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    I just wanted to take the time to wish the community a happy thanksgiving, may you and your family find peace and joy. May your tanks be free of excess phosphates, nitrates, low alkalinity/calcium and unwanted pests.
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I was a little overwhelmed last week and especially last night haha. I was on the edge for sure of just throwing in the towel. After some sleep and taking it all in I gotta just try and fight this out a while longer. I'm hoping after a few water changes it will calm down. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Oh the challenges of this hobby. I'm with Scott don't give up! Sometimes with sps you just look at it the wrong way and it dies. Even the best lose a colony or 2 or 3. This is a great setup. I have seen it in person. I remember you saying you were supplementing with different coral foods and you were getting incredible growth. Sometimes with such rapid growth you can delete the nutrients and just can't ever catch up. I had that happen with dosing aminos in the past. Silver lining is you can start from scratch. I hope you stick around and keep your setup. ????
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    Good to hear... Think about how many times you've come and gone from this hobby, I honestly can't remember at this point lol. If you really need a break, tear it all down, clean it up and leave it in it's spot in your house... Give it a few weeks and see how you really feel. My guess is it won't take you long to get it wet again. Part of this hobby is the challenge... or sometimes the struggle. Happy Turkey day bud!
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    I agree with everyone else...don't give up! I haven't completed my reef build yet and can only imagine the amount of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears you have put into your system. I think the fact that you are sustaining a tropical marine ecosystem in a glass or acrylic [emoji6] box in your house... in Oregon...is pretty amazing. Keep at it! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Oh man - sorry to hear about your struggles. Sounds like you put a lot of thought and effort into your build and might have some major regrets down the road if you toss in the towel now. Know it took me 6 years to get serious about the hobby again after a major crash and I really missed it. Kind of wish I would have fought through it at the time but what can you do - have to make a call sometimes. Good luck - hope things bounce back quickly and you come through Ok.
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    Just suck it up and keep with it this hobby throws you curveballs and you just need to roll with it................you set this up as your ideal tank right ????????
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    I popped over there last week and got a nice little clump of zoas. Took a few picks
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    Seahorse Aquarium and Supply 106 NE Russet St, Portland, OR 97211 (503)283-4788 !!! Black Friday Specials !!! 3 Free Dwarf Blue Legged Reef Hermits & Live Brine Shrimp just for coming in and saying hello! No Purchase Necessary. Get a Green Emerald Crab for just $1 with any purchase! 10% Off all of our amazing Fish! 20% Off all Frozen Fish & Coral Food! $99 5-6 Inch Ultra Maxima Clams Buy 1 get 1 for half off for all Corals! (Of equal or lesser value for corals, While supplies last for all items) Sale Runs Through the Weekend Don’t Miss Out! www.seahorse-nw.com
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    BLACK FRIDAY SALE INFORMATION! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope everyone gets to spend quality time with their loved ones. Enjoy those delicious turkey fixins and have a good nights sleep. TPA will be throwing our Annual Black Friday Weekend sale. The shop will open from 10am to 8pm Friday and Saturday. We will open 11am to 7pm on Sunday. Black Friday Super Specials: The lines tend to start forming at around 7:00 or 8:00am. The shop will open at 10:00am sharp. No one will be allowed to enter the shop before that, so plan restroom stops and food runs accordingly. The First 30 customers will receive a grab bag of goodies! (One per family, couple, etc.) There will be all sorts of things in them from vendor samples, shop items, random surprises, and if you’re lucky, up to $100 in TPA Fish Credit! Every bag will be unique and not everyone will get the grand give away but all of the bags will be fun and worth while. · $13 Cleanup Crew Package Special! We will offer these until our supply becomes sufficiently limited(we have a lot!). It should last the whole day but try to get in early to make sure you get yours. We will have several of these ready to go in the morning. (Limit of 3 per person) - 10-11 Reef Hermits of our choice - 13-15 Snails of our choice(will be a nice mix) · $10 and $20(New this year!) Mystery Corals! We will have over 100 mystery corals available. There will be some pretty amazing items going in to these mystery bags and some will be worth 5 or even 10 times the price. The items will range from zoa frags/colonies and other softies to sps or acan frags/colonies. - Limit of 3 $10 and 2 $20 Mystery Corals per customer - You can’t open your Mystery Corals until you get them home. This keeps it a mystery for everyone at the shop. Feel free to post up pictures of your corals on Facebook or PNWMAS.ORG once you get them home. · Kent 50g Salt Mix Bags $10! 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    Cover over and pick up an anenome. I have 3 in a critter keeper in my qt tank and the one in my display just split to 4. So... I have a few extra. We'll replace the one ya lost there Bud, no biggie.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    I understand the issues.........I had a bunch of acans and they were doing great. Moved them all to another tank and well it all went to [language filter] quickly..........not sure why but got them looking good after a few losses......it sucks but we all deal with it. I have a nice chunk f forest fire waiting......................
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    I would really like to get on the list. Not a paying member but would be more then happy to make a donation to the club. I live in Seattle so haven't been able to justify becoming a member since most of you live in Portland. Let me know if something like this is possible. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to hear about the misfortune man :/ losing corals can be super disheartening. I was about ready to be done when I lost all my SPS last summer. If you do go for a smaller tank, I absolutely love my Nuvo 20 and would highly recommend it! Or the new Red Sea nano, it looks like a solid tank also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice looking stuff! I may have to swing on in and see whats going on.
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    That would probably just mean I would end up in the tank with it!
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    Bummer. I probably jinxed it by finally signing up to use it. Sorry everyone!
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    Neat find Mark. Nice to see a little different take on the typical kreisel. I've done a bit of research into keeping moon jellyfish and as is usually the problem, I'd be super concerned about the small tank size. They appear to be very susceptible to salinity changes so as with the reef tanks, I personally would think bigger is better. It's a very artistic approach though. I also wish they would put a light in the bottom. Not that jellyfish need light but it seems strange to not include some kind of viewing illumination. edit: If I had my druthers and the room/spare cash I'd get this one. http://www.pbnjellies.com/products/cubic-pulse-160-white-jellyfish-aquarium-tank-only
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    Are you trying to say we are not as fun as the Great Wolf Lodge?! I guess you haven't seen Robert's stand up comedy act!
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    Ive got some rainbow if this is what you're after?
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    I wouldn't say that there is "supposed" to be gag gifts, but they do tend to appear. Some other gifts from last year were, frag plugs, calcium and magnesium dosing solutions, fish food. In general, aquarium stuff with the chance of a gag gift.
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    I and a colleague culture rotifers and other live foods on an ongoing basis at work and use them for feeding larval fishes, various temperate inverts and target feeding my corals. After a couple years of feeding experiments and occasional crashes of larval animals, I am very leery of holding live foods for any length of time and then feeding them out, particularly if it is feeding a closed tropical marine system. Even under clean and controlled conditions with good biosecurity protocols, the same conditions that help rotifer, Artemia, and copepod cultures thrive also favor bacteria, especially Vibrio and other nasty little buggers. If you sieve and rinse the rotis and other foods well and then hold them and feed them out over time, you're dosing bacteria along with the rotis. In theory, this could be a good way to slowly introduce food for various critters. Until recently, I had been planning to add a live food reservoir with a peristaltic pump on a timer to a temperate invert exhibit. In practice, however, this looks pretty risky to me. My 0.02.
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    Also selling 92 Bowfront fully stocked Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk