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    GRAND OPENING!!! It’s almost time! This Saturday from 11-6pm and Sunday from 11-5pm we will be having our Grand Opening Event! You don’t want to miss out on this party! 20% off all fish! Buy three get one free corals Tons of special pricing throughout the store PRIZES!! Join us for a chance to win one of 2 - $100 Cuttle Fish & Corals Gift cards!(No Purchase Necessary and need not be present) There will be drawings throughout the day that you must be present to win! GRAND PRIZES!! Get one ticket for our Grand Prize Raffle with any purchase; receive two raffle tickets with a purchase of $50-$100; and THREE raffle tickets for purchase of $100 or more! Get yourself entered to win the following awesome prizes (need not be present to win)! Our Grand Prize items include: Red Sea MAX® NANO system One RoboSnail the World’s 1st fully automated aquarium glass cleaner by AquaGenesis A year supply ($120 value) of LRS Food! $100 gift card Food and drinks will be provided! Please come help us celebrate this new chapter for Cuttle Fish & Corals and its wonderful clients!
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    I have a pack of some nice sps for sale. Fresh cut 2 days ago. $500 Left to right Front row : ASD phoenix rainbow monti. Oregon Tort Back row: RMF Acid Trip milli, SC tierra del fuego (this frag has been cut for a while and encrusted the plug), Mattv Burning Candle/aka JF fox flame, RR USA Wolverine (chunky frag) I'd prefer to sell a pack together, if you are interested in individual frag please let me know. Text me at 50373148103
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    My 1300 settings. It gets a tiny bit brighter at 1400 but this is more or less the peak of the day.
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    If you like Zoa's check out MrBrets! He puts both those choices to shame!
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    Buy a 2 1/2 inch bulkhead put a bushing for 2 1/2 down to a reducer to a 2" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Check out upscales, cuttlefish and coral for sure
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    I've posted this before somewhere, but here's my situation directly from my Country Financial Rep regarding my home owner's policy. If something catastrophic happened (tank giving way), they would cover all property damage. This includes the tank itself, any equipment, any water damage to the house, AND coral. He had to get some clarification because he initially did not know, but he found out that while they wouldn't cover the loss of fish because they are just animals, they would cover the loss of corals because they see them as property, not animals. He's been in the insurance industry forever and is certainly no slouch with intelligence, so I take him at his word.
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    Just curious, I really like the new IT5102 evergrow platform and the cree/osram led combos along with the six channels. However, results speak better than technology, curious if anyone local has tried them.
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    I'm in. I'll just show up Saturday and not Friday now!
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    Yes, all the < mean below detection limits according to the FAQ that comes with the results. In reality there was little detected compared to what was tested. I took some RODI water samples tonight, will mail tomorrow!
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    Reefbreeders offers an excel file to input your channel maxes and it programs a 12 hour schedule. Here is the excel file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2oeqzxvn3ybnew/TankTable.xlsx My maxes are: Hour to start lights 8:00 Max Channel 1 Intensity 40 Max Channel 2 Intensity 40 Max Channel 3 Intensity 80 Max Channel 4 Intensity 60 Max Channel 5 Intensity 80 Max Channel 6 Intensity 75 I'll post a tank shot tomorrow when everything is awake. I've only had a couple months of smooth sailing so nothing too crazy yet but the daily growth is noticeable on sps. I ran chinese black box LED's prior to these. It didn't go too well and didn't look good.
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    This was taken couple days ago. Hard to tell but better pics tomorrow.
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    I appreciate it Sean. Honestly though if this product kills bryopsis then they can take my dollars at a high rate of speed. I'm all for a biological answer as opposed to some aquatic herbicide. I just have a hard time imagining anything out competing the devil algae. We're all gunna find out in this thread pretty shortly though!!!
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    Cuttlefish and Corals if you can only go to one.
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    The Vibrant thread made a really interesting read and I do like the concept of out competing (rather than poisoning). The idea that you could do it so specifically with little to no cross over impact is pretty amazing. Curious what they say about the export question - especially as they say that skimming isn't a necessity. I actually opted to pick some up since I am anticipating the usual new tank outbreaks and thought it would be the perfect time to try it out. Will post back if I do end up needing it but, obviously, wouldn't be able to speak to coral impact (just a few zoos that came with a piece of live rock). Greg - if you want to try it out let me know as I should have some extra - got the large bottle just in case.
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    Frogspawn? I'd be interested in this And some green yumas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If the claims adjuster does a little zoology homework and discovers that corals are in fact living animals, I wonder if they would be covered. Lol. ????