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    I dont have any for auction but i could donate $100 through paypal or check, any pointers will be appreciated. --Tom
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    No more tissue loss on the frogspawn... Overall looking good
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    The reef ready grape juice is one of my favorite acro. It's a fast growing acro in tank. I got a frag from Brad about 5-6 months ago and it's growing to a nice colony now. And it's been fragged a few times lol
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    I actually glued a tangs mouth shut once...cut a frag, glued it underwater, and the tang came over and started picking at the glue...next thing you know he has a mouth full of cyanoacrylate:( Luckily it only lasted for a couple hours, and fell off on its own.
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    ==> Brandon Kennedy (Thumper) Auction Forum <==
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    Give Chris (arminius) a call. Former member here, I think he got rid of his tank and doesn't get on here much if at all but does great work. 720-841-0845 used to be his number.
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    It seems Hanna does have an ammonia tester
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    for all the stick lovers out there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The later I think is more common