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    I'm still cycling a new QT, so I'm not set up for trades, but I have these for sale. I don't remember the name, but they came from CnC. They're bright pink with a purple ring. $15 for a piece of rock with 40+ polyps attached. They grow fast!
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    Thanks everyone. I will look forward to seeing some new faces this Sunday. Jeff
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    Hey I stopped by there last night and the frag tanks are looking a lot better. And there is quite the selection. Didn't see the tortoises around though.
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    Reserved for Gil & Fin! Forgive me for forgetting what you look like, but I'm easy to spot (chick with blue hair). See you this afternoon! If anyone else is interested, I'll let you know when I frag more. They're on a large rock in my tank that I have no idea how to peel the zoas off of or break up. Piece to Gil & Fin is the original rock purchased, so it was easy to break away.
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    I'll be bringing some flowerpot plating monti, some appleberry monti, more green slimer, and maybe a big piece of madmike tricolor acro.
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    +1 I think you might have trouble keeping most any invertebrates happy over the long term with salinity that low.
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    Other possible trades: LA Lakers turbinaria Pink Chalice Red, Purple & green favites A few different favias Orange pavona Bright red mushrooms Fluorescent orange mushrooms Green mushrooms, of course Duncans & more Duncans Rose Stylophora Montipora Undata Idaho Grape montipora Pink monti cap Tricolor acro frags Good ole Pink Birdsnest, Green Birdsnest, Hydnophora (you know the drill) Tons of leather frags And more! If you don't have something I want, most of these things are also available for sale. I'm mostly interested in sps & zoas at the moment.
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    I'm not a nem expert, but that salinity is really low. Most people keep it at 1.025-1.026.
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    I love this tank. Your rockscaping is beautiful, one of the best I have seen. Keep posting pics! I want to see how the corals fill out.
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    Would you be able to frag up those green bay packer zoas I saw had a lot of heads last night at the Reddit meetup? I'll try to bring a lot of variety of zoanthids for trade if anyone has some grab bags of corals.. preferably softies
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    Also put a avatar on! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Went to pick up the mag 7 from I ordered from OIAB. Ended up also scoring what I feel was a great deal on used Bubble Magus C5.5. looks to have very little use and it had a brand new pump. At this point all I think I'm lacking is the tank and stand to start setting up.
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    Last Call for Alcohol!!! ...Or coral frags for tomorrows meet. I will be bringing a few extras just in case but thought I would see if any one else that is going to be there would want to trade a coral or two? Just let me know before it gets too late, around tomorrow noonish.
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    I type Wednesday by mistake but by the time I realized it I couldn't edit
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    Mandinga has been helping them out. They gotta get better with him around Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How far north are you coming? Shoot me a pm. Let's see what we can work out
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    Little Debbie is looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.
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    Just want to make a special announcement about the after-presentation activities: All members are encouraged to bring some frags to swap. This is always pretty fun during meetings and we missed out on it at the last one. (At least theClark came through with some complimentary raffle prizes). Reach out to people, advertise what you're bringing/looking for, and don't forget the coolers. We will also be having some fun raffle prizes. Gift certificates for coral, supplements, and local stores will abound!! That means you better bring some cash. And by some I mean A LOT. :cool:
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    I'll be there Sunday... it will be my first visit to cnc actually I'm excited