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    It will be good to see everyone! I'm excited to chat reef, eat some great BBQ, and show off the shop. Lots of new fish and inverts are currently being unpacked Feel free to bring some nice, rarer pieces of SPS to trade. Looking for some nice pieces to start adding to the the 300g display tank that is currently just starting to be stocked back up.
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    Hot weather this weekend means hot sale! $15 dollar rainbow ricordeas and $49 dollar watermelon anemones. $35 dollar boxes of Kent salt, buy 3 get one free on all live stock (mix and match ok). Our sale is so hot right now. See you this weekend!
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    Party Time! Today is this months Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society(PNWMAS) meeting and it's going to be held right here at The Premium Aquarium! The Meeting is being held from 2pm- 4pm. There will be a raffle, a BBQ, a sale, and some great reef talk with fellow hobbyists! ***Starting now and going through the end of business on Monday, All livestock will be Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!!!*** CLUB MEMBERS ONLY(JOIN TODAY!!!)- All livestock will be Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!!! *All free items must be of equal or lesser value. Cannot be combined with any other offer, stamp cards, existing livestock credit, etc.
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    So usually I'm the One that takes all the cords and shoves them behind the stand and calls it a day! After going through many many tanks. I finally wanted to straighten up the mess! Below are before and after pics. This is the photos of the 25 Lagoon. Tomorrow's project will be the 20 Nuvo. After Jorge Dropping by, he gave me a Pointer where to put the New Tunze 6040...It's true he has special powers! He talks to corals! After placing the Power Head in its new spot, immediately all the corals perked right back up!
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    Great time to sign up as a member!!! Grilling has begun!!
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    Been out of town for a bit - and no return to PM's....so if someone wants this thing just make me an offer.
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    After Checking out the Zen Reef link i second this, Looks Awesome!
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    It was a lucky guess I swear
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    Its another way of joining wood together. You need a tool to make the joint then glue it in....... Kind of like the ikea stuff but not really close........I would stick to the kreg jig and be done with it..........
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    That is a cool little tank and a really neat stand - love the reclaimed wood look.
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    For those that are going to RAP NY this weekend, stop buy Golden Basket Reef booth # 519 for some Lollipops
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    Christmas tree worm and a barnacle. Harmless and very cool biodiversity.
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    Meeting is for everyone so you are more than welcome! There are a few perks for supporting members (free raffle ticket for instance) but it is basically a very informal, friendly way to meet fellow reefers and check out a local store or, sometimes, a member's home setup - in this case, it's the former. Hope you can make it.
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    Meeting is this Saturday!! I'm sure Garrett Munoz will have some great deals and shipments at The Premium Aquarium!! We will have our great cook Sirena Long manning the grill!! If that wasn't enough we have some incredible prizes !! How about an MP40?!! The prizes are only getting bigger so keep posted !!!
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    I doubt it's lighting unless your bulbs are super old and a very cheap fixture. They could be too close to the tank possibly also. I would personally start with your parameters. Give us some more info as well Tank size How close is the light to the water What fixture is it What are your water parameters Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    This is my DIY float switch setup. Cost was about $30 for the gear. The most expensive part was the magnets @ $9. A little DC pump in a 5 gallon bucket that I fill with RO/DI about once a week. If we go out of town for more than a week I connect the RO/DI up to a float valve in the 5 gallon bucket. The lower switch controls the level and the upper switch is the safety. It is usually out of the water so it's less likely to foul. I check it every so often to make sure it's free.
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    Hooked up a solenoid valve to RO line and controlled by water level sensors. RO water feed directly to tank. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk