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    We just got here today. Staying at a beach house that is pretty amazing! We are on the northern end of Oahu. Scuba certification starts tomorrow, but I snapped some video from snorkeling in the back yard. Definitely a lot of sediment floating around so it kind of cuts the visibility down. Hopefully the pictures and videos are fun to watch. A lot are pretty repeative, but hey! Its awesomeseeing all this in the wild. A lot of tangs around here. And then a bunch of other fish that I can't personally identify. Maybe some of you can. And make sure you see the video with the giant turtle, that thing had a shell about 4 feet! Anyway, here ya go!!
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    Thanks man, yeah I'm stoked. Two reef dives tomorrow and again on Saturday!
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    For Sale - 1pp CB Rainbow Infusion - $40 The single head is for sale, mother colony pictured just to show how nice they grow out. These are legit, from tuna bullet himself if you follow zoa people on the national boards. I have the similar morphs such as sunny ds, rainbow raptors etc. Nothing is close to these, they are truly special. These are simply the nicest zoa I have ever owned. They are big, they are bright, and they grow out nicely. Will deliver to PNWMAS meeting this weekend at Roy's house. If you need transport, odds are you know someone heading up this way. Open to trades for nice stuff, PM an offer if interested. Thanks for looking Blues Pic Filter Pic (strips out pink ring for some reason) PS: You can buy these right now for 150 bucks a head plus shipping right here: https://cornbredcorals.com/products/cornbreds-rainbow-infusion-paly Here is CBs picture. These have a pink ring too, nearly identical to the pic.
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    Just wanted to show off my new declivis butterfly I picked up at Cuttlefish today. This is one of those apex fish for me- a fish I never wanted to consider owning because of price and rarity but always actually dreamed of having.
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    Yeah, Oregon coast is certainly not a warm place. Super tough to get motivated to get in that water. Nice! Someone else was telling me about that earlier. Have a good one over there!
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    Look how gorgeous it looks in the morning ♡
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    I'm thinking maybe we could get a coral auction going like we have in the past and donate the proceeds to him. That's some serious determination !!
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    Hey folks! Thanks for the kind words, Robert, but I must clarify one thing: I'm not the director of the facility but I am the director of the Aquatic Animal Teaching Lab, which we call the West Wing. I am planning on sedating at least two animals and performing a basic health work-up for you guys to observe and maybe participate in, if you like. Along with a colleague, we will show everybody how to perform a few health mgmt./diagnostic techniques, along with the resources we use to develop a health mgmt. plan for different conditions. Have not yet heard whether or not Dr. Tim will be able to join us but his default setting for such things is that he wants to come and participate whenever his schedule allows. I am looking forward to reconnecting with some familiar faces and, as always, meeting some new ones, as this is an uncommonly cool group of fish- and coralheads. I have requested and confirmed the use of the courtyard on campus for the BBQ portion of this month's meeting, which will make everything easier for the generous souls who go above and beyond to organize and prepare food for us. Looking very much forward to seeing you folks again and see you soon!