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    Colorado sunburst! 😍 It's huge! Tempted to slice it to create smaller ones to better fit the tank 😝
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    So I found a bit of info from here as I suspected like mentioned above they were in fact cold water species, but apparently there is a tropical
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    Can I have this one as my entry instead 😬 Recent mushroom I got from upscale 😬😊
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    Oooh!!! Purdy!!! I want them too!
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    Mine is very aggressive to new tank mates. I also had my cleaner shrimp disappear overnight one day. I am pretty sure it was the Mel.
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    Looks like ball anemones. Peppermint shrimp love them!
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    looks a lot like coldwater strawberry anemone Corynactis californica if thats what your looking for contact stu wobble of coldwater marine aquatics
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    ha ha I was there on Saturday too but there was a lot of people there!
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