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    A amazing week of orders! This weekend we are doing a special on aquacultured Clams. $29 Maximas 1.5" - blue, golds, and black and whites! $29 Derasa's 2" Here is a few photos of some other new items! Huge shipment of killer high end aquacultured SPS.
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    Hello my lovely... Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    Are you looking to hang it, or fab something that screws onto the side plates of the ATI? I can see a slick solution made of acrylic that bolts onto the ATI side plates. I guess it depends on how high you want the lights.
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    I like this post a lot!!!
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    Update time! No pics close at hand but what a story. I'll fill in some pics and vids later. Since my last update: First, they reached reproductive maturity and things got complicated. Turns out I had 3 males and one female left. Which was exactly 2 males too many. One disappeared completely, its unclear who ate him but I only found his beak. Not even the cuttlebone! Another weak male I rescued after he took a beating, but he died shortly after from his wounds. After that, the strong male and only female settled down to domestic tranquility and behaved like a strongly pair-bonded couple. They had funny interactions during feeding and were more or less attached at the hip... err, mantle? They mated constantly, and produced 11 batches of eggs over the next couple months. Sadly, I was unable to get any to hatch. Not sure what the issue was, since I have good luck with purchased eggs. I will note that none of these homegrown eggs plumped up as much as the purchased ones... perhaps there were fertility issues? In any case, what came next was a surprise. It all started with a sea urchin. This MFer was constantly messing up the tank, and one Saturday morning he was up to his tricks tearing up mushroom and zoas. So I stuck my hand in the tank (what comes next is never good) to grab the urchin and scared the female cuttle. She darted across the tank... face first into the anemone. This is nominally Calliactis polypus, the symbiotic anemone found on hermit crabs. Funny enough, the remaining male had long ago eaten the hermit crab himself but his anemones remained... I immediately brushed her out of the anemone, within seconds, but her fate was sealed. She suffered from intense poisoning over the next 4+ hours, and eventually succumbed. It seemed like a neurotoxin (she basically acted really really drunk) so I held out hope she might recover in my hospital tank but alas, it was too much. Powerful sting, that little anemone. RIP. Minutes after I removed her from the tank her mate swam to the top, obviously looking for her. That night he refused to eat. And for the next 2 days. On the third day I bought some live food ( a rare treat, I'd had them on frozen krill for months)... but he had passed on. He floated there in his hiding spot, still neutrally buoyant, but dead. Its an anecdote, with no control. But these animals have intense behavior and personality that I would rate nearly on par with dogs. I watched the behavior and it truly looked like a pair bond followed by death of a broken heart. There is biological precedent for this but I am unaware of another example in invertebrates. So call me cold hearted or easily distracted by shiny hypotheses, but we are gonna actually do the experiment to see if this is a thing. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I couldnt resist and bought some more eggs which promptly hatched and have just eaten their first meal. pics to come. But I figured the story was worth sharing on its own
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    There was the 280, the 180, and now meet the 80
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    That picture was from a thread on RC. The guy in that thread said it was from Europe something something. Should be fairly easy to make though. Maybe @pdxmonkeyboy could help ya?
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    I have a 30 gallon glass tank with top for sale. $10.00 comes with lights the stock light and a Coralife aqualight HO- T5. one 15 gallon glass tank has been used as a hospital tank for a goldfish with stock top and light $5.00 one 10 gallon glass tank housed my nano before I moved to the nuvo 10 asking 5.00 not sure of size but I have a sump was going to drill the 30 and use it but ended up with the Nuvo 20 asking $10.00 one IM Auqa Gadget MiniMax all in one media reactor- desktop only used 2 times $50.00
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    Wow, too easy. Thanks. You saved me lots of money. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Funny how it only took him to say, I'm hauling to the dump...🤣[emoji14] Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    The reviews are pretty glowing so far, it's a very cool innovation for sure. We used to call it the holy grail and a bunch of inventors and vendors stepped up! Now there are a ton of choices and getting better all the time.
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    Sorry to hear about your mated pair but fascinating story/behavior. Thanks for sharing.... looking forward to hearing how things turn out with the second batch.
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    When you spend half the day in your crawl space thinking about cutting through floor joists and then order an endoscope to confirm that you could probably plumb your tank through the floor, over a concrete footing, through a floor joist, and then inside the basement ceiling to the other side of the room... then you know... you are a little off and a little OCD Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    The canister is clear it’s just that the indicator on it was not that clear. I like the idea of the refil kit from brs. I will look into getting one of those next. I stopped by Bret’s shop and got a new di filter on order through him. While I was there MrsBrer had some Fluconazole. Since I have been fighting alge I got some of that to treat my tank. And on reflection the top off water I was using was not helping me chase the nitrates in the water. So I will see how well that works.