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    You can get a water tight seal using silicone but the bond is very weak on plastic and separates easy. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Reading this thread is inspiring. What a kick [language filter] community!
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    Well it looks like Kim pretty much covered the party here, I would normally post more but I don't want to be too redundant, and most of my photos are of the same people above just in different rooms. I do have a number of pictures but to avoid cluttering the thread I will stick to people winning the raffles and some of the people who made cameos. And yes, Photobucket had me cursing up a storm but thats not too abnormal right? The new seahorse tank Emerald has setup, pretty sleek setup here, would fit well on a dresser as well as the counter top. It even has a camera at the base to check up on those little seahorses night and day at home or away. New member Reefmaster here made a killing at the coral frag raffle. Take good care of em man, maybe I will come in and check em out next time I am out by Ocean in a Box. youcallmenny made the trip to the BBQ. It was good meeting you, awesome to see new members making it out to our getogethers. The more the merrier. Lovessalt made an appearance, unfortunately I did not get the chance to chat with you, hope you attend the next meeting and I can get some new frags for that tank rebuild of yours. Its always good to see Danlu here, always ready to talk reef tank and share his experiences in aquarium keeping innovations. Lexinverts fought off the traffic to get to the shindig, bringing a cooler with more good food for the feast. Hope you found that gorgonian you were looking for, Jeff would be a good start in tracking one down. KKnight a spearhead in our Tank For Teachers program, putting smiles on countless kids faces. Collaborating with some of our sponsors she really helps get things done. Higher Thinking, Whats Up Homey! We will all be seeing you next month my man! Meeting at your pad right!? Albertareef surprised to win a Upscales Gift Certificate! I am sure you will be putting that to good use, I have always enjoyed going into that store and never fail to find something I need. And here we have that Badxgillen taking home a Golden Basket certificate! I know Kim, don't be jealous...I will make sure to share the love once things grow out some, thats the way I roll. Here Miles takes home the other Golden Basket prize! Lets roll out there together and say whats up to Rudy. He will have what ales your coral needs. Badxgillen again! Looks like I don't have to pay for next years subscription. Awesome magazine folks, with very little of the needless basics other magazines have as filler. Always on he newest reef frontier these magazines cover new species\morphs, sustainable practices\aquaculture, and world renown successful systems specs...Good stuff. ROBIN won the Premium Aquarium certificate for their next Salem run. Might have even had time to stop in after the BBQ since they didn't close until 7PM even on Sunday. Another place to find all the fish,inverts, and corals you could need. They have been stocking some fine equipment these days too. I had to pick this pic out of many as I love Kims excited face. MOLOKOS!! Drinks on me!!! Just kidding, Molokos has more than just drinks, I had a pretty good panini there while ordering a couple frags from his reef tanks...Not sure where else I can do that in Portland. This is another one that was humorous. Nanoreefer snagged the Ocean In a Box certificates. Guess you will need to break that camera out once you find what your looking for over there. Its just over the bridge really so not too far off the Portlanders path really. Good stuff there too, tanks are chalked full of corals and fish of all colors. Sasquatch making the draw for the Seahorse Aquarium Supply!..Who could it be!? Its... Gil&Fin! Seahorse is another fine sponsor from way back located in Portland. They have recently relocated to North East Russet Street and have restocked the store with beautiful fish an inverts. Let us know what you find Holly. Mr Bret about to make the MACNA tickets raffle drawing. Emerald pointing to Sirena to get the winning ticket, MACNA is about to be drawn! Sirena is ready to hear her number called but... Its Fishboy Troy that takes one home!!! This guy is one generous dude. He is also the one who was the highest bidder in our recent Tank For Teachers auction bringing in $300 for the children program. A Shout Out to Troy! Thanks man...But wait there is one more ticket here. And BAM!!! Emerald and Sirena get the win! MACNA here they come! Get those camera batteries charged and the extra memory card ready because we expect alot of pictures. Congratulations, I know you wanted that one. Now who wants some coral frags!? Holly finished with some very nice frags for the raffles but thats were I had to get to the tank and do some bagging making my camera hands occupied so not many pictures of the coral winners. Talkalot had a winning ticket in the coral drawings and pulled a name brand coral or two...Was it the bambam colony? Those are lookers for sure. Last but not least on the raffles was the Members Only entry for the Bulk Reef Supply RODI unit. And how perfect for it to go to some one who is just on the brink of setting up there large salt water aquarium in their soon to be house but Vance. A good way to get things started off right is with good water and equipment. Most of BRS equipment is pretty solid and replacements\refills are easy to acquire and rather affordable. This 75 GPD unit should do you right. All in all it was another wonderfully successful meeting with tons of old faces and new faces to add, enormous amounts of food, and plenty of raffle prizes to be won. Thanks Kim for opening up your home to us all, Thanks Sirena for tackling all that prep and cooking, Thanks to our sponsors for making the raffle such a hit, and finally thank you to all the PNWMAS crew for making these things possible. I know I say it often but its true. It takes a team to make anything happen here and this is one fine team, happy to be part of the PNWMAS Crew. Thank You Everyone!
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    We have the room..... But like I said, I do t want to be on the hook if something doesn't make it. Our systems are actually better than ever right now... Still scurred
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    Little update so I don't start slacking off. First a few weeks ago I bought about 75 lbs of dry pukani from beer503 Then I wanted to begin cycling the rock so was getting ready to buy some ro/di water from higher thinking when I was lucky enough to win the ro/di system from the monthly meeting/ bbq very thankful for that. Feel almost bad being my first meeting and winning So I got it setup temporarily today so I can start to cycle this rock. So that's my update for now. Also bought a 2 little fishies reactor from powder blue. Any tips on cycling rock are appreciated and thanks for such a great community looking forward to being apart of it for a long time!
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    Weld on 16 works wonders as well
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    I live in Eugene and get it from multi craft plastics. Don't know where your at and I'm not sure if the big box stores like Lowes have it or not, but I'm sure you can find it locally. Watch a few YouTube videos before you do it. You only have a couple of seconds after you apply the solvent! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    nope.... last one will be the October Pics.... and those I will require multiple pics... and clean enough to be able to see every head. No blurry shots on the last set of pics.
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    Where can I pick this up from. Looks like a return for me. Thank you
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    I wouldn't use that stuff. Use thisI built my 150gl with weld on 4. It literally melts or welds the plastic together permanently. I get mine at the place I buy the acrylic from. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Would have to agree with this!!! I would offer, but I am scurrred that something would happen and I would be on the hook to replace the corals.
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    Yes they are. I think a life lesson I have learned is, " do and expect nothing in return and good people will reveal themselves n times of need".
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    Here is my elaborate and overdone setup Main System Apex controlled heaters. 2 temp probes, either can shut off heaters, either can trigger alarms/texts Main Heaters on different EB8 outlets (outlets can go bad, also pay attention to amp ratings on outlets) One APEX EB8 on frag tank. It runs the heater and other things, on a different electrical circuit from the main tank. The idea is to get circuit redundancy and keep the frag tank warm if the frag feed pump ever goes out.
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    I run 2 heaters through my apex, I had a heater go stuck on in my nano, ever since I setup my apex I've used it to control them. I run 2 out of fear that one would go bad, and with my sump in my garage, it could get cold, and rather quickly. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    I used to use that setup before I got my Apex, it worked great. Just wire the plug in and set it and forget it. Those Ranco's are very accurate in my experience. I currently use my Apex with an Eheim heater. I have heard a lot of talk about people running two smaller heaters instead of one large in case of failure. I have thought about trying that. Anyone use that method?
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    Might be easier and less stressful to just sell and start with new corals when you settle in.
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    Sticking to one for now Sean. Gonna raise another batch after our last dune trip for the year. Mid October.... I've lost three more babies in the last few weeks. Still have around 175. Will post pics next week. So e of them are getting their tail stripe!
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    Got a pack of frozen small silverfish from Asian grocery store awhile back. Was test feeding my anemone but my triggers love them. They are a bit big for my smaller fish but just the right bite size for the triggers. Pretty fun feeding them with a tong. Will try take another video in fill daylight in the future. Updated video: https://youtu.be/-8-aoA2lQ94 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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    I was on vacation for the last 2.5 weeks and had a web camera setup on the tank so i could keep an eye on it. my in-laws were feeding the fish but they aren't good with noticing when things are "off/different". one day i noticed on the camera that the return pump was sucking air so i had my in-laws check the fresh water top off reservoir and it was about half full so that wasn't the problem. i had them look at a few different things but nothing looked out of the ordinary. so i contacted Randall cause i don't live very far from him and he was able to come by, on short notice, and figure out that the float valve for the fresh water top off got stuck in the closed position. he got fresh water flowing again and problem solved. Also, he was willing to save me a frag of forest fire digi till i got home from vacation to pick it up. Just wanted to say thanks again and don't hesitate to deal with him if you are looking buy/sell or trade with him.
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    I only just got them 2 days ago. They didn't eat on first day but started eating on 2nd day, ate flakes and frozen shrimp. They won't eat pellets yet. I have snails, hermits, 2 cleaner shrimps, 6 cucumbers, 3 clams. The first 2 days, my clown would chase/nip at them when they get too close to her anemone. They're so massive that they not as agile as my tangs, and last 2 mornings, I had to re-glue a couple sps corals that got knocked over. Today, the chromis and damsels seem less afraid of them.
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    My latest and possibly last fish additions... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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    Watts = Volts x Amps. Output: 6V, 150mA
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    I know for sure that Mike did not plan for this to happen. I have had many things go wrong that I have built for customers, roofs leak, paint peels, something breaks. I have always stood by my craftsmanship and when it isn't my fault (materials fail OT customer breaks it) I still go out of my way to give them better than just good customer service. I live and die by integrity and always will. MIke is a stand up guy and I applaud him for making this not the worst experience ever. I will not bash someone on an open Forumn. I will always give an honest answer which may appear to be bashing someone but I don't ever set out to publicly shame someone. But I will post the good for sure that others can see how good this community really is!
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    I also 3D printed conduit pipe holder clips. My wife said, "Why didn't you just buy that at home depot?". I told her that's about $15 savings going toward coral fund. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk