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    well there is something new with my tank. it's back up and running with water and rock. picture is of course a lot bluer than in person. I took the tank down in November to start over and it's been running for a couple weeks. no fish or corals yet but have been adding bacteria to get the cycle going. this is my first try at aquascaping it. might change things a little and the tunze pumps on the back wall will be raised up. http://0504160716b by kilmca, on Flickr
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    Pack also available with discount 20% off with order over $100 Vivid Rainbow Delight, picture of mother colony actual frag is over 2 months old guarantee good side frag 1.5"x1.5" $40 UpScale Rainbow $20 Unknown $40 Tyree Blue Matrix $40 Tierra Del Fuego Large $100 RR the Vinh $100 Blue tip green body Tenuis $20 Rainbow in Spain $50 Pc Rainbow $60 Matv Hornet $80 Aquamarine Jewel $40 Ice Tort $20 Grape Juice $40 Borealis $20 Westside Grafe $30 Blue Tort $20 Bio Hazzard $70 Bali ShortCake $50
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    With Kent salt I mix 2.5 cups per 5 gallon and am almos dead on at 1.026 every time.
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing Jeremy! I'm going to try one myself me thinks
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    ll be there to represent Pacific Corals. Hope to meet some new faces and catch up with others!
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    Hair algae is starting to die back, talked with Kevin tonight and im going to start dosing vodka next week. Also scored a beautiful piece of forest fire from Kevin as well!! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    I'm surprised this has not sold yet! This is a great price they go for double that usually! Great little eel for a nano tank!
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    Here is a little review from the one I got a little while back. Sorry for the late reply on this...work has been a bit nuts and I have been on the road a lot... Pluses - Only $20! It is a very solid, not cheap feeling piece of equipment that I don't feel bad about putting into my tank. I don't see any obvious flaws in manufacturing, nothing looks or feels like it will have a short life, though only time will tell (as with any piece of aquarium equipment). Great that someone finally put together a much cheaper, more ergonomically efficient (and much smaller) way to accomplish that of the big old sea swirls that have been around forever. I have opened up a sea swirl before, soooo much wasted space, and with so many more attention going to rimless tanks showing less and less equipment when possible, getting that big old cable box off of the tank is a big plus. And at a fraction of the cost! Pretty quiet. Noise wasn't an issue in my case, and I don't foresee it being one unless the unit hits the glass and rattles or something (which it hasn't done yet). I like the flow pattern, going slowly across one way and about twice as fast on the return. Good thinking. If only the flow could be angled/adjusted....(more on that below) Negatives/room for improvement: The cord seems a bit too short at only 5'. In order to add a proper drip loop, with both my display and frag tanks, that cord length is too short to have much extra for a loop in my case. Mount/suction cup and assembly in my application with bulkheads and hard plumbed returns is generally worthless. As we all know, suction cups and reef tanks are never good long term solutions (unless this is some new fancy suction cup that doesn't break down over time, not holding my breath there), but I would imagine with a little DIY you could rig up some magnets or something else. I would think a majority of people wouldn't even need the mount, but there may be some out there who can use it. In order to hard plumb this into my bulkhead fitting, it takes some work. My case may not be typical, so it entirely depends on each persons return plumbing. The unit needs some space in order to fit the elbow out, so in order to mount this relatively flush...kinda hard to accomplish. In the frag tank my pvc return comes up and over the overflow box, but fits too tight against the edge of the overflow to mount as close as I would like. So I need to add more length to the pvc return 'U' if you will, in order to mount this to it. Hard to explain this where it makes sense, when I get off the road for work I will snap a couple pictures that hopefully explain this better. As mentioned, the mount isn't really needed anyway if hard plumbed, which is the case for me. Also the mount/bracket has what I assume to be a stainless steel rod allowing the bracket to pivot. Works well in that regard, but we will see if rust is an issue long term (I am not sure if the rod is stainless or not). I guess time will tell on that for someone, because I am not using it, I wont be that guinea pig. Also, the unit slides out of the top of the bracket very easily. Not an issue I would imagine once installed, but its a PITA until that point. Again, not that big of a deal once installed, but worth mentioning. The biggest negative, and ultimately only one that means enough to me, is the wide diffuser. I have become spoiled with loc line, giving me the flexibility of adding on flow accelerators, or smaller ends to force and project flow a bit more than a normal wide opening allows. The wide birth on it just sort of spews the return water/flow out but doesn't reach nearly as far as it could/should. To me that half way defeats the purpose of rotating flow, if the flow cant rotate far enough to reach much. It would be a HUUUUUUUGE improvement if I could add my own PVC or loc line fittings onto the end of this. And for this reason, I wont be using this unit in my main display right now (unless I get creative and find a way to modify it). Don't let the list of negatives misguide though...for $20 this little guy is hard to beat. Working in an engineering role I always look for improvements to be made, so I wanted to pass along some of the little 'gotchas' that I encountered. This will be running on my frag tank, as I am pretty content with the flow patterns I am getting in my display currently. If I am able to find a way to choke down the diffuser to blast the flow further, I may look to put one in the main display. Think a little bit about your own plumbing to see if its something you want to fiddle with (when DON'T we want to fiddle with our tanks, hehe), but also do not hesitate to pick one up and try it out. I have spent far more than $20 over the years on random little things that I think can make an improvement in my tanks, this is a pretty good buy. In fact I could see them easily charging 2x as much and it not stopping most people from grabbing them.
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    yea its taptalk i can see it on the laptop, good looking tank for sure! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    This is the same amount I use for IO. As far as temperature, yes it can have a noticeable affect on your salinity reading. However, with a decent refractometer, just give it a few seconds on the slide and it should reach room temp. Depending on how much water you're changing, you may not need to use a heater. Room temp shouldn't be a huge issue for a partial change. It's all relative though, I suppose (E.g. room temp, tank temp, size, etc.).
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    About 4 months ago I added tap water to my fresh tank only treating it with prime. Something changed for the worse in the tap because it killed 90% of my fish in the two tanks that I had within a few hours. I tested the water and couldn't find the culprit with any of my kits. After that my new theory is don't trust any water until it's been completely filters and retested with a TDS meter before hitting the tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll get to work on it this evening. The autoflush came with the RODI it a small electrical solenoid that senses when the system turns on and will automatically dump the first couple of gallons. It is installed right behind the RO membranes. I was reading that it helps with TDS creep. I believe that BRS sells a retrofit kit that will work with most RODI systems.
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    Adding the heater and pump / powerhead will help dissolve the new salt as well as keep the water from going stagnant.
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    my favorite acan!! Sadly I think it's not going to make it... :( sent from a Samsung note 4
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    Looks like that thing did open up nicely for you. Glad it's happy in it's new home. Thanks for showing me the tank today
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    Old school ai sol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    May madness around here!! Tanks, coral, equipment .. Love it!!
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    Any administrators out there? This is obviously too much for this forum. Too many amazing colors and too many different corals. It just isn't right.
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    Is that Aiptasia, Tom? ????
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    I wanted to say that I am excited to see where this tank goes. It is a good hobby with lots of good people. As for a power-head, I personally don't have a recommendation. From what I have noticed is it really depends on your price point. They all work.
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    Unfortunately, no fragging in its future. It was my only surviving hard coral when my tank crashed in December and is special to me. It's somewhere between baseball and softball sized now (when fully extended; skeleton size is slightly larger than a golf ball), and I'm hoping to grow it out to much larger than that as a tank showpiece.
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    I'd take this tank in a heart beat if it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to ship it to Texas
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    Well kinda, everyone is always thankful and grateful in their own way. That's enough to keep ya going. We have a great group of people!
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    Another FITS. Not this blue in person, but oh well: A closer look at the sump area. Under the floss will be a submersible bar light and grate for growing (and removing) hair algae. The rest of the area is return with a heater, ATO and pico 70gph return pump. I'll probably remove the filter floss in the once fully settled Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
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    I'm in. Put another tick mark on my belt! Lol
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    Man this is painful to read. When you get it figured out, come over and we can frag anything in my tank you want to get you going again. They say Karma is a ... well not for some people. Karma is a great thing for some people. IME over the last 15 years the only time I ever had anything similar I finally attributed it to a bad batch of food. I searched the internet and found that several others were having similar experiences and the commonality was a specific frozen food. Everything I could test for was great, and whatever was wrong specifically, we never found out. Sometimes it's impossible to know. Seriously though, figure it out, come over, take some frags home. Only thing I ask is that if I'm ever in your shoes you hook me up with what I lost. That's what this community is supposed to be about. I know it's hard man, been there. But if you did all you could, and it sounds like you have done everything reasonable, there is nothing else you could have done. Just bad luck for the animals. A positive you can take out of it though is how the community takes care of good people when they need it. You have my contact info, offer does not expire. If anything you'd be helping me out to because I only have one other "bank" and as an IT guy you know redundancy is important. Infact I got this tri I've been growing for several years from nothing and only Arsonmfg has a piece. It'd be good to get that dispersed anyways. I have a Favia I need to bank too. Good luck friend. (Warning if you come over we might talk about frogs, Cuz I want one for the bedroom. Wife wants a NPS tank... I think Kermit) [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk