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    Check out this bad Anemone! I wasn't sure what all the hype was about so I had to find out for myself. All I can say is WOW!! Blown away!! The color is unreal and it's incredibly bright, by far the brightest thing in my tanks! So glad I was able to snag these pieces. The nem collection has officially begun [emoji41] Thanks again Hieu for the awesome nems! *Phone pictures don't do them justice, but look how they compare to other BTAs!* More pics to come as they settle in.
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    L 'eggo my eggo... 🀣 Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    That's Gil&Fin's Waffle Iron SPS. Goes for thousands on line. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    As you know we are having this frag show on October 14! I really want to show the Northwest what an amazing club we have! The show runs from 10am to 3pm but we will need people to help from 7 to 6pm. We need help for the following: Let me know what you are interested in helping and the times you are available! Volunteers will get free food and that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you helped support a great cause Tanks for Teachers! (That's the Village people google it .. I'm old.. ) Setup Help the vendors get set up 7 to 10am Food 10 to 3pm help Chef Sirena with her street tacos! Raffles 10 to 2pm Setting up the gym for the guest speaker 1230 to 1pm Breakdown 3pm to 6pm Volunteers: Optimusprime available around 8 to 9 up for anything! Scott food and anything else πŸ˜€ Zondebak no heavy lifting help with food Bicyclebill admissions
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    Nice hardy piece of sps from @Gil&Fin is growing out on the rack in a grid pattern makes me think of eggo waffles!
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    Haha! That is awesome. Careful though, Holly might come down on you for copyright infringement - looks a lot like the Gil&fin waffle iron!
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    Whoah, too spendy for me! Luckily, I have friends with SPS benefits!
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    Thanks man! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Enjoy man! I'm glad it's finally gonna get put to good use and I couldn't be happier with my nems [emoji7] I'm excited to see what you do with this tank! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And this is the one I am most excited about, because it does alk, calcium and magnesium https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?20138-Trident-FAQ ast Friday at our 5th Annual MACNA MeetUp we announced a future product, the Trident. The Trident is based on a alkalinity testing technology we acquired from Jim Welsh a few months after MACNA 2016 and, with Jim's continued help, we have made incredible leaps forward from just testing Alkalinity. The Trident automates the testing of Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium.There have been many questions and rumors since we announced last week. In this post, I will provide you with as much information as I can as it stands now, regarding the Trident. Please understand that a number of things either have not yet been decided, or we have yet to finish final testing and do not want to put something out there that we may later need to retract.So here is the FAQ for the Trident as it stands today:What does the Trident measure?The Trident was designed for reefkeepers. It tests for the three things that are the building blocks of coral skeletons in our reef tanks (and what our customers have been asking about for years): Alkalinity (dKH), Calcium, and Magnesium. What are the connections?The Trident connects to your Apex via a 1LINK connection, or via the AquaBus with an external power supply. It also has two tubes out the back, one to draw sample water from your tank, and the other to send waste to a container or a drain.Does it have a pH probe inside?No, the Trident has no pH probe inside that might require frequent calibration.How does it work?The Trident basically automates the proven method that you (and scientists) already know and use - Titration. Since the Trident uses micro-drops delivered via a stepper-motor driven peristaltic pump along with an electric eye, we have taken the human element out of the equation. So, how accurate is it?The Trident produces amazingly consistent results. Alkalinity is +/- 0.05 dKH and both Calcium and Magnesium are +/- 10ppmHow long will the reagent last?The default testing schedule is 4x Alkalinity tests per day and 2x Magnesium and Calcium tests per day. At that rate the reagents will cost about $20/month. That's a per test cost less than any other test kit on the market today. Can I test more or less frequently than that?Yes, within limits. There are operational limits on both ends. Obviously the test takes time so only so many can be fit in a day. Also, once unsealed, the reagents will have a more shortened lifespan. That said we are fairly confident that you should be able to run less tests and get two months out of one set of reagents. How much will the reagents cost?Reagents will be ready-to-use (nothing to mix up), sold in two-month kits and cost ~$40. How much tank sample water is taken?Compared to products that only do alkalinity testing, the Trident uses very little tank water for its samples and produces very little waste. While most testing systems shown to date create 50-90ml of waste per test, the Trident produces under 15ml of waste for all three tests (Alk, Ca, Mg). Is the Trident a standalone system?No, the Trident requires the latest Apex to operate. However, the Trident does not require any external devices like dosing pumps and does not require any outside vessels for reagent or rinse water. Why won't the Trident work with the previous Apex models like the Apex Classic?With the advancement of technology, many times the resources available in prior systems is just not adequate for new devices. We see that with iPhones, gaming consoles, TVs, and many other devices in our lives. There are two key reasons why the Trident will not work with the Apex Classic. 1. Every Apex system must contain the working software for all the devices in the ecosystem. More complicated devices like the Energy Bar 832 and the Trident take up a great deal of code space. More than that is available on the previous Apex models. 2. The Energy Bar 832 and the Trident require more computational horsepower to operate than what is available in the now 10-year-old-designed Apex Classic hardware.But you said that you would not leave Apex Classic owners behind?And we haven't. Since the new Apex was released last year, we have developed a new module (FMM) and many more features in the Apex Fusion cloud service that everyone can take advantage of. At the time of launch last year I said that the only device at that time that would not work was the Energy Bar 832 and that nothing else was in the works at that time - but something could come along. And it did - subsequent to MACNA last year. And remember, we even made the COR compatible with the Apex Classic.Will the new Apex Base Unit be available separately?At this point our demand for complete Apex Systems is so great that we cannot shift the supply to selling the Apex Base Units on their own. This may happen down the road, but customers should realize that the value in getting a complete new Apex System will always be greater than buying the components individually. The new Apex System also comes with the advanced Energy Bar 832 and a set of our new double-junction probes that many customers might need to replace anyways. And remember, the new Apex is backward compatible with all of your existing Neptune Systems products.How big is the Trident?When we designed the Trident we wanted to make it as self-contained as possible. This meant that we wanted all the hardware and all of the reagents to be contained under a single, attractive enclosure. No tubes going this direction or that. No bottles to have to hide. We were able accomplish this in a space of just 4"W x 10"H x 12"D. The Trident should fit nicely under the stands of most aquariums. We intend on having an optional wall bracket available as well. How much will the Trident cost?No firm pricing will be released at this time, but we are committed to bring this to market between $500 and $600.When will it be available?We hope to have units in the hands of our Neptune Systems Insiders by the end of Q1/2018 and have it available to the general public in Q2/2018.
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    Thanks, Cody (paratore) for the trade!!! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to set this baby up as an anemone only tank!
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    Wow - the color on those is intense. Nice find Cody - hopefully they grow and split for you quickly.
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    If you like acrylic, envision is a great option. Yeah, you probably cannot build one for what James could, and certainly would be difficult to build a better one. Top notch stuff so I hear... I have a dry 5x5x2' envision cube in the garage, STILL waiting to set that sucker up... He can make a pretty small top brace depending on what materials you use for the sides. That way you can get some of the benefits of rimless (easier algae scraping) with allot lower cost. I like acrylic myself, but that's a whole other thread derailing 'discussion' Best of luck!
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    New pump and motor are here. After a rough start, I am super excited. It is quiet and much more rugged in appearance. It has stainless steel bearings (the last one was noisy plastic) This seems like it could be a winner for continuous duty. The rough start had to do with the PWM speed controller. It couldn't handle running this motor down low enough in speed. After swapping out for another old PWM controller lying around, the experiment is officially starting! If this pans out, I am going to do a separate and proper writeup for those who may be interested. Honestly if this works out, it would be a sub 50 dollar peristaltic pump option. I tried this a couple years ago and the parts just did not exist. This new head could be a game changer.
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    Hmm... having lost a tank to majano's before, mine did not look like that and they also didn't expand that fast. True, a bit tricky to tell from the photo but I would lean toward them being something else. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what.
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    Anyone else want to help out? We are getting several volunteers from the SCPCDA. (The group that put on Bob Moore) so it shouldn't be too much work for any one person! Even if you could help for an hour or so every little bit helps!
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    Congrats! We are going to have to start a separate section for all the nanoreefer pics!
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    If you're cool with an acrylic tank, Envision is out near Newberg and makes some of the best custom tanks you can buy. While it is acrylic, the plus side is that you don't need to pay for shipping.
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    That's awesome thanks guys! It will be so much fun!!
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    Most definitely more money parting it out. I tried to sell my last setup as a turn key with all livestock for 1200 and it's wouldnt sell. I ended up parting it out for over 3 grand. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    How about another raffle item? There are going to be some amazing prizes !! Here is another !!!
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    Colorado sunburst! 😍 It's huge! Tempted to slice it to create smaller ones to better fit the tank 😝
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    April - Invertebrate : Gil&Fin