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    You mean to say that government regulations were holding back development for no good reason???? I am really surprised!
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    Currently I am not leasing anything, but I shared a 5000 sq ft creative work/photography studio space with several other photographers for a couple years in Downtown Portland.
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    Headed down to see Kevin on Sunday. Finally got to see his little baby boy and he's got a cute lil baby for sure. We all know newborns can be pretty ugly for a bit, but he's honestly got himself a good lookin one! And while babies are cool and all, getting some free coral is even better. I needed an anemone for my new tank and he hooked me up with one. Plus I got a nice big chunk of trumpet coral and gorgonian. Now that I've got another anemone (let's hope this one stays put) I can finally mount the rest of the coral and get them off the plugs. Still really early, but it's coming together day by day. Thanks man!
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    Wonder how this build is going?? I know a guy who has lots of rock!
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    For sale is a large beautiful purple tip frogspawn with 10 + heads. Must pick up in Tualatin. $80 cash or PayPal.
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    I have +\- 3,000 lbs of rock I collected myself in the Hawaii Islands. $2/lb. Pieces up to 280 lbs each. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yea it's rated for 300 gallons light bio but heavy bioload which id definitely consider I have, its rated for 180 I think. I only have about 80 gallons. I'm going to see how the tank reacts with no chemical additives and just water changes for the next few weeks. If levels start to rise again I'll take you up on that! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Trolling at it's best over a Fish tank Sale! Enjoy! http://www.dontevenreply.com/index.php
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    Nice, that seems more doable for a reef shop. I love container builds too! I work at a creative studio right down the street and it's been amazing to see how much change has taken place in the area.
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    I'm glad they are going the right way for you. I have a very different idea for you knowing your system. Do you want to try and borrow a smaller skimmer? Your skimmer is so big and your tank so small LOL! Seriously isn't that thing rated for like 10x your tank volume. Sometimes to big is to big. More flow is always good in my book as well as you know, never enough. It could be that the increased movement is helping to push the water through the rocks and into the anaerobic bacteria's path... If you end up going the ATS route stop by, I got parts for you and room to clear in my garage. I was gonna build one so I picked up a bunch of stuff for it. Never did. Usually bottled bacteria is not going to help with nitrate. It is specially designed for nitrite for cycling tanks. The bacteria that converts nitrate is anaerobic and wouldn't be to happy in a bottle I would guess. JMO on that, no research as to the specific strains they use but... pretty good guess I think. Could be wrong.
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    That looks pretty awesome actually. Rent in PDX is high. When my lease went to renew back in October our new owner tripled it and then added a grand on top of it. I am sure you will be able to lease it. Those creative spaces look very interesting though. Please keep in touch when you get close to having them ready.
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    Only two weeks late to the party....
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    Thanks man, that is because your awesome! Thanks again for watching my system while I was out.
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    Maverick Welding Supply in Oregon City. They are right off Exit 10 on the 205 over by Home Depot. Small locally owned shop. They always take great care of me.
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    Sweet! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Get yourself a bottle of oyster feast and feed the tank couple times a week. Very pretty GL!
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    lol forgot the pic[emoji23] [emoji23] the planet mars
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    Well some of my frags have like 8 polyps on them so I could cut it in half and give you some. And if your frags have multiple polyps you could do the same. We could both get more variety without having to spend a bunch Sent from my SM-G920T1 using Tapatalk
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    Check out Reef Cleaners Dry Rock. They pre-clean it so it won't leach phosphate like some other brands such as BRS Reefsaver rock.
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    ya, i'll live down in beaverton, or. thanks though^^ cost the same to buy a whole sheet as it would take in gas.
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    I have a orange sholder tang about 6 inches long eats like a machine. $40 #StayReefing
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    Moving in the direction! after removing the half of the sand and dosing no pox they have dropped by about 5ppm a day. I'm going to cut back on the nopox and see how it goes the next few days. I don't want to dump them too fast. I'm riding about 5 to 10 ppm as of today. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    He is awesome! Everytime Kevin and i do business he is always extremely generous! You should have stopped by I'm across the highway haha. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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