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    This is great... thanks for writing this up! I am hoping soon this will be a moot point!!
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    I use tangs lol Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Brand New, (paper still on it!) 300 Gallon - Acrylic Fish Tank, (48x48x30) Included with the tank is a steel frame and I will also throw in the old tank if you want it, (same dimension tank). Comes with a custom sump, 100lb of rock, large Jebao return pump dc DCS12000 Controller from 10000Litres to 12000Litres, there is a hood and side skins and two extra sumps. Comes with skimmer. $1200.00 503-969-2008 Will post pictures later
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    Thats the video I was looking for...so gross
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    This thing works like magic! I had such a gard time getting rid of that algae off the front wall of my aquarium. And I just scrubbed over it once with Dobie and it was all gone. Thank you all! Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk
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    I wouldn't recommend using scrapers unless they're made out of polyethylene which are not all that common and dull fairly quickly and will need to be cut on a router to be sharp again. I still prefer the Dobie pad since you can use it to get into corners unlike a scraper.
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    Well... Pm me if you want a female or a pair. I got a pair last time and am extremely happy. If it's just a male... Well pm me again or Upscales. I only say pm to not offend any sponsors by rival promotion Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Tangs? Not that I've seen. I mean they school so I imagine they could get aggressive when in a pack but I've never seen an aggressive tang. Not in my tank anyway. But I've only had purple, yellow, hippo, and whatever this one is I got 2 days ago Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    The wrasse will most likely eat an arrow crab... and quick. I have been lucky since it appears about half of the Melenarus wrasses out there are crab killers but I myself have never had one. Meaning get the crab first and let him do his job, then get him out and get the wrasse.... Or leave it in and expect the wrasse to eat it at some point Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    This is kinda true for me. I will admit I quickly flip over a snail if I see it upside down, and usually I am brushing my wrasse away the whole time.... While being jumped by my [language filter] clowns who bite the....nevermind. But at the same time one of my favorite pastimes is grabbing a bristle worm with tongs and releasing it halfway up the tank and watching the wrasse snag it before it ever touches sand again. I do not, and I repeat, DO NOT hunt for worms.... I actually want the small ones in my tank as I believe we all should. But if they make themselves an easy target I will feed it to the wrasse. Just like spiders.... I don't touch them outside.... I'm in their house, but come inside and it's death on sight. And violently, with squirms and shivers galore Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    My experience with these fish and other wrasses alike is they're more than likely not gonna go after large bristle worms like your 10" ones. If you're looking to reduce the bristle worm population I recommend you remove as many as you can manually (tongs) and add an arrow crab to keep them in check. Also melanurus and halichores are opportunistic and will go after flipped over snails. GL with whichever method you choose!
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    My tank isn't really big enough for tangs so I buy them small.... Like super small, ask Travis. Anyway, when they get medium sized I give them away or try and trade them for small ones. I can bet at least a few of you have bought tangs from LFS's that grew up in my tank. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    snails, and conchs Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    I have had one in every tank since learning about them. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    +1 For Melanarus, I have one, he's beautiful, and a model citizen. I have 2 shrimp and he's never once gone for them. Can't say for crabs as I don't have any, I hate crabs. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Melanarus Wrasse. It's quite possibly the very best fish one can own. Fantastic pest control, zero aggression, unlike the 6 line that a majority of people love.
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    Someone needs to find that video of the guy cleaning out a huge blockage of them from his drain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is great, Chris. Thanks so much for posting. I thought I would add here how to do it through Tapatalk on your phone. Tapatalk has its shortcomings, but it sure makes it easy to post pictures. You don't have to go through nearly as many steps, expecially if you use your cell phone to take pictures. If you're in Tapatalk, and you want to reply or compose a new message. Your screen looks like this: You just pushed the symbol that looks like a mountain on the bottom of the screen and it takes you to the picture gallery that's on your phone. Tap the picture, it loads it wherever your cursor is, and off you go. Easy peasy. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    For those of you who were not able to make it the PNWMAS September meeting this year was held at one of our club members homes Higher Thinking. Andrew and his wife Lauren purchased the house recently and opened their doors to our group for a very nice meet and greet shindig. Right inside you walk right past a very nice fresh water planted tank. He gave a run down on how to keep an attractive shrimp aquarium, wich is also something he knows quite a bit about, I didn't get any close ups of this particular tank but I did get some shots of the others. Once you walk past the fresh water tank you are just hit by this large reef just glittering in the middle of the room. YES!!! Are those Radions I see? Nice canopy, it looks pretty slick in person. Higher Thinking even cleared some space right next to his tank for our cub frag tank. My good friend Miles and I got the trade tank going on for some coral exchange. A very healthy spread of food was layed out before we had even gotten their by our generous hosts. Mac and cheese, sweet cornbread, 3 kinds of delicious pulled pork, Sirena's killer tortellini pasta salad, and Check This Out! FISH CUPCAKES! CORAL CUPCAKES!!! With OUR Name on them! Very Cool Lauren and Andrew, Very Cool. Not only that but Andrew offered up his knowledge and time to give us all a refresher course on Calcium reactors. Conveniently he has it plumbed underneath his house were it resides in a separate closet that happens to be adjacent to were the meeting was taking place. He did very well at the presentation, ran through all the basics, got into some of the technicalities, answered questions, and with some input form Bicycle Bill pointed out some tricks of the trade as well as thoughts on some reactor maintenance. Thank You Andrew, you did well. AND let us not forget about the Big Raffle that went on. So many generous sponsors this year! In the pot at this September meeting were... Rod's Frozen Foods, The Premium Aquarium, Upscales, Avast Marine Works, Sea Horse Supply, Ocean In A Box, Barrier Reef, and the Golden Basket! Not only that but there was tons of cool reef stuffs brought such as bags, buttons, hats, and various sample products from test kits to coral dips. Thank you Holly and Kim! Kim even brought the Club T-Shirts for our members to grab one before we revamp the style...So much good stuff in one place.
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    ANd as you know its not a meeting without people yeah. We had Mr. Bret in the House. He made up some of the nicest festive raffle tickets I have ever had. They brought me much luck as I won the TPA certificate that I was able to spend on my way home, Thanks Bret. \ Bicycle Bill, whats in the bin!? Why coral of coarse. Always good to talk with Bill here. He knows a thing or two about reef tanks and has some pretty nice SPS colonies in his 90. He shared a quite a bit of Montipora today and I aim to pay that forward here very soon. Thanks Bill. Daniel and Joshua showed up right after us. Daniel with his new Reefi light in hand, a pretty killer product that he is more than happy to demonstrate. And Josh I didn't notice Bruce was DJing until I looked at the pictures later on, I dig it man, love the shirt. Karen our TFT Coordinator and Vance, both not too far off from home I believe. The meeting was in Scapoose so a bit more north than the usual Portland or Salem venues. Good to see you both. Hey Karen, maybe you can get a started shrimp culture form Andrew and keep em in a 2 gallon desktop tank? Pretty cool right? And Vance, your only a couple months off from getting the tank rolling, when you do hit me up...I will just be chillin in Corvallis as I am going nowhere fast. Lauren, one of the hosts, was very gracious and accepting of our foot traffic and geeked out conversations. Thanks for putting up with all of us in your home, everything was wonderful and much appreciated. Hope we were not too much of a burden. Our President herself, Emerald handing out the raffle prizes. She ended up with a winning ticket too! And she deserves it, she has always bee such a generous person. Keep up the good work Prez, shine on. Holly and Bret getting the raffle show on the road, another shining example of good board members. Thanks for what you all do for our team, it takes alot of gears to make the system run smoothly. Sirena here in a group shot, I have to give here a shout out too as I know she does some behind the scenes work as well...And that was one bomb pasta salad. Andrew, Lauren...It was a Great meeting thanks to you two opening up your home. We all appreciate it very much. Glad you are part of our group here. Reef On my friends, Reef On!