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    Been quite awhile since i have busted out the camera on the tank. I had forgotten how much of a pain it could be... so 3 million shots later.... a couple turned out ok. Thanks for lookin!!
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    Hi All, Here is a photo of my new Matted Filefish. He just came out of QT and getting familiar to his new home. Needless to say I have a problem with aiptasia. Well I will keep you posted as to his progress at getting rid of them.
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    will this work for your tank? nice and shine and pest free ( cured under intense natural UV )
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    I know some people with plumbers crack!!
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    Two on each side on random mode at 60%. Th seam split behind one of the overflow boxes, I don't think mp40 has anything to do with this
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    We are overflowing with amazing sps right now! This Saturday and Sunday we will be running one of our famous buy one get one free SPS frag sale. This is always a great sale that we have been running for almost 4 years. We only do it a few times a year so don't miss out! Here is some of the pieces around the shop at the moment.
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    Bad cell pics should not be allowed
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    I will check with LFS first and if not, I will be working out of Portland in november. and will check out the list. Thanks!
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    Watch online sales this weekend most retailers will have Labor Day sales 15-20% off
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    Here's a better pic for you guys... I dug down a little and nestled him in there against the rock. So far he's stayed put.
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    I'll check it out Thanks Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk
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    I had a Seabae that was similar to this. It attached itself after a few hours but it was a very weak attachment. After a couple days it was just laying there like yours. Then it started to turn inside out and die. The coral beauty started to pick at it so I took it out. A lot of people have told me to avoid them because they move a lot and are finicky. The low price is attractive but there's a reason they're half the price of a GBTA, because they're half the fun and twice the worry.
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    If you are looking for gig harbor area prob wanna ck with LFS or club up there, might be tough to book the one from here just logistics of getting it and getting back might be rough
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    Hi Jack, Here you go http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/36667-quantum-par-meter-muli-test-meter-booking-thread/
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    Thank you for the kind words!! Here's a few more...need more practice!! .. I eventually will get around to posting our full system.... but yeah... need to finish building it first.
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    Brian67 and spectra both do top notch work
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    Brian67 does great work! He's currently injured but might be worth waiting for.
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    Cuttlefish and coral had some beautiful nems last Sunday!
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    AHA! Now I know who has been stinging the neighboring corals. Apparently my ReefGen Goniopora stutchburyi is not being a good tank citizen. I didn't know that Gonis had sweeper tentacles like these.
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    I think the biggest thing one can do when taking photos of your tank is turn off all pumps and powerheads. Also a good macro lens and a tripod. I find, I will take 20 photos and maybe get one that I think is good. Barry