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    You sassy SPS masters and your 'problems'! It would make a cool bleached specimen for a shelf sometime
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    How about another raffle item? There are going to be some amazing prizes !! Here is another !!!
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    Count me in, Kim! I could probably get there between 8 to 9am. I could help out with what ever is needed. Already told the wife that this will be an all day affair. Can't wait! Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    This was a cool short video. - You can see allot of the equipment and processes they are using... Including the red head lamps - They only get one shot a year..
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    This pic is from 2015, lost her in the big levamisole crash
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    Nwfragfest is coming in just a few weeks!! Nwfragfest.com You could win this MP10QD!! If you have an older MP10 trust me you will want to upgrade! These really are so quiet!! I have one in my tank in the bedroom and I don't hear it at all!!
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    Well now that I have your attention, check out this monster birds nest coral. It was just getting way too big and I kept practically giving it away. Well today I finally decided to send it to the garbage. I hated doing it, but there's only so much room and no one to take it. It was killing other coral it was growing into so death was inevitable. Sorry?? But I do have this giant purple cap that I'd like to re-home. I'd gladly trade for some frags or a few pesos. It's attached to a rock that has blue cloves, but if you didn't want them you could just break off huge pieces of the monti and chuck the rock. It's at least 14" x 8" x 5". Let me know. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for helping us out Optimus! Look forward to seeing you there.
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    Oh there is such a delicate balance of pecking order, I dare not add another fish. Newcomers are destroyed! I use the ocean plankton from Hikari. No additional coral feedings.
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    Lean and mean eh? I should ship you our Desjardin tang and see what you can do with it - it has the mean (or at least bossy) down but not so much the lean. Where do you get your plankton (brand)? Do you do any other feedings for your coral? Everything was looking pretty healthy in there.
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    Hey that's really cool. Thanks for sharing! This is definitely a new one to see on my part. I'd like to hear more about how they are intending to create hybrid coral species that are targeted towards surviving climate change. Fascinating prospects there!
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    As far as quantity? Enough to keep the fish healthy, just not obese! Lean and mean For my tank that is 4 cubes of ocean plankton every 2 days, a sheet of nori every day.
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    You better keep that skeleton for display, or at least the reactor...That would be your salvation, not the garbage can. Nice colonies though, healthy looking coral.
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    Traveled up 30 and didn't even say hi??? I live probably a couple hundred feet off the highway on 2nd Street. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I know you don't have to kiss my butt...hahaha
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    Try this company in San Diego area, nice build from what I have seen in person and good reputation https://www.cdaquarium.com/
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    TJ tritip, I have the new thermometer and pulled it @ 130, I think I will pull at 125 next time. It was really good. Thanks spectra for the thermometer suggestion, makes a world of difference from the crummy analog one I've been using.
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    Approximately 4 years old. Sent from the bottom of the sea.
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    You need a insta read thermo.........I cooked this tonight and pulled at 130.......I like it a little more rare.......so 125 next time.