if you can and with Unrivaled Reefs it’s easy! Check out their Facebook page! He’s got some nice high end stuff as well as some old school favorites of mine!! All of it was high quality!
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    We’ve had some amazing guest speakers over the years, but Laura really stood out to me as someone determined to turn things around in the industry and as a genuinely nice person, as well. She was so gracious with us, and I’m so happy the club chose to invite her!
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    I was also at yesterday's swap and had a wonderful time talking to venders and buying way too many corals. The prices were very reasonable so I couldn't resist. Got some corals high on my list like a space invader pectinia, purple hornet zoas and a bubblegum digi. Also got other beautiful sps. Laura Simmons from Cairns aquarium gave a great talk on sustainability in our hobby. I can't wait till next year. Thank you to all who put on such an awesome swap. Oh and the tacos were very tasty
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    PM sent. This would ideal for moving all my livestock from my 180 to a 4" footprint.
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    Good to hear and well if and when the new tank shows I can help with delivery and set up if Jim ( think that's his name I suck with names ) doesn't have a way to get it there.......... Was a good time and cant wait for next year.............was a good time hanging out with the first lady...........
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    I am so out of room... I'm already considering mounting shrooms and the superman and rainbow montis on my overflow. I really want to meet everyone. I guess if I can fly to Cali, I can drive to Vancouver ;o:
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    Just a sampling. Pics aren't good. Everything was packed since late yesterday and I wanted to get it all dipped and into the tank. Also got a CB Neon Dottyback from MarineDepot (forgot the fish folks) for $20. I was sooo excited to get a pectinia. None of the pics do any of them justice. Got a few others as well, a few SPS including a Beast Mode from Stumptown. Really going to try and come on Saturday. I always say its too far, but Vancouver is not bad at all.