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    I'm reading this as I just came in from setting up my r/o system and water barrels in my garage. At least I have carpet fans and commercial dehumidifier if something goes wrong! Crossing my fingers. Ps if any of you get in a pinch and need to dry out floors come and get them I would be more than happy to loan them to members.
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    Half of them are getting their 1st stripe and a few are working on the 2nd stripe.
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    Vids. https://vimeo.com/177819401 https://vimeo.com/177819425
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    Just a quick update, did about a 20 gallon water change when I cleaned out my sump, I also took apart the neck cleaner today to clean my skimmer. I'd say it's doing its job... pretty nasty and I have it skim to what I would consider wet lol! sps is growing like a weed and the FTS of course Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Me " What is the difference between those two?" Irritated answer: " one is a snail and one is a crab " ????
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    Jerk alert! Sorry Lex, but since you are too polite to say what we are all thinking, there it is.
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    I have a similar problem with my fu-Manchu lion fish. I added ten peppermints thinking they would be in there long enough to take care of the few aiptasia I had. He ate them all in less than a day. Had whiskers all stickin out his mouth. So, I bought a blue laser on eBay. Zap!
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    Can't wait to see it all full of sps! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Build looks great son and this looks amazing in person thanks for the live rock and showing me your setup yesterday!!!
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    I'm with Scott! It's a monthly occurrence for me. I just did it yesterday in fact ???? I heard the timer I set go off and I thought it was the dryer through my 3 year olds screaming lol. It went for 4 hours, a new record for me though so there's that.
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    Just did it tonight again........thought I had the line in the brute and well I guess not set the timer for 30 mins as I was topping off and well walk out to a line out he door.......
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    I probably over do it. I do a 5 gallon water change twice a week for a 75 gallon display. Roughly 6% with each bucket, but that's on the lower end with the sump. It's a Wednesday, Friday schedule. When I had a 29 gallon, I used to do 5 gallons once a week. I think you could probably get away with less, but it depends what you want to keep. Less SPS = Less Water changes
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    Ha - yeah - all things considered it wasn't that major. I guess instead of 'flood' I should say I soaked the garage....gave it a good soaking. At least I got to run some water through the new RODI filters...
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    Mine just runs out of the garage.....it has a perfect path out the center and down the driveway.....I have done it many of times. I just did it a few days ago while working in the garage
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    Not till you pull in your driveway to see water flowing out your garage door do I consider a garage flooded , but your head in the right direction good luck going forward. 100-150 Gallons......that's what I call flooded
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    Awwww you're so making me want to do this !????Thanks for posting all of this!
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