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    Sweet, although I would also have concerns with SPS. Look at those bone cutters it calls a beck. Its saying "trust me with your Oregon tort"
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    Ups was here bright and early! Thanks Robert (badxgillen)! All arrived safely and in great shape. Great packaging.
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    It a very pretty fish tho. So who wants to take you for the team and add it to the sps dominate reef lol
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    Selling all my fish as I am moving. I will be selling my tanks as well, but I need to sell the livestock first. I will make a deal for multiple fish sold or all of them. Had most of these fish over 3 years, the tang about 5 years. Purple tang $100 Darwin clownfish $30 Potter's wrasse $45 2 B/W cardinals $20 (must go together) 2 Pajama cardinals $15 (must go together) Gold assessor $20 Flame angel $40 Splendid dottyback $30 2 Red blood shrimp $30(each) Coral banded shrimp $10 Hawaiian red/black sea cucumber $20 Live rock $2/lb have about 150-200lbs I live in Chehalis, WA btw. Thanks!
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    I have a reef safe parrot you can have. Maybe after a meeting at your place you will find it behind the couch. SURPRISE!
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    Last night before bed I got out the flashlight and was having a peek inside the tank. I had just added another 50lbs of live rock to the sump and I have also hade two hitch hiker crabs So I am making sure nothing is going sideways, mainly making sure no "reef safe parrot" fish got in there. I see the typical bugs buzzing around then it comes into full view, not sure what it is but its right there the size of a quarter. When I see IT I think I am seeing a small cucumber or slug of some kind and I keep thinking about someone telling me they can be toxic.I am thinking I should grab it and toss it, but I don't want to squeeze the"BAD" out of it. So after a long hard look with the flashlight I decide this needs a closer look so the leds are turned on. I finally realize its a cowrie I bought a month ago from Jeff and havnt seen since. When I dropped it in it was only shell not the full coating around it. Problem solved and off to bed I went, but not without a little scare.
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    Well I have boxed corals a few times in my day but I can't take all the credit, that was actually the packaging from the Pacific East Aquaculture group buy. I will be posting an update on that here soon, as you can see they have some really thick styrofoam walls. I am just looking to help the next guy out and your a pretty good guy, you missed a great meeting at the coast man. If you wanted to throw me a frag or two some time you do not have to twist my arm but all in all it doesn't matter I am just happy you can use em. I will say that all of theses can become pests in a tank so don't say I did not warn you. Even the Blue Ochtodos can become problematic. Just harvest the one macro that grows the fastest or it will choke the others out or strip the nutrients out and starve the competitors. I have a few more types but that is what fit into the box and are not as finicky as the others. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. The Tangs love the racemosa, feather, and peltata.
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    Pm'ed you! For purple tang and potters wrasse!
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    Bra doser . Good ol iPhone autocorrect ???? keeps putting in spa when I type sps!
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    For your votes in the R2R Picture of the Month for this picture! The Avast Porthole prize is Here, and enough zoas survived the recent crash I was able to snap a few pics as promised!! http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/06/29/2610769ba8f946145a4213af27fa787a.jpg
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    Do you mean a BRS Doser? I did a search for the other, but I don't think I should post the results.
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    Koi are beautiful, So would an Oregon coast tide pool pond... Just saying
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    Looking good my friend your going to make me want to get back in the zoa game lol.
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    Let's see, You need 10 people BRS username Email address the users gave brs Group buys start on Tuesdays. That should cover most of it. (unless brs has changed something recently )
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    Personally I would not use it again Mitchell. There have been horror stories of people having heaters break in their tank and losing all their corals. I know this is not in your tank but who knows what else you might be mixing in with your salt? why risk it? Heaters are pretty cheap in the broad scheme of things compared to hundreds of dollars of coral that is invested in your tank. I have heard of people trying to get by with cheap additives, etc, and it usually does not end well.
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    It's been a while, but I thought if share what worked for me. Turns out my problem was a bad ro membrane in my filter. Once I replaced that and got tds back to 0 on the top off water, it was fairly easy. I did 5g water changes every day for a week, then 5g every other day for two weeks. It's been a few months with no sign of returning. So, if/when you come up against this, just be diligent until it's gone. Pretty simple fix overall, just took some time and patience.