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    This event sounds just like what this club needs. To spread the word of good things the club can contribute to the community and not just be a classifieds forum. The original purpose of the club was to do things exactly like what this event is trying to accomplish. You need to vote to decide whether it's worth it? Why would that need a vote? If you don't think it's worth it, don't go. How do doing good things for the environment while also putting the club in good light be a bad thing? I see nothing but good things it could accomplish. Glad to see these kind of events are being organized. Don't always ask what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club.
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    Bwahahaah! I guess I should of looked at the pinned posts first. Dang Neanderthal genes...
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    Thanks for participating matty. Love the shirt! KCCO!
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    It is...its doubled in size since I got it at TPA..definitely a favorite of mine....I need to start a build thread here for my 75 that is still being worked on....I should be getting it wet next month when I buy my lights.
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    Maybe they can refund you the money so we don't have to listen to you anymore...... You've been a troll for over a year on this site. Sure I've been negative too but can be positive at times as well. You on the other hand have been grumpy the entire time you've been here. Cheer up once in awhile. It's amazing what it does in the community. People might even start to like you...
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    I often see these things as an opportunity instead of a service, but I suppose they could be both depending on ones mindset.
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    If it were me, it sounds like there are a couple options: Get some critters in there to eat all the algae, increase flow to capture their waste. Continue until whatever rock/sand is leaching nutrients finishes. OR.... Nix the sand (its cheap), and decide if you need to nuke the rock. When starting fresh, make sure you learn from previous lessons so you don't have to do it again. Oh, and as for the bacterial cycle, you can use bottled bacteria to help kick start the ammonia cycle. Which will convert it to nitrites and then nitrates. One thing to note is you'll have to let the anerobic bacteria populate the oxygen void parts of the rock, in other words, you'll need to keep nitrates in check with macro and/or water changes and be careful feeding or you'll go full circle.
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    If I posted a thread titled: Yellow tang vs Purple Tang I may get a similar response, the tang police would be on full alert. Peng, I will hand it to you...you get lots of response on your threads. I do have two zebrasoma in my 150 tank. Zebrasoma flavescens(yellow) from Hawaii and Zebrasoma xanthurum(purple) Red Sea These fish were both added on the same day. The yellow is larger than the purple. My tank was primed with lots of algae before the additions. I do see them daily flashing fins at one another, which does add stress of course, but it does not escalate, and the yellow is the boss. One thing that is extremely important in attempting two tangs of the same genus is the individuals resistance to disease! While dominance is being established, FISH WILL get stressed. This is really a major reason why Powder Blue's and Achilles are more incompatible than most! When the Achilles bullies the PBT, the PBT stresses....then what? ich is what. Next thing you know you could have yourself a full scale ich outbreak from either of these fish....which is exactly what happened it sounds like. History repeats itself Peng, best to pick one or the other, and go with some other species of tangs... 100% of my favorite fish never make it into my tank! Meaning: even though I LOVE Cephalopholus Miniata (heck all groupers for that matter), it'll never live in my reef!
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    AHAAA! This whole before and after, pre and post tense stuff workes wonders! Anyways, How many tangs did you take out of the tank? From the looks of another thread you removed at least a PBT and AT. I would hypothesize that the tangs were previously keeping this type of algae under control, and by removing the tangs you removed natural lawnmowers...aka tangs. Ever seen your tangs nipping at your powerheads, and seemingly algae-less rocks? Yeah, they are nipping algae before you even see it. All day long they are on the hunt.
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