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    I re-gifted it to one of my granddaughters... I was happy to see that she liked it!
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    I didn't get to participate in the white elephant last year, but I definitely am this year. I remember JManrow getting a Frozen 1 gallon aquarium. I wonder what he put in it. :P
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    I am going to go shopping for a white elephant gift this coming weekend, I am thinking reef related art.
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    Here is my 40 breeder that I am using. The first section now has rock and macro in it with a light. One return comes in there and the other drops into the skimmer section that is adjustable for height. then final section is the return pump. Was a kit purchased on line and siliconed in by me.
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    What: Holiday meeting When: Saturday Dec 10 from 2pm to 4pm Where: Wallery's Pizza 1555 Edgewater street NW Salem, OR 97304 This is the meeting where we save all of our best raffle items so it is not one to miss! Keep looking here for raffle items! We will also as always do a while elephant gift exchange so bring a wrapped gift worth about 10 dollars. This is a great venue. I hope everyone can make it there! Here is the website! http://www.waleryspizza.com/ More details to come! I just wanted to give everyone notice so they can plan accordingly! Here are some pictures of a past meeting there! It was a blast!
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    Maybe a favia?
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    Can I just get the poster? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You should look into doing a simple DIY pod condo. Just takes some gutter gaurd and live rock rubble or cheato. It gives the pods a safe place to breed that the mandarins can't get to so they multiply more.
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    That is unfortunate. I remember seeing this guy at C&C and thinking how cool he was. Sorry it didn't work out.
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    Ha ha hat frozen tank is amazing !! Funny you mention the Justin Bieber toothbrush that's what we ended up with one year. We "stole " it from Roy for the preteen girl !????
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    Well, it did beat the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush...By a hair. I mean you could at least drill the Frozen tank and make it a mini refugium.
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    Lame, I had hope for you! Sadly everybody I know who's had one with sps, the angel eventually wins one way or another.
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    Hi Jason, my personal opinion would be to add more live rock to your main display. You should seed it with pods for a few months before adding a dragonette. The refugium is a good idea but it will only help supplement the display. I would also consider a sump with a different layout. A 40 breeder with a couple baffles before the return would be sufficient. Again, this is just my opinion and I'm sure there other ways to make it work. Good luck!
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    http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161116/5209b48dd5169f89f6f4505abbccf94c.jpg[/ Here are my pics/setup anything else I need to help Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    While the club is a registered non profit with the state, we don't possess 501©(3) tax exempt status. (Or any type of tax exempt status for that matter). To the OP, I wish you well on the venture, but I will also just kindly note that xenia is something that people tend to give away.
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    That frag tank look so clean. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    I would not take the $20, but will be in town all week....and Beaverton is pretty close to me. I'll pm you my cell and just tell me how to get in, and ill shoot ya some pics for peace of mind.
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    Premium aquarium salem has 3-4 last time I checked all where med size Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Randall! She came straight the airport to my tank Ya'll better hit up CNC this weekend, he's been getting some killer pieces and very rare fish ( one as rare as this one) Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk