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    For the fourth time? September's Picture of the Month winner is: Nanoreefer!
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    Some great shots there! I swear Nanoreefer just needs to quit his day job and become a professional photographer! He gets some amazing shots!
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    Count me in........................can hang with Sirena but may eat more than I serve Hell need anything let me know you know I will help. I can show up early to if I don't drink to much the night before ah hell it wont matter................
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    March - Xoanthids: Nanoreefer
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    We finally upgraded to our new tank, and need the old one to go away. It's a nice looking 30"x 30"x 24" cube, but it definitely needs some TLC. It's got quite a few shallow scratches that could be buffed out fairly easily, but more importantly there is a pretty large amount of crazing on the front panel Stand and canopy are included, which were both built by Brian57. He said the tank was made by someone on the forums too, but I don't recall who it was. It also still has the MH ballast, reflector, and bulb that we got with the tank. The canopy was built to house the MH reflector, so it works very well in there. I also just checked the kit out, and it turns on and gets real bright, so it seems like it's still good. With all the crazing on it, I don't know that you'd want to use it as a DT without replacing the panel, but you could use it for a big sump, an awesome terrarium, or use the MH and make it a comically oversized frag tank. Ideally, I'd love to get some nice SPS frags or something in trade for it, but really we just need it off the porch :P
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    For real, he is killing it with the photos!
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    Anyone else want to help out? We are getting several volunteers from the SCPCDA. (The group that put on Bob Moore) so it shouldn't be too much work for any one person! Even if you could help for an hour or so every little bit helps!
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    That's an amazing shot! He takes pictures like a pro and an artist as well!
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    Cut that sucker down to 6" tall, bam! frag tank.
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    Already have you assigned Miles! This is for people not on the board!
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    September - Corallimorphs: Nanoreefer!
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    "hell it won't matter....." Haha I'll probably be in the same boat! I'll probably be wearing my sunglasses inside, lol Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    August - Symbiosis: Flash21
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    May - Euphyllia: TheClark June - Encruster: jonas503 July - Sand Bed: SaltyJay
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    April - Invertebrate : Gil&Fin