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    Dang it was slow on that. How you liking the gyre
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    That's not necessarily a bad thing bro!!!! means you doin something right!!! I need to come get some frags soon. The tank is settling down finally andsince I re scaped the storm inside of the tank has stopped
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    Check out our Coral Colonies update! Lots of really nice show pieces! http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/prodList.asp?idcategory=83&pMaxItemsPerPage=12
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    Made some more progress over the weekend. Got the stand primed, door framed and the top built. Hopefully I get the stand painted and the top sealed before the weekend. Here are some pics. Stand primed Top glued together Closeup of the top sanded waiting to be sealed
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    Jeremy, I thought this sounded like a goofy idea when I saw your first post. Then I researched it a bit, then saw Paletta write about it. Sounds interesting!
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    Wrasse added to the tank a nice yellow cool looking dude
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    and the last little bit. I hope you guys enjoyed the update I hope someone turns off that annoying type so much text to post... pita! ​
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    and some more pics and the required blah blah blah fjdshgrnbfdlglsdgf ghfdsgure984hgfdnbfd gbvisoyg4ouapghfuidygor and some more ​ ​fhdahfueirhwa ghauieghiuerhgdfkbd 4y39ytguirsghusfhgoers y489thgkurdfhgifdshl;dr
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    Look at that reef! Such a Mature tank and corals, bomb system Roy. I don't know how you keep the bottom so immaculate, the glass floor of my BB tank is getting pretty coraline covered.