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    Hey folks! Thanks for the kind words, Robert, but I must clarify one thing: I'm not the director of the facility but I am the director of the Aquatic Animal Teaching Lab, which we call the West Wing. I am planning on sedating at least two animals and performing a basic health work-up for you guys to observe and maybe participate in, if you like. Along with a colleague, we will show everybody how to perform a few health mgmt./diagnostic techniques, along with the resources we use to develop a health mgmt. plan for different conditions. Have not yet heard whether or not Dr. Tim will be able to join us but his default setting for such things is that he wants to come and participate whenever his schedule allows. I am looking forward to reconnecting with some familiar faces and, as always, meeting some new ones, as this is an uncommonly cool group of fish- and coralheads. I have requested and confirmed the use of the courtyard on campus for the BBQ portion of this month's meeting, which will make everything easier for the generous souls who go above and beyond to organize and prepare food for us. Looking very much forward to seeing you folks again and see you soon!
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    Well folks, we have some exciting news about this months meeting!!! On Saturday July 22, PNWMAS will be making the annual trip out to the Hatfield Marine Science Center but this year we are shaking things up with a change in the routine. Sid , the director at the MHSC, is going to take us through the building and into the west wing of the science center to give us a hands on animal health work up and exam, he says that there are at least two other animals for this workshop. Now I personally do not know what "fish/animals" these will be but I know I can learn a thing or two about diagnosis and treatment so this will be extremely educational. I have to also mention that I Love these trips out to the science center, they are always a Blast, and for a few reasons. Let me explain... Reason #1- Super Geek Out! Sid is a specialist in his fields and is a wonderful person to ask questions and get information from. There has not been a time talking with this man that I did not learn something new, from the sounds of it we are about to get to the nitty gritty in the fish health exam. And lets not forget that this is a Marine Science Center!!! So much to do and see, there are several impressive displays last time I was in and a few hands on demos with a nice touch tank near the front lobby area. Reason #2- The Coast! The beach, the seafood, and the sea life! These are all things that should be on ones agenda when heading West to our Pacific Ocean. Late July should be for some pretty decent weather too so more reason to come out and join us. I might even bring my flip flops and do a little beach combing with you. Reason #3- Us PNWMAS crew, we will all be there not only during the presentation but afterwards as well to have a nice social gathering. Last year many of us ate at a local fish house together but this year we are doing our best to work out a location for a possible BBQ so stay tuned on that folks. It's gonna be fun in the sun with your favorite club. Here are some meeting details below.... Hatfield Marine Science Center - Visitor Center 2030 SE Marine Science Drive Newport, Oregon 97365-5296 We suggest arriving at 10:30 AM since the actual demonstration will begin at 11:00AM. Come on out and take a look at the operations and educational facilities at HMSC.
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    thats all well and good; but dont underestimate the power of a percocet with a two beer and hot tub chaser to determine... i dont feel like growing, im happy with just being mushy Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Is this pic better for ya Scott..
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    ♡Spectra made me a gorgeous PURPLE stand for my new 60 gallon cube aquarium that will soon house my Seahorses!! I am SO in love with this stand! Check it out ♡♡♡ More pics soon as we do more with the tank. :-)
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    stage one almost done... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I like how you shrunk your welder to make the stand look bigger - you're not fooling us! ? Looks like a good start - can't recall the actual dimensions though.
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    But of course, this is just getting started. As requested i took this picture with me out of the reflection, and instead did my artists rendition of You......didn't you notice
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    Looks good you need a few more gorgonians in there though or some nice macro for them to hold on to.
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    Can't wait to see this filled with seahorses! Looks like they will have a few things to latch onto now...
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    I absolutely love the color of the stand!!!! Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
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    Its all good it gets natural light so it will be fine. You are just cycling it so it doesn't even really need a light. I cycled my rock for my 100 in a brute can in the garage for 4 months. Lid was on it so no light at all...... How long does it need to cycle before the Horses get let loose ?
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    Successful handoff of handheld today, followed by a raid on tom's garage sale. Expect to finish with meter by mid week.
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    Ok... tentatively scheduled to pick up handheld from @Polythene Pam tomorrow after work so should have one back in circulation soon.