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    well there is something new with my tank. it's back up and running with water and rock. picture is of course a lot bluer than in person. I took the tank down in November to start over and it's been running for a couple weeks. no fish or corals yet but have been adding bacteria to get the cycle going. this is my first try at aquascaping it. might change things a little and the tunze pumps on the back wall will be raised up. http://0504160716b by kilmca, on Flickr
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    Pack also available with discount 20% off with order over $100 Vivid Rainbow Delight, picture of mother colony actual frag is over 2 months old guarantee good side frag 1.5"x1.5" $40 UpScale Rainbow $20 Unknown $40 Tyree Blue Matrix $40 Tierra Del Fuego Large $100 RR the Vinh $100 Blue tip green body Tenuis $20 Rainbow in Spain $50 Pc Rainbow $60 Matv Hornet $80 Aquamarine Jewel $40 Ice Tort $20 Grape Juice $40 Borealis $20 Westside Grafe $30 Blue Tort $20 Bio Hazzard $70 Bali ShortCake $50
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    With Kent salt I mix 2.5 cups per 5 gallon and am almos dead on at 1.026 every time.
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing Jeremy! I'm going to try one myself me thinks
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    ll be there to represent Pacific Corals. Hope to meet some new faces and catch up with others!
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    Hair algae is starting to die back, talked with Kevin tonight and im going to start dosing vodka next week. Also scored a beautiful piece of forest fire from Kevin as well!! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll get to work on it this evening. The autoflush came with the RODI it a small electrical solenoid that senses when the system turns on and will automatically dump the first couple of gallons. It is installed right behind the RO membranes. I was reading that it helps with TDS creep. I believe that BRS sells a retrofit kit that will work with most RODI systems.
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    Adding the heater and pump / powerhead will help dissolve the new salt as well as keep the water from going stagnant.
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    my favorite acan!! Sadly I think it's not going to make it... :( sent from a Samsung note 4
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    Looks like that thing did open up nicely for you. Glad it's happy in it's new home. Thanks for showing me the tank today
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    Old school ai sol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    May madness around here!! Tanks, coral, equipment .. Love it!!
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    Any administrators out there? This is obviously too much for this forum. Too many amazing colors and too many different corals. It just isn't right.
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    Is that Aiptasia, Tom? ????
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    I wanted to say that I am excited to see where this tank goes. It is a good hobby with lots of good people. As for a power-head, I personally don't have a recommendation. From what I have noticed is it really depends on your price point. They all work.
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    Unfortunately, no fragging in its future. It was my only surviving hard coral when my tank crashed in December and is special to me. It's somewhere between baseball and softball sized now (when fully extended; skeleton size is slightly larger than a golf ball), and I'm hoping to grow it out to much larger than that as a tank showpiece.
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    I'd take this tank in a heart beat if it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to ship it to Texas
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    Well kinda, everyone is always thankful and grateful in their own way. That's enough to keep ya going. We have a great group of people!
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    Another FITS. Not this blue in person, but oh well: A closer look at the sump area. Under the floss will be a submersible bar light and grate for growing (and removing) hair algae. The rest of the area is return with a heater, ATO and pico 70gph return pump. I'll probably remove the filter floss in the once fully settled Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
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    I'm in. Put another tick mark on my belt! Lol
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    Man this is painful to read. When you get it figured out, come over and we can frag anything in my tank you want to get you going again. They say Karma is a ... well not for some people. Karma is a great thing for some people. IME over the last 15 years the only time I ever had anything similar I finally attributed it to a bad batch of food. I searched the internet and found that several others were having similar experiences and the commonality was a specific frozen food. Everything I could test for was great, and whatever was wrong specifically, we never found out. Sometimes it's impossible to know. Seriously though, figure it out, come over, take some frags home. Only thing I ask is that if I'm ever in your shoes you hook me up with what I lost. That's what this community is supposed to be about. I know it's hard man, been there. But if you did all you could, and it sounds like you have done everything reasonable, there is nothing else you could have done. Just bad luck for the animals. A positive you can take out of it though is how the community takes care of good people when they need it. You have my contact info, offer does not expire. If anything you'd be helping me out to because I only have one other "bank" and as an IT guy you know redundancy is important. Infact I got this tri I've been growing for several years from nothing and only Arsonmfg has a piece. It'd be good to get that dispersed anyways. I have a Favia I need to bank too. Good luck friend. (Warning if you come over we might talk about frogs, Cuz I want one for the bedroom. Wife wants a NPS tank... I think Kermit) [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk