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    Seahorse.org has a very good library of articles. IME most important thing is keeping the temp 74 or below. Then enough flow, and good food. They are a very hardy fish. You'd be amazed. This is my favorite seahorse tank mate article It's old but I surveyed a few hundred seahorse keepers to create it with Renee. Plus purty pictures http://www.seahorse.org/library/articles/tankmates/tankmates.shtml
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    Here's my Seahorse tank! You know you all want one. Pick up some zooanthids and gorgonians from Mr and MrsBret while you're at it.
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    Next week we're getting a large shipment of captive bred hybrid Reidi/Erectus bright yellow seahorses as well as some full bred Erectus Seahorses! If you've been thinking about setting up a seahorse tank, do it now! We've been waiting months for these hybrids to become available!
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    Will Miles show us how to inject the flourscent protiens so i can glow in the dark?
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    I have some salmon and razor clams in my freezer and now I'm curious about blending a little up for fish food. But then again maybe I'll just eat those myself... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I burned some more meat tonight. These were from Fred Meyer, tri-tip steaks. I did these caveman, 3 minutes each side, I should have done 2.5 or maybe 2 each side instead.
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    Here are the rules: • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline. This months subject: Corallimorphs! A general resemblance between an anemone and soft coral, but neither one specifically. Sometimes called Rhodactis, mushroom, Discoma, or Ricordea. Deadline: October 1st
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    Please vote for August's Picture of the Month Winner. All cat and dog pictures are automatic 1st place, but I have to follow the rules and limit it to aquarium pics. Will close 9/4/2017 - 11:00 am
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    After you eliminate the nutrient source you will need to be patient and wait out the algae. Get your toothbrush (mechanical removal) out and make sure your export schedule is excellent (socks every few days, water changes). If you haven't reduced feeding and nutrients coming in then the algae could be uptaking them quickly and leading to low readings in tests. If algae is a problem then either to much nutrients are and / or are continually entering. I would consider eliminating any non frozen foods as they are much more nutrient dense than frozen. An algae living fish isn't a bad idea as a second piece of algae control but nutrient in control and export are the first line. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You need a insta read thermo.........I cooked this tonight and pulled at 130.......I like it a little more rare.......so 125 next time.
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    This would be a great thing to repurpose Andrew's cube for.....
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    PEA has a good information page here: http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/Articles_Product_Care.asp?idNews=34
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    Does anyone have a favorite Sea Horse tutorial / for dummies link they would like to share? I can google it but prefer to read what you all recommend. Thanks!
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    I have one of the hybrids. They are very nice!
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    Also, If there are any fish or corals that anybody may be wanting. Let me know so I can try to have it in stock in time for the meeting.
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    Nothing wrong with pink meat... [emoji14] Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    Spectra you need to try beef sashimi then. When done right is so good and so smooth. When don wrong, well lets not go there.
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    Well now................................ I live to play on the smoker........................I gave up the BBQ years ago. Looks good though! even though you over cooked it where is the red at tri tip needs to be pulled at 130...........no pics from me as they are all on Photofucket..................and we all know how that's going...................... And yes I like my meat still moooooooooving
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    Weenie......................I would say more but my post would be deleted by the fish geek police
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    Hello! My name is Harrison Baker. I'm currently working with Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan on an Oregon State University Extension project to identify Oregon's ornamental fish breeders. In the long term, we're looking to promote the ecological and economic benefits of ornamental aquaculture within the state. Right now, I'm just in the "find everybody" phase. If you or someone you know in Oregon is breeding/fragging/cultivating enough of an organism to distribute, please shoot me a message. I'll pass along a survey to get a feel for what you do. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. :-)
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    I got lucky and he had everythijng in stick and it was all new! I just converted the exo terra cage into a snake habitat Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    The shop will be JAMMED! with livestock. Fish, Coral, Food and FUN! What more could you ask for. LOL Stay tuned for Specials. Will be posting when we get a little bit closer to the meeting day.