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    You can't really insure the livestock - well let me rephrase that. Unless you go to someone like Lloyd's Of London - who will figure out a way to insure just about anything - you wont find insurance for the fish/corals. What you can insure is the water damage that happens if it were to explode. They treat an aquarium like an appliance...same as your hot water heater or washing machine. If it breaks, you can claim the water insurance. But you can't claim the tank or inhabitants. I have tried many times. I even had my new home insurance specifically write that water damage from the aquarium is covered....even if it's a faulty pipe fitting etc. But as far as insurance on the fish/corals - that, in my experience of calling like 10 companies, isn't going to happen. Now your renters or home owners insurance should 100% cover the equipment being stolen and stuff like that. If someone walks in and jacks your Radions - you can certainly claim those. Renter's insurance is like $100 in most cases for pretty good coverage. I'm absolutely no expert....
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    My big lessons: - Don't use old live rock from a tear down without cooking it (arguable, but I had some pretty phosphate laden rock and it was misery) - Do the power off test for your sump. Make sure it doesn't overflow when the power is off. If it does, make changes. - Feed very little. That one deserves some explanation. A famous long term reef keeper local guy with a 370 gallon tank feeds 2 cubes of frozen per day and a half sheet of Nori on alternating days. His tank is spotless, the fish are healthy. Following his advice made a HUGE impact on my tank. So there are my recent lessons, so many in this hobby! All the best on your adventure this is THE BEST HOBBY ever, we can feel free to say that here among friends
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    Wow! Anyone here anything beyond this video? Not much detail... https://youtu.be/gkR3LE8-A4g Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
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    Well the time has come it needs to leave my garage......so lets make a deal
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    Get that coral coverage in writing! Even though I bet there's a heck of a disclaimer at the bottom that says the policy underwriter can overrule local agents who make mistakes. If you put in a claim for $2000 in corals I'm sure someone is going to start looking up what that means and realize they're not house plants! But hey! If not - that's great news for all of us. Now if they would just cover SPS for KH swings.
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    And now that they jacked up the amount of components allowed on the newest fw release, I would suspect most Jr. owners are happy, I am anyways
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    No, I didn't soak it. I kind of just rubbed it between my fingers under water. I will admit that it floats to the surface and sometimes I gotta swirl the water around so it doesn't just go down the overflow. Soaking could be easier, by why make reefing easier? [emoji6]
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    All individual frag are OBO, multiple frags or pack over $100 get 15% discount, over $200 get 20%, and over $300 get 25%. I can only hold for same day pickup, i accept both paypal and cash. Im located in NE Portland, thank you for looking and happy reefing. Minh RR Woverine $150 sold Bio Hazzard Left $40 Right $40 CC HellBoy $130 sold MattV Hornet $80 sold Red Plannet $20 Sunset Milli A $80 Sunset Milli B $40 Wild Milli A $70 Wild Milli B $60 Wild Milli C $50 Tierra Del Fuego A $30 Tierra Del Fuego B $50 sold Tierra Del Fuego C $130 Tierra Del Fuego D $250 LavenderMint Sarmentosa A $30 LavenderMint Sarmentosa B Left $30 Right $30 LavenderMint Sarmentosa C $40 LavenderMint Sarmentosa D $50 Rainbow In Spain A $50 Rainbow In Spain B $50 sold Rainbow Shortcake A Left $40 Right $80 Rainbow Shortcake B $40 Rainbow Shortcake C $20 Rainbow Shortcake D $30 Red Table 1 $40 Red Table 2 $40 Red Table 3 $30 Red Table 4 $100 Red Table 5 $50 Red Table 6 $50
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    Right. Livestock is never eligible for coverage. After all, what insurance company would be willing to cover all of Tom's Walt Disney colonies?
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    Called my insurance rep at State Farm who said home is covered for sudden leak damaged, not prolonged leaks due to neglict. Livestock not covered.
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    Bout time APEX felt some heat! I am in way too deep with APEX but this will be intriguing....
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    Not an app, I was shown a few things about my camera after all these years, like how to take a better pic, I can take pretty fair picks at times but the Blue Led and Blue T5 shots always were impossible. Under my T5s that's what this piece looks like. I bought a new camera that delivers tomorrow hopefully better pics are in future Thanks for looking
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    Lol.. sold. Please close.. pinochio got deals!
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    Here ya go Tom- MattV Orange Envy
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    Thanks! I bought a coral dip yesterday and a reef test kit. I was also thinking of taking some water into my LFS so I could compare their results to mine and make sure I was testing correctly. I was looking at candy cane and hammer coral, so I'm glad I'm on the right track. I need something easy and not too expensive.
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    Few more fires are baking.