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    I decided to go bigger with my calcium reactor to avoid refilling it so often. Can't believe how much these things cost! They're literally just slightly modified media reactors. So I bought an Avast Marine MR16 media reactor kit and built it up myself. Then created the feed tree with co2 Inlet, feed pump I let, feed pump outlet, and ph probe port. Super simple, and really fun too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! Great incentive for people to become supporting members
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    I created this thread to consolidate my xanthidae crab notes and photographs. My husband found this crab when dipping his new coral acquisitions one night.At the time it was smaller than the end of a pencil eraser.I took it for a Acro crab and acclimated it to my main display.Where he promptly moved out of the acropora and disappeared.Weeks passed by and I didn't think he had made it.Then I found one of his molts.Apparently he was well and growing at a rapid rate! Once in a while I would spot another glimpse of him.Usually all that I could see was just a tiny claw at work. Over a period of a year I would take pictures whenever I got the chance.This was rather difficult because he would completely disappear whenever he noticed me.Eventually I was able to capture the photo below.In doing so I was finally able to identify him as a smooth spooners xanthide crab. http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/crustacea/crab/xanthidae/laevimanus.htm The very best picture I have available at this time.In this photo his head is upright and the claws(not visible) are tucked away.Notice the little "Last Airbender" arrow at the top of his head.Also, there is a standard plastic frag plug to the right of him for size reference. Generally speaking the xanthid crabs are considered problematic.* They are not considered reef safe.Fortunately ,I have not noticed any remarkable damage.I do see him perch on corals.He will pick at the tiny polyps on SPS such as pocillapora and Montipora.However, I do not not believe that he is actually eating the coral.Rather,he seems to be foraging in a random fashion as the polyps retract.As for the safety of the inverts I may never know.I don't count my hermits,stomatella snails or brittle stars.The larger snails including the nassarius are accounted for. He does have a good appetite for algae.So reliably that if I place a hairy frag next to one of his areas,it will be polished clean overnight.This leads me to believe that this variety is primarily nocturnal.Always secretive. Here all some of the numerous photos I took.Now most of these don't look that great.That said,they will illustrate just how elusive these critters are.So I have included them for educational purposes. This guy is extremely agile and moves in a quick calculated manner.He has been seen clinging upside down in tiny crevices and at awkward angles.Very rarely do I see the full caprice.Often all that is visible is a rock or coral shifting as he wedges his way around. I am pleased to have the opportunity to view this invertebrate in person.I hope for now I have shed some light on these notorious creatures.If you have any thought or experiences regarding these animals,please feel free to share them here. Helpful link* http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/crustacea/crab/xanthidae/xanthidae.htm
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    Lol scott come to my house and I will give you a ride !???? We try to alternate the location between Salem and Portland to give more people a chance to attend. Last year it was in Portland.
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    +1 I second that [emoji106] As for the raffle item...hmm...how about an Apex setup! Just dreaming here. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Stopped in today for food and Jeff and the gang were busy unpacking some new shipments - I think they ran out of room in the SPS tank! There were some killer fish there as well... should be a great event this weekend!
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    Thanks guys, I went to Cuttlefish and got a nice SPS pack from Jorge. Very nice shop, I'll be back.
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    My 1300 settings. It gets a tiny bit brighter at 1400 but this is more or less the peak of the day.
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    Ugh. Found two little tiny clumps starting in my sump today. Picked it off and scrubbed the spots with a toothbrush. I just ordered an 8oz bottle of vibrant reef cleaner. I'll post my own review as soon as I've used it.
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    On December 10th we will be having our PNWMAS Holiday party at Wallery's Pizza in Salem. On top of the normal Sponsor Gift Certificates that we auction off we are planning on a few bigger items or should we say a Grand Prize. We would like your help with picking out what that Grand Prize item will be. Most of this raffle item will be paid for with club funds so it only seems fair that on this one item you will need to be a Supporting Member to enter. Please vote for one or tell us your suggestion.
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    I have a pack of some nice sps for sale. Fresh cut 2 days ago. $500 Left to right Front row : ASD phoenix rainbow monti. Oregon Tort Back row: RMF Acid Trip milli, SC tierra del fuego (this frag has been cut for a while and encrusted the plug), Mattv Burning Candle/aka JF fox flame, RR USA Wolverine (chunky frag) I'd prefer to sell a pack together, if you are interested in individual frag please let me know. Text me at 50373148103
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    Glad i was able to help. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family!
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    +one on Brian67. He makes some really nice furniture grade stands and canopies.
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    It says within 24hrs. I'll be home by 7 or so and I'll do a quick write up. I'm sure it will take 3-4 doses until I can write a good post. Doubt I'll notice anything tonight.
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    New larger algae scrubber seems to be working well, 12 days in. Experimenting with different grow lights. Tossed some snails to keep the bottom part clean. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Glue a patch on the back of the tank and re drill to correct size. Charles AKA wannareef can't assist with this I'm sure
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    To snswer a few questions I seldomely buy fish from Petco this snoflake was only 9.99 so i thought would give it a chance The corals are all new corals to me and this tank The light rack was made by scott AKA (spectra) and it is a very nicely made. I would highly revommend for and metal fab you need
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    Cuttlefish for variety Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What does it taste like? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    The Vibrant thread made a really interesting read and I do like the concept of out competing (rather than poisoning). The idea that you could do it so specifically with little to no cross over impact is pretty amazing. Curious what they say about the export question - especially as they say that skimming isn't a necessity. I actually opted to pick some up since I am anticipating the usual new tank outbreaks and thought it would be the perfect time to try it out. Will post back if I do end up needing it but, obviously, wouldn't be able to speak to coral impact (just a few zoos that came with a piece of live rock). Greg - if you want to try it out let me know as I should have some extra - got the large bottle just in case.
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    I guess you'll have to do a Write up on it to.
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    Added some more corals might change the middle rock around to create more space... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk