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    Don't know if this counts but here it is.
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    Congratulations to the winner of May 2017 picture of the month, TheClark!!!!
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    I have officially replaced everything that came with this Aquatop system but the tank, sump and plumbing...Today I put in a Current eFlux DC return pump. I love the DC skimmer and everything I read said these were quiet. WOWSA no lie, its silent. The Aquatop pump I had vibrated so much it was a distraction and I hated the rough stop and start for feeding. I was nervous that I would not be able to dial this in low enough for my tank but I actually have it at about 25%. I attached a limewood airstone to the front grate and connected the airline tubing and tomorrow going to see if I can get some microscrubbing going. I have made sure everything I have purchased can be used in a bigger tank :). Only thing I will need to buy to upsize to a 50g will be a second AI Prime....I like to plan ahead LOL. My Corcea clam has been in the tank for a week or so now and seems to be doing great.
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    Of what? There are so many macros out there................ This is my 14 and well......................
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    Here are the rules: • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline. This months subject: Encrusters!!! Show me some great shots of your front view. All of that hard work you put into your tanks!! I know there are a whole bunch of amazing tanks out there!! show them off! Deadline: I am going to try to be better on this one. July 1st
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    Along with posting, please pick a number representing which euphyllia you want.
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    Beautiful! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J120AZ using Tapatalk
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    I would totally do that but 10 is all that fits under the tank. If I have a spare there won't be down-time when I fill. I practically need a bucket of two-part to keep going for the few days it takes me to get it filled. The way my system goes through media, it's stupid for me not to have a back up.
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    Holly, you should just get a 20 lb and save yourself some time by not having to swap as often. I run a 20 lb on my 180 and I couldn't imagine having to swap 4 times as often. I think I've refilled 3 or 4 times the past 2 years. I can't really recall.
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    Miles I just want to say Thanks! .................they all look good and well not wanting one................ Good to see this What are you after ??????????????? Miles.....................I can bring you something next time..........................
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    Funny, I was just considering looking for a spare myself. Now that I can get them swapped out on Sat or Sun near me however it's less of an issue. If you do happen to find more than one maybe give me a shout.
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    That's what I was gonna try to do with it.
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    These tanks are great for cutting down into frag tanks. Cut it 5-6 inches tall with a 40 breeder underneath for a sump and you're good to go.
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    Can't wait to try this stuff!! All the corals at the shop look awesome!!!!!
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    This weekend we are running a sale on Fritz RPM Salt. Regular price $64. 200 gallon box $10 off with $50 livestock purchase $20 off with $100 livestock purchase Come in a grab one of the best salt mixes on the market!
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    Just saw some at upscales. Like 4 of them
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    Hey Miles... just to be clear, it appears that this month's topic is encrusting corals? Just want to make sure any new folk catch that.
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    Oregon City... it's actually in the thread (sorry, couldn't resist)
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    Here's my latest update on my tank. I have spent a stupid amount of money on a variety of things. I have lost a few fish, I mean lost...never to be seen again with a screen top. Current and pretty long term residents are Darwin clown(was first fish) I have tried to add 2 others first one I found dead after being seemingly fine second one completely disappeared, again fine, active and eating when I left for work that morning. Lost both fire fish, separately. Again one I saw dying and removed it one vanished. So also doing great is a sapphire damsel and a orange spot Goby. He has a pistol buddy. Lots, probably too many LPS and Zoas. The WWC sps have not faired well but I should never have bought them. [language filter] ambien. Got lots of equipment, ATO upgraded skimmer, Koralia wavemaker, fans and heater controller, dosing pump for the Red Sea foundation system with Nopox. Yesterday I ordered the Seneye Reef monitor. So here is the lesson of what too much disposable income and not enough self control can get you in 8 weeks. I must be doing something right cause these corals are growing and showing like crazy. I am getting a Ragnarox island made for my WWC Zoa garden to show off my Darth Mauls, Scarfaces, Utter Nonsense and a few others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk