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    heres a lobo I picked up from Jeff about 2 months ago. It is the center piece in my Nuvo 10.
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    Just snapped this one earlier today. My favorite lobo of all time!Thought I should share
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    This one of the three that I have. sent from a Samsung note 4
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    Ding ding ding! Did things start to change after the new light install? Very well could be bleaching or just plain frying your corals. Depending on the lights and the optics used of led's. One of the best things I can stress is make ONE change at a time or you'll spend your entire reefing experience chasing your tail with very limited success. I'll post up my current feeding program when. I'm not driving lol
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    It was a great day at the beach. Nice and warm, not too much wind and absolutely no rain during the 3 hours we were there. There was actually a number of other people who were attending the clean up event in the area wich was great, there is plenty of garbage to go around thats for sure. There were bags provided to put the trash in as well as gloves and hand sanitizer just in case there was something out there that was too unwieldy or just plain foul. We signed in got geared up and went on our merry way. Miles and I worked as a team for this clean up run and I think we did rather well. The first half mile or so of the beach was actually rather clean, asides from the styrofoam chunks here and there, but after that there started to be plastics and other debris to be removed. Bottles of soda, caps, rope pieces, plastic and glass shards were all things we picked up along the way. Even a couple different shoes for my bucket. No it didn't fit... Found this rather creepy hand too. Of course this is the one thing I decided to bring home as a keep sake, I might hang it up to remind me I should always be lending a hand in picking up this place wherever I go. But the coolest find goes to this container we found washed up. Could have been form here on our coast, but could have very easily been washed up from another coast as well. We filled this guy up with the garbage we had already found and continued on our way. In the end, or by the time we left, the pile for just this area was looking rather large. I mean look at all this Crud!!! I am really glad I got to attend, it was a great time just hanging out with a friend and fellow member. Just kinda get away. OH and can't forget the shot of the Teepee, we wanted to stay and Pow wow but there was more important things at hand...Always next time right. And the obligatory shot of the clean beach afterwards. Good Times.
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    Definitely not a god but I like to think I know a thing or two... I'm not a fan of running your skimmer only part time, because of the other effects it can have. Lower ph, less oxygen in the water column etc. What are you feeding your fish and your corals? Seems to me like your starving your corals. Personally I have to keep my po4 around .05-.08 but I highly suggest not to stress so much on the number and focus more on what your tank tells you. On the same note you need to know where your Mag is at.
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    Here's my little Aussie lobo, probably looks really familiar to somebody on here [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've always heard that while initially they help stir the sand but then they never stop and eventually deplete your sandband of any little critters that are supposed to be helping you. I've got a 120g with about a 2" deep bed and have been told that one would strip my bed in a few months. So i've held off.
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    I had a very frustrating outbreak a couple of months ago. All better now. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Our May Meeting - A PNWMAS Special Event! - Richard Ross presents - "The Secrets of Reef Keeping." PNWMAS is proud to bring to the Pacific Northwest as our guest speaker, Richard Ross - Marine Biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences. Richard has spoken at almost all MACNA events. As lead biologist of the California Academy of Science’s Philippine Coral Reef team, he is responsible for day-to-day care of the world’s deepest coral reef display, a 212,000-gallon tank home to thousands of colorful tropical fishes and corals. One of his most requested presentations is "Secrets of Reef Keeping"! Here is your chance to ask Richard his secrets to keeping a successful reef? Calcium reactor vs dosing ? Bio pellets ? Vodka dosing ? Lanthum chloride ? Bring your questions! This will be one of the most interesting and informative talks you will ever attend, for all Reef Keepers, from the Beginner to the Advanced Aquarists! We are also grateful to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington - Clinton & Gloria John Clubhouse for providing the use of their Auditorium for this exciting event! **************************************************************************************** Location: Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington - Clinton & Gloria John Clubhouse   Address: 409 NE Anderson St, Vancouver, WA 98665 – (off Hazel Dell Ave.) https://www.google.com/maps/dir/''/Boys+%26+Girls+Clubs+of+Southwest+Washington+-+Clinton+%26+Gloria+John+Clubhouse+409+NE+Anderson+St,+Vancouver,+WA+98665/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x5495aeee9a68e1c3:0x11f767bce399c923?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiMxfz0i93LAhVC02MKHdHMDNkQ9RcIfDAL Date: Saturday, May 14th, 2016 Time: 2:00PM to 5:00PM Free Admission! Bring your friends! Phone:(360) 313-5670 About Richard Ross Richard Ross is a Senior Biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences where he cultures and cares for exotic cephalopods, fish & coral, participates in ongoing field work on coral spawning, animal collection & transport, and manages tropical saltwater displays including the 212,000 Philippine Coral Reef exhibit. He is a prolific writer and speaker, authoring academic papers (notably on the Larger Pacific Striped Octopus) and a catalogue of articles on aquarium and reef related educational topics including his Skeptical Reefkeeping series which focuses on critical thinking, responsibility and ethics of aquarium keeping. Richard was presented with the MASNA Aquarist of the Year award in 2015, and his work has been covered by Scientific American, National Geographic, Penn¹s Sunday School, Science Friday, Discovery News and Fox News. Richard has kept saltwater animals for over 25 years, has worked in aquarium industry and trade (maintenance, retail, wholesale) and has consulted for a coral farm/fish collecting station in the South Pacific. The California Academy of Sciences is a world-class scientific and cultural institution based in San Francisco, home to Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, and Kimball Natural History Museum, along with research and education programs. In 2008, the Academy opened a new LEED Platinum-rated facility, and remains the only institution in the world to combine all of those elements under one roof. Founded in 1853, the Academy is driven by a mission to explore, explain and protect the natural world. Visit www.calacademy.org for more information. Why is there an octopus on Rich’s head? While training divers on responsible and sustainable fish and coral collection in Tonga, we came across this octopus. As Tonga is mostly a substance culture, the divers we were training wanted to catch the octopus to help feed their families. One of them grabbed a claw hammer and proceeded to smash up several meters of coral while catching the octopus. One the boat I asked him ‘we just spent all day talking about how not to damage the reef, and there are easier ways to catch octopus, so why use a hammer?’. He answered ‘they bite’. ‘No they don’t’ I said, picking up the octopus and putting it on my head, where luckily it didn’t bite me, going on to discuss better ways to catch octopus. We then talked about how sustainable and responsible ideas applied to everything including fishing, and how respecting habitat means there will be creatures there for a long time to come.
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    Just wanted to tell Jeff and Kim thanks again for the corals and equipment I picked up over the weekend. Everyone have a wonderful Easter! -Parker Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Used my Red Sea kit for mag. It's says 1080-1100.
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    You know the little ramikin cups you get dipping sauce at in restaurants? They are literally those plastic cups and a suction cup glued to it. The are sweet and dont even look super tacky
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    Build or invest in a good algae scrubber. I harvest about a pint of algae every 2 weeks. My system have about 100gal total with 20 fishes. I feed them one large frozen cube of lightly blended oysters and shrimps plus flake and pellet foods daily. Some days I might skip frozen food when I'm too busy. I still run my skimmer which I think help keep the water clear. I don't use filter socks (too lazy to clean them). My yellow tangs keep my rocks pretty clean. In my DT, only have visible hair on my wave pump heads. Still have to clean my glass every 2-3 days. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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    This is AWESOME you guys! What a fantastic thing you guys did. I'm proud to know both of you. Cheers!
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    Nitrates play a factor too, you don't want them zero, I try to keep mine in the single digits. Also, have you had any swings lately? An alk swing can pale things quick and take a long time to color back up from. You add any amino supplements? With a larger skimmer I have to along with feeding to keep the corals fed properly.
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    You're skimmer is definitely working... While there can be a variety of things causing your problems I think you're staving your corals. I'd pick up a bottle of oyster feast, you can feel it once or twice per week, also are you using any other supplements? I think the corals are starved since eventually they're just relying on fish waste for their main food source. I feed my corals specifically once per week, mixture of things. I can help you out together a feeding program for your corals of you want. Takes me a total of about 3 min per week to feed my corals.
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    No bacterias added of any sort, I haven't tested my tank in ages besides my Alk which usually sits about 7.5dkh, I try to increase it but the tank just soaks it up and seems to be most consistent and happy at the lower dkh so I quit trying to get it up a long time ago. No UV on the tank, a couple of the tangs had ICH outbreaks when I first got them but they eventually got over it and haven't seen a sign of ICH in ages. I don't really recommend it to anyone else but I don't qt my fish and if they get ICH I feed them heavy and let them get over it on their own. It's definitely a popular form of husbandry but it works for me... I change the socks once per week. That's a very small portion of what's on the walls. I actually designed and manufactured most of those in my factory years ago. The majority are actually wakeskates.
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    I have three in my 200 for the last year they great. Also have a blue and a orange linkia. I think you would be fine with one for a long time and if your sand is looking to clean just up your feeding the fish won't mind lol
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    Nice pieces fellow reefers!!
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    Thanks guys!!! Re skinning one for Susie now. Out with the old and in with the new!!!
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    See miles I told you there would be one laying around and I think I even guessed the price!
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    Are those baby bottle brushes? Great idea!
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    Great looking picture! I love it when they have all their tentacles out like that ! Nice looking one too Jeremy!
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    36.6". Body is 8" wide. http://www.precisionmarine.com/bullet-series/bullet-xl-2 I just want to get rid of it $150. Will need a high pressure pump like an iwaki 70rlt. I have an old one, but it works great. Will let that go for another $100. These two items together new went for over $1000. Jay
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    Testing the waters to see if anything is available. I'm In search of a large skimmer, rated for upwards of 400 gal. Not sure if I'm happy with my current one, looking to replace.
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    She's a beauty Jorge! I just picked this one up:
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    Im really excited about this one. This guy was the keynote speaker at Bob Moore Frag Swap a year ago and a true pioneer in the industry. One of the keynote speakers at MACNA every year. The Steinhart Aquarium is the nicest public aquarium Ive ever seen(better then Monterey). Everybody mark there calendars because this is one you will not want to miss!
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    If you want furniture grade I'd try and shoot Brian67 a message he build amazing stands. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    No not really, a couple days doesn't do all that big of an impact while shaving an hour or two off your light cycle over the long run will be more beneficial. If you are really looking to nail it right off the bat look into Hydrogen Peroxide I dosed my tank with it without any negative side effects for a couple months while fighting Dino's though the Dino's never did die off I had no algae Though patience, time, and keeping up with regular maintenance will serve you the best.
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    It should be a good day for the a SOLVE expedition, I am bringing my waterproof camera just in case there is an opportune moment...You never know.
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    UV. Do a thorough research and you'll find the benefits are worth it. There's different levels of sterilization and if set up correctly it can be of great help to rid of algae. You'll have to dig through the internet for info though. I'm not good with technicalities.
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    I suggest Brett & Adam! Nah, the choices listed above all look good!
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    I have always been a big planet zoa fan...BUT, seeing as Zoanthids.com has recently become a sponsor I would love to opt for that having the most weight in my vote, no shortage of zoas there.
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    Quickest way I have seen is manual removal from sandbed and for the rocks dip them in a mix of tank water and 3% hydrogen peroxide for 2 mins. The peroxide mix knocks out any algae in 2 days. If you have corals stuck to the rocks you can use a baster to drip straight 3% peroxide onto the affected areas. You can also drain your tank to a low level and use peroxide on the affected areas if removing the rockwork is not an option. This method will remove all GHA in 48 hours. A low dose peroxide mix will not kill off any feather dusters, coraline algae etc but if you go for the straight peroxide it will kill some of the good stuff as well on your live rock.
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    Jeremy you have my vote to be a grower !
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    I'll jump in with random thoughts... Add a yellow tang? How big is frag tank? Different lighting? Different PAR of lighting?
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    Huh. I didn't notice that those were taken with white light. It would just provide a different perspective. One thing I love is fluorescence and your tank has tons of it. My research group at college studies fluorescent proteins and how they "work." After looking at this thread yesterday, I decided to do a search on fluorescent proteins isolated from corals and anemones. In reality, there are a handful that have been characterized and isolated. Every time I see coral fluoresce, I know there are new proteins to be discovered and your tank is full of them. Haha. Every color you see is likely a different protein. P.s. I showed my advisor your videos and he couldn't believe that people have aquariums like yours.
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    Clown tang-that'll be a good fight, but you'll need to let the clown acclimate to the surroundings for awhile before it really has a "fighting" chance-LOL between Sohals and Clowns I think those two are the kings as far as aggression in that species. I'd suggest if possible a section of egg crate dividing the tank, or at least a portion. Been there and done that-NEVER again Good luck, it's a never ending saga with a tang -IMO/E
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    Cool I will be making those cups. I have a couple of small mushroom that need something to hold them for now. Ordering Marinepure this weekend then thanks. After I will hitting Cuttlefish on Friday for my rics/shroom hunt.
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    I haven't posted one of these in a while... Needless to say I'm pretty much out of room. It's time to get that bigger tank going I think. Sorry for the crappy picture, I suck at FTS, I need to get Kevin back over to bang out another hot one.
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    Not the most recent but it'll have to do till I get around to snapping a new one.
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