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    The Inverts In the secondary display I have a wheelers gobie (pictured) paired with a Alpheus pistol shrimp.The little guy is over 3 years old.I will get a actual picture of him here someday.He is extremely difficult to photograph because the wheelers is camera shy.The best I can do for now is share this link.Special thanks to forum member Reefing Madness at R2R for the ID and link. http://www.seascapestudio.net/reference/invertebrate.php?id=110 There are also numerous brittle stars,asterinas and stomatella snails residing in the aquarium. Under the ESHOPPS corner rack I have had this scallop looking critter for many years. The freak of nature I found. Up until recently I was blessed with this little feller.My corals and I miss him.You may read all about him here- http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/39249-x-is-for-xanthid-crab/?tab=comments#comment-392085 Here you can see the PSP that managed to find it's way into my display.I don't know how this happened.I think it is punishment for actually stating "I hate Purple Star Polyps."
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    ♡It's Bret's birthday today! Stop by our store and give him some love. 10% off today! ♡
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    Thank you everyone.......spent the day eating winegums, making frags and i just tripped over a home run while birthday coral shopping . Must be a Birthday present from the Coral Gods.
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    Happy birthday Bret! Will need to stop by the shop soon - especially now that Darcy has a potential seahorse tank🙂
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    Cuttle Fish & Corals proudly announces its partnership with Saltwater Harmony to offer pre-quarantined fish. Saltwater Harmony acclimates and preventatively treats each fish for the most common diseases and parasites such as ich, velvet, and flukes. When you purchase a fish, you will receive a Quarantine Summary, which explains the procedures used, medications and dates administered, types of food given, salinity, and temperature information. Come into Cuttle Fish & Corals to see the currently available pre-quarantined fish, or order a fish to be quarantined and pick up at a later date (usually 4-6 weeks). For more information, including currently available fish, go to www.saltwaterharmony.com.
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    The fish are fat and eat like pigs!!
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    *Happy Birthday Mr.Bret! Have a good night.*
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    Happy birthday Bret!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Happy birthday Brett!
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    I have a fish trap( about 10inches) with a heavier glass door that drops shut. Last fish we used it for was an aggressive blue tang. The trick to catching was puitting the food in the cage, have the door closed. We would walk away from the tank for a bit....come back and the only way fish got to eat was by going in the trap that we only opened a minute at a time, then closed for hour. Doing that 3 times the blue tang was punching his way to the front of the line......CAUGHT!
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    It's not coming down, just changing things up and simplifying some
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    Congrats man... things sound like they are moving along quickly! Hope you get a good offer soon.
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    One thing you do not want to do is "drop phosphate to zero". Stable, high phosphate levels are much better than going from 0.1 to zero every time you put in fresh phosgard. You may want to use half as much phosgard and swap it out twice as often. It could be a million other things too, but from your description that's what I would fix first.
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    Looks good and now I know the white velvet ones......I picked up something along those lines and never got a name.
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    ...and the winner is...Gil&Fin. Give her a'round of applause.