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    Sorry about the delay in the post, just got my son moved into his dorm and got to spend yesterday having lunch, packing some of his things, and hanging out. Right after seeing him off, and eating dinner, I got to starting this thread. As you all know, or now will know, the September meeting at All Things Aquarium was a Hoot! The place was loaded with SPS, LPS, and softy corals not to mention fish of all sorts. Everything was nice and clean, several of the tanks looked amazing! spot on. Look at this frag forest! I missed out on a red/orange centered green yuma, we left a little early and I completely forgot to snag one! Bummed, guess I better sneak back to ATA. In between the store and the adjacent building there is a very nice courtyard area that facilitates gatherings like this splendidly. You might be able to see in the background there, Zoolander lent his skills to the grill and did a great job, thanks a ton man. And speaking of the grill man, here he is on the left, thinking ahead of time with those shades, it was such a beautiful day. And speaking of generous guys, Bicycle Bill here on the right came in handing out coral frags like it was trick or treat candy...He is such a nice person, generous with the corals and good advice, Bill is one of the good ones. Here is another of the good old boys. The main man at the ATA store, Erin. He opened up his store for all of us to come in and have our meeting, BBQ, and raffle at. He has a wealth of knowledge and seems to have a knack for the aquatics, I know I will be back to pick his brain and aquariums sooner than later. Thank you my friend. Two of our awesome sponsors here in one shot, Stylaster left and Mr Bret on the right. Both have contributed quite a bit of their time over the years both off and on the BOD and office, Cheers to you two...And Thanks a ton for the frags Roy, I will return the favor. Highschool Reefer, eyeballing the store goods no doubt. I forgot to mention I had a few things I could throw you for your new tank setup and a few pointers on keeping macro algae trimmed back. Maybe I will see you next month though. Jfry here. This guy is in my line of work, aquatics maintenance, and I love talking about others setups and tanks with this guy. He has some good stories and is getting seasoned thats for sure. You all know you have to come up with a lot of different solutions to strange problems in the reefing world. Kai made it out to another meet, very nice guy. Hope that zoanthid pack you won is doing well, there were some lookers in there, blues, reds, and a little yellow. Should ease into the new tank just fine. Gill&Fin center and DJ right. I meant to ask you on some QT questions Holly. Maybe I can still get some info out of you and see if you get file fish in frequently? And sorry I did not have time to swing by DJ, believe me I have plans on it in the near future. Youcallmenny on the left and Albertareef on the right. With the good people that will give you a hand with the move you should be just fine getting into your new place, sounded like you have it pretty well planned out now. Reefer Madness left and Daniel right. Daniel makes the Reefi lighting system and is a working on a couple other products as well. He also has a killer tank setup. Reefer Madness, let me know when your going on that crabbing trip, I love dungenous. And I will keep my eyes peeled for a cowrie. Lex inverts chatting with Mr Bret. I have always liked this guy, he tells it like it is...And Also has a few very nice setups. He bred some seahorses too not too long ago.Now that I think about it I think Bret has some baby seahorses right now. Whop whoop!!! I got this pic of Paul here winning the gift certificate to All Things Aquarium. He is totally stoked! I would be too, so much there to grab, I bet that certificate never left the store. Grand Prize Vortech went to Albertareef! Way to go man, nice score! I love these raffles that are equal tickets equal chances. Although I wouldn't mind buying more tickets on certain items, it is a refreshing change once in a while to just take a true shot at chance. A major highlight of this meet was the presentation given by Miles about fluorescent pigment proteins. He explained a number of things on the subject such as tracking/monitoring cell functions, mutations, calcium and photo reactions...It was wild. I can elaborate a little more when I get back from work but for now just enjoy these shots of Mils slides. He did a great job and was very informative, answering all of Andy's questions But really Miles, Thank You, it was awesome. A slide miles had showing the cell internal structure and Florescent Proteins that assist in research. Lined up were a number of people who wanted to get a more in depth knowledge of the mysterious GFPs. You can see all the way down on the left had side there is a junior member getting his first reef class sessions in. . OptimusPrime taking addvantage of the black light LED flashlight. I wish I could take those, inject them into my montis, and make a new variety of "tie dye" coral. OH and th e obligatory coral shots here and there. Miles brought some samples of the Florescent Proteins, both natural and man made. Not too sure where he gets all these but I wouldn't mind a few for this upcoming Halloween...How many corals would you say is in one of those little bottles Miles?
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    There was the 280, the 180, and now meet the 80
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    I'm out in Independence and have tons of frags for sale if you want to come check them out. No fish for sale, only coral Here are a few sample photos. I have been fragging a lot lately so these are not up to date photos, they are just for reference to see what I have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Alert works well, this just happened Date: 2017-09-25 07:49:50 -0700 Status: ON Statement: If FLx11_1 < 3.0 Then ON Indeed, there was a slow down in flow. Unhooked the JG fitting, hooked it backup, clog resolved. Thirty seconds to fix, would have never noticed otherwise Pretty interesting how the flow peaked up a few times this morning too before the clog:
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    I picked up that tri-color from @Bicyclebill a while back. It's a good one! Clark, that RFA is super nice. If it ever has babies I want one!
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    A bunch of this coral is @ssappington 's but it looks awesome so why not show it off?
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    I've had good luck with these pumps, though I am not sure how well it would suit your needs: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-top-off-doser-50-ml-per-minute-1.html
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    I wouldn't trade a brushless master flex for a kh guardian or whatever else alk monitor is around the corner.
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    Steve was nice enough to meet up with me last week and really hooked me up too. That mad mikes tricolor acro is insane! Steve certainly can grow some healthy and vibrant corals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where did you find a rimless 90? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a Lil all in one tank that's about 20g, don't recall the brand but someone might chime in as to what it is. Pump is a Lil loud but everything works, just add a light an clean it up. $100
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    Nice! Some good looking pieces in there - regardless of who's they are 👍 I like that rock flower nem a lot.
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    Interesting. This is one reason I decided to experiment with the wide open gravity feed at a higher flow rate and higher Ph set point. I think it will work well once I get the stupid needle valve out of the circuit.
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    That does seem like the next logical step doesn't it. How long until we start referring to Jorge as a picoreefer?
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    Nice! The size may change but always a top notch build Jorge - congrats on another awesome looking setup. Can't wait to see what you fill this one up with!
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    tell us about your stand construction, looks nice! (all of it does, but the stand really caught my eye) Congrats!
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    Looks like it will fit the space much better than the old tank. Looks great!
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    Heck yea!! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Doh [emoji854] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice looking setup! Good to see another example of Scott and Brian's stand making skills put to good use. How many different SPS are in that big cluster?