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    Walked in the room the other day to a surprise, thought i'd share One of the many reasons i don't keep them in my display, they live in the fuge section of my sump No power heads, its flow is from a spray bar feed from a mj1200 in my return section but i still need to modify the drain screen a bit (there's a small gap they can still squeeze through) tiny holes on top of the spray bar provide the surface agitation and larger holes point forward and down keep the water moving pretty good.
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    You SR are playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun!!!! I have a little and some neon green toadstools if you make it out my way or at the next meeting.
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    I designed a new CA reactor, the prototype is fabricated, now I need a volunteer who is familiar with traditional calcium reactor, please contact me if you are interested and accept the terms as following: 1. the product patent is submitted but not approved yet. the tester is willing to have a confidential agreement with me and not release any design detail to the third party until it is released by inventor. 2. the tester is familiar with traditional calcium reactor and have a reactor at a running aquarium to make the comparison. 3. the tester has a sump and enough space in the cabinet (less footprint than traditional ca reactor) 4. the tester is willing to document the detail results, data, perform frequent chemical tests 5. the tester is willing to communicate with me for test progress and provide the updates in time. additional requirements but not necessary: 1. close to my home address, beaverton 97229 area 2. I can visit the testing tank or testing environment. what I will provide: - the prototype and necessary accessories, tester can keep the prototype after the testing if desired - testing kits - reactor media pro and cons of the design Pros: - small foot print, space saver - easy to adjust - no concern on media debris - more tolerant to oscillation of CO2 pressure, may not require an expensive regulator ( this needs to be tested) Cons: - need to position higher than aquarium water level or sump water level - could waste 2-5% CO2 (this needs to be tested, may not be the case due to the new diffuser design) - two to three small pumps will be required rather than a big recirculation pump comparing to the traditional design. More spots will be taken for APEX It is not first come first service thing, I will leave this ad for a week and pick a tester who meets most above requirements. It is fun to test the new toy, isn't it? without you guys help, OceanRevive couldn't starts up, i promise i will offer a big discount to local club members if this product can be commercialized. Bo
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    PNWMAS Annual Summer Potluck BBQ! Sunday August 23rd 12 noon to 4 PM Champoeg State Park Area: OAK#6 8239 Champoeg Road Northeast St. Paul, Oregon 97137 We will provide hot dogs, burgers and the fixings as well as soft drinks and water! Bring other main dishes to share, a side dish or dessert! Bring your family! Bring your pets! This area is huge so there is plenty of running around room! Champoeg park is an awesome place with a great location about halfway between Portland and Salem (about 40 minutes from each)! There will be a raffle of some great prizes! We have gift certificates! We have LED lights! The music is set for 1:00 until 3:00 PM... Direct from Portland Oregon - The Rose City Reefer Band! There's a day use fee of 5 dollars, but you will get reimbursed with raffle tickets! We have reserved Area: OAK#6 from 8am to 8pm, so... you can come early and stay later if you like! It is located right next to the disc golf area so bring your discs to play! Directions when you get to the park: Go straight until you see the booth where you pay You will see disc golf on the left and the road curves around Left at the stop sign Right at group 6 and 7 over flow parking We are site 6 on the left! There will be signs pointing you to the way! http://www.stateparks.com/champoeg_state_park_in_oregon.html
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    Anyone notice some sps will grow fast but only from certain branches/spots? I would assume every single polyp have same growth potential on the same colony assuming good water flow and evenly lit. Got some sort of purple stag.. It only grows new branches from only 2 spots while the other branches don't seem to grow. Also have a green slimer which had a branch already cut off when I got it. It seems to regrow from that cut spot very fast. I had to move it to a different location and yet only to spot grows fast. Last week I drop something and broke off the fast growing branch. It had already heal up and start growing fast from same spot. However, some sps like bird's nest just grow everywhere evenly. I just find these kind of growth patterns intriguing.
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    There's a ton of different things it could be. How about full parameters list? What's your nitrate/phosphate at?
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    Trying another nem! Looks good Randall!
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    All of them for $1000.00. Plus I'll throw in a free tank.
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    just goto a Uhaul... they should have them. They are about $25. they my just loan you a set for a few bucks too...
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    Jorge, who is Danlu? your tank probably too big, the prototype i made is most likely support up to 100G. i guess.... a lot of blanks need to be filled by the testing
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    I can help. Moving this week if you still need any. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    convert it to an outdoor reef tank
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    fish are still alive and doing well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    But this article convinced me it's worth it. http://reefbuilders.com/2015/08/08/common-coral-reef-pests-ideas-remove/ A good up to date article on reef pests by Paletta
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    LED Frag tank ( 1 of 4 ) Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    So I wasn't going to get fish before my trip to San Diego but found a deal on Craigslist. They were asking $60 with no pics of the fish. I decided to try my luck and drove out to aloha to get them this morning. I get there and all 3 fish are over 15". I felt bad and even though they were asking $60 I feel like I stole them and gave them an extra $20. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk