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    Stumptown Corals and Golden Basket Reef fires coming to CFM Bay Area show this Saturday
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    Thanks you all. My wife signed up on Rover 2 weeks ago and we did meet a Gal she came over for 30 mins. So she decided to contact her and we are good to go! Price is not the Issue...it's the finding someone for a Sunday thaunis hard! Especially for a 9 week old pup.
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    Wife and I are trying to find a Dog/pup sitter for our two dogs. Any one up to this or know of someone? (Trust worthy!!) It would be for Sunday at 6 am drop off and we would be back in town by 5-6ish or so. This would have to be at ones place that has AC and has the time to take our 9 week out ever 90mins or so... Thanks
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    Glad that worked out. Your puppy is adorable!
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    I had this same issue, but googled "PNWMAS Tapatalk" and it brought up a random thread. From there it let me follow the forum that was not visible by going straight to Tapatalk. Some kind of weird bat door!
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    Hope it works for you Bill. Seems like the most significant advantage regular Tapatalk users report is the ability to monitor multiple forums through a single interface. Photo uploads are pretty slick now on the mobile site so that seems to be less of an issue. Good luck!
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    Omg so cute!!! If I didn't have a rambunctious 120 pound malamute I'd love to. I think he'd accidentally hurt the little guys though. ♡
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    This is interesting. I typically see no more than about 10% drift in ORP (currently between about 310 and 330) and haven't noticed any consistent pattern but will recheck my trending data with this specific question in mind. Do you also see any regular swings in pH? Seems unlikely that you would have anything big since you are running an ATS off cycle with your lights but that is the one thing I could think of that could influence the ORP with that kind of pattern. I have monitored with and without running UV and have seen the same stability in readings either way. I do have a substantial refugium running off cycle with the lights.
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    Once you “win” you get the app to control your lights. Don’t worry, just sign up
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    I think Sas is talking about Download the AI app for controlling Lighting for set up?
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