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    Come one Scott, not even a cameo!? Looking forward to seeing everyone again, and the shop, it's been a little while. The meet is only a few hours away really, I guess I better go and bag some corals up then. See you all soon.
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    Big shout out to Nanoreefa! Picked up a few new additions from him today and to say the least, I'll aquire from him again! If you haven't seen his tank in person, well, you should! You think his pics are nice...you haven't seen nuthin' yet! Thanks again, brada Hieu! L to R: Asskraks, Chucky's Bride Blue Rhinos Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    Meeting is today!! Remember we are not selling raffle tickets so everyone gets an equal chance to win a prize!! Become a supporting member and get an extra raffle ticket! i also have the club cards for all you supporting members!! In addition to all the great corals that Bert is offering up, we have that mp40 and a 25 dollar gift certificate to All Things Aquarium! I can't wait to hear Miles talk and see all the great corals. Hope to see everyone there!
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    Tomorrow's the day! Really looking forward to this. All Things Aquarium is a great shop, and I'm really looking forward to Miles' presentation too. We're having hamburgers and hotdogs chips and drinks. Bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share! Can't wait to see you all soon. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    This is a follow up to some research after an extension cord fire caught me off guard. Don't let this happen to you! Update your AFCI breakers or add one... Background: First off, from this link: http://www.leviton.com/OA_HTML/SectionDisplay.jsp?section=61255 1) What is an arc-fault? The UL Standard for AFCIs defines an arc-fault as an unintentional arcing condition in a circuit (wiring). Arcing creates high intensity heat (may exceed 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit) resulting in burning particles that may over time ignite surrounding material such as wood framing or insulation. Samples of types of arcing that can occur: 2) What causes an arc-fault? There are a wide range of conditions that may cause arcing. Wire Degradation Natural degradation through age Humidity or heat Extended mechanical stress Extended voltage stress Physical Damage Animals chewing through insulation Nails, tacks from construction or picture hanging driven into a wall puncturing or damaging a wire(s) Extension or power supply cord damage from sharp bends or furniture pressing on or against cords General cord damage Poor wiring or connection at devices/j-boxes Solution: Even if your home has AFCI breakers, if they are from before 2008 they won't protect against series arcs. Consider having your breakers updated, at least in the room where the aquariums are! Don't let this happen to you (I watched this plug erupt in flame after a quick jiggle...)
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    Looking forward to seeing the shop and Miles' talk. We use fluorescent proteins in a lot of ou work. Sorry we won't see you Scott but hoping to catch a lot of folk down there today!
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    Yeah, he is! I also, saw the goodies he had for you...I'm going back back for the same goodies, haha Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    Nice! Definitely a great guy to do business from! He's got some goodies waiting for me also! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    well, the electric is all up to code, its just completely idiotic how they laid it all out. well, not completely up to code anyways. I do believe that you need one outlet every 12 feet along the walls. A friend of mine said that in the 90's "convenience" was all the rage. So someone thought that being able to turn off the outlets From a switch was a good idea. which I suppose is fine. But its a small gripe in the end. We absolutely love the new house. I am listening to two great horned owls hooting at each other right now. Much more relaxing that listening to the bus chug by [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    thata great news about zero nuisance trips. after i track the person that wired my new house and punch him in the face i may go the afci route. the new house has THE most janky wiring i have EVER seen. who doesnt run 20 amp lines to the kitchen? off brand panel? check. outlets that are all downstream of the lights and powered by the same switch? you bet!! no crawl space under the main parts of the house.. no attic... sigh :( (white people problems) Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Hope everyone has a great time. Would like to go but.......................cant make it.