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    SO. I traded a quadcopter I built for this https://medford.crai...5553008842.html AMAZING DEAL I KNOW!!!!!! So this a Lee Mar 50 Gallon Starphire Glass Aquarium with 2 Returns and a a Durso Standpipe Overflow Equipment: Up Top: MP10 Not sure if to use Tunze 6020 or Jabeo Rw-4 Aquatic Life T5 Retro Fit with 2x V3 Arrays Blue Fish Controlled Below: Reef Angel Plus Controller (main uses ATO and Temp control) 20 Gallon Sump SCA 303 Skimmer Aquatop 300watt Heater LED Bulb for Refugium Aqua PR20/20 reactor for Carbon Not sure what the Return pump is... Live Stock: Pair of Premium Snowflake Clowns Midas Blenny (I do not have a lid for this setup and a little nervous...) Pygmy Angel Cleaner Shrimp CUC (includes 2 Conchs) Future Live Stock: 1 Kole Yellow Tang or Pair of Fire Fish or Dope [language filter] wrasse (probably a flasher) or ????? open to suggestions I want something either super active or pretty and red like the firefish for example Super excited I got this out of the deal!!! Currently I have a trash can full of LR circulating with a heater along with just the sump hahah Just looking at the sump anything you guys would do? I plan to add a bit more rock to the refugium and add some filter pads between one of the baffles before the return. Also should I get a plant bulb? Like the LED Pink ones? I plan to run opposite light cycles. I will also be adding a reactor with carbon. where should the reactor be? Before skimmer after? I AM NEW TO SUMPS!!!!! I have tons and tons of rock now also so I am definitely going to make this an amazing scape. Tomorrow I have to head to hardware store to pickup some pvc pipe due to cutting some to transfer tank. Existing sand is in water and not disturbed much all live rock is established and I really am not worried about a cycle. Everything will be transferred over tomorrow and setup. CAN'T WAIT IT IS LIKE CHRISTMAS EVE FOR ME! Open to suggestions and comments please!
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    March 5 2016, Michael Paletta – Bending the rules has been the motto of many of us in the hobby for a long time. I, like many of my fellow hobbyists, think that the rules of the hobby do not apply to us and as a result we often bend them, go right to the edge with them, or break them completely to suit our needs. https://reefbuilders.com/2016/03/05/bending-the-rules-of-reef-aquariums/
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    Its nice to see someone share the love, very generous of you sir.
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    Hmmm,, maybe its something I added.......
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    Come on now!!!! What's the Kool aid???!!!! sent from a Samsung note 4
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    Currently running 2 RW4 pumps and will stick with these if I can't find a decent price on mp10s I would like the added options and look of the mp10 but won't pay 200/pump for it Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
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    After recently moving I finally got my tank up and running. It's a 40galbreeder withDIY LED lighting on a controller for a sunrise sunset setting. 20gal sump with Cad Lights protein skimmer and 2 reactors carbon/GFO with a ecoplus528 for my return. 2 b&w snowflake clowns with a sand sifter Corals I have a small collection of zoas (not sure the names, nothing fancy... Yet.) and two colonies of frogspawn. I started dosing PolyLab "reef-roids" tonight was my second time dosing and I can definitely see some health in the corals. I only use half the recommended dosage (1/4tsp per 25gal) and direct feed with pumps off. Have a little apestia problem but just threw in a peppermint shrimp to hopefully clear that up. Also seeing an algae problem on the sand bed but I believe it is due to flow patterns and working on that. Hope to make this as interactive as possible so let me know what y'all think, any advice or questions welcome! It's suppose to say Nics 40gal not "nice" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Title says it all. Got to get rid of some birdsnest Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Yes 2 rw8 would give you plenty of flow =) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    I know you can also buy replacements these will provide piece of mind. This is just one example of many out there. http://www.aquariumframeswholesale.com/frames Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    Looks like you need a bigger sump I see no macro in there......
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    Sold. No time for sleepers on killer deals lol
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    finally got it hooked up! Thanks again Matty!! Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    Looks like you are running the RW 4s then.....You may find some 10s for 125 if older.....but newer ones are 150 and up.....and if a QD model well 190 and up......Good luck on the search.
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    So question. I was thinking of doing two RW-8's since I already have one. Do y'all think that will be enough flow? I run my one in my 40B at like half strength atm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sure thing Will that's funny that you are in the beard club lol! Sadly (or actually gladly I can't join that one) ????
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    Bulk reef supply is offering us a pretty sweet deal for this club since we have used the group buys so regularly.be patient! ????????
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    mrbret has a huge colony.
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    I have a tunze 6020 and I love it. I have only heard good things about the 6040. Personally as much as I do love the clean look and flow or a mp10. For the price the RW-4 is such a good little pump
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    Just do like I did...buy a $3 frag of what was listed as candy cane, forget about it in the frag tank for a year, come back to a space invader. Boom! Really though check with Roy Stylaster, I think he frags his from time to time.
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    While I'm always for saving funds when I can, words can't express the appreciation I have for every LFS that I've ever set foot in to gaze, dream, and expand my knowledge and experience! I never want to be excessively overcharged but supporting the guys and gals who get up every day, do water changes, deal with lost livestock, shrinking profits, unreasonable customers, and order supplies so I can have them right NOW if I'm in a crisis deserve to be supported first and foremost in my opinion. Business ownership is no piece of cake and they most likely serve us out of a love of all things reefy, and I for one never feel bad about supporting them anytime I can even if that means I have to pay a bit more. So here's my shout out to all the local stores! Thanks for being there whether we're looking, buying or in a CRISIS! Ya'll ROCK!
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    Couldn't put it better myself, so I flat-out stole the quote! Folks, it was a pleasure to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones yesterday. And what a great turnout! On behalf of Dr. Tim and myself, thanks for coming to our facilities yesterday. We look forward to seeing you all next year. As an aside, I heard a number of you express disappointment about not being able to see all the labs yesterday. These labs are only open to tours one day a year and as fate would have it, that day was a week ago Saturday. If you would like a far more extensive BTS tour, please come for Marine Science Day next spring. It is usually the first or second week in April and I will make a post about it in the HMSC forum next year to give you all a heads-up. Thanks again for a great day! (Sorry fishoutawater, I stole your quote twice!)
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    OH WOW!!! What a day! It was so much to intake I was on overload for a while there. I took a number of pictures and have many shots to post but unfortunately it is taking some time uploading them to photobucket so I will get some of the killer shots posted up tomorrow. It will be worth the wait for sure.
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    I have a mid level lens on my canon. It's not a fixed macro.... it can get some descent shots.... but nothing like that 100mm 2.8 with that L series glass in it!! latest pic i was able to capture with my old canon DSLR and a 18-85mm EFS lens.
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    Finally got a decent fts that isn't so dark and blurry. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk