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    Why would someone be excited when a fish stops eating? When it's a male Banggai Cardinal! I bought a pair of Banggai Cardinals from cerc185 last month, both very healthy and eating well. I noticed the male did not eat this evening, so the first thing I did was look for eggs. Sure enough, his mouth looks to be full of eggs! Time to do a little reading up on incubation time and all. I have raised freshwater mouth-brooding cichlids, and I hear this is very similar. They are both being very secretive having out behind the gorgonians right now. He did venture out while the female ate. I mainly need to watch for her being territorial over the male.
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    Going to pick out a clown and some more corals for my tank on Friday I have not made my mind where Im going to go get them its a draw between OIB or Cuttlefish. Unless someone local is selling some things. Any suggestions oh softies or lps that are easy. Right now I have no fish some hermits, snails, GSP, pulsing xenia, and dragon eyes, and watermellon zoa. Ready to add more.
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    Nice! how hard are the favia's etc. to care for? I do not dose and only add trace elements and nice reef salt. One of the many reasons why i like lps and softies, i seem to have good luck with LPS like hammer's etc. When i thought i was going to break down my tank i sold a hammer that was like 8 heads and one black and white clown and one orange for 60 bucks lol. he got a steal:( and of course i dont break my tank down and now here i am, lol.
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    I am all for everyone to have the ability to edit to edit. It is frustrating when you post typos or wrong info, then have to make more postings explaining it. It makes for a very sloppy looking forum.
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    It was nice meeting you charlie! Welcome back to the hobbie! And thanks timmy! i got most of my livestocks from cuttlefish and corals!
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    Well BOD what do you say? Are we returning the edit button. I agree with Mandinga's thoughts with this as well. In the past on the board we had discussed removing the edit function years ago because a particular member was editing inflammatory threads and then denying the posts. However we found out that it caused more problems than it was worth particularly in the classifieds. I would even be of support of leaving it for paying members but to the group as well.
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    it is rolling over the over the over flow pumps? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    UPDATE: All of the gear and tank are still available. Please note that I need to sell off all of the livestock before breaking down and kitting out the set up. Many people have asked about the Apex...it currently controls the tank's heater and the auto-top off system so ideally it would be bought with the tank & sump. If I end up splitting up the entire set, I'll set a price for the Apex only. CORALS STILL AVAILABLE: - (2) Rose Bulb Anemones - 8” - 9” when extended - $80 each - (3) Neon Green Soft Mushrooms on Rock - Small - $10 for all - (2) Orange Soft Mushrooms on Rock - $20 for all - Duncan - 7ish Heads - $25 - Button Polyps (Blue/Green) on stick - Small - $20 - Taro Tree - pink/white - $15 - Fan Coral - small - $5 - Acan Brain - Green - 3” - $15 (not in the best shape, slighly wilted - Hammer Coral - Branching (Pink/Yellow) - $25 - Hammer Coral (Blue/Green) - Wall - $25 - Stick w/Fur?? - $10 I'm also still looking for a home for my pair of Fancy Snowflake clowns.
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    Editing posts is something that needs to happen...IMO. Not sure why the BOD took our right to edit away. Obviously in classified section, people don't want to read an entire thread to figure out what's sold or still available... But also for tank threads...the op NEEDS to change! If the op reflects the current nature of the tank(filter, inhabitants, methods, etc) then it will increase the readability and interest level. Again, people don't need to read through 27 pages to see what the tank currently looks like. I proposed this to the president many moons ago, to which no reason or response was given...I don't think it's his decision or call...likely someone's decision who had an axe to grind over someone editing an old post, throwing arguments off base. I'm glad more people see the value in this edit function....people aren't always trying to edit to wipe off something bad they said! Then again, that's another great reason to leave the edit button. If someone types some bad information, due to ignorance, do we really want future visitors reading poor advice that could easily be changed? I could truly give you an academic essay or even a David Letterman top ten list as to why the edit button should live longer than ten minutes!
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    Good to see you posting again Brad!???? And you are already the king of the trolls no election needed!???? Jay is there any way that the edit function can be added back? It would be an awesome perk for paid members especially those who use the classifieds a lot. It's what got me to pay for a membership at reef2 reef.
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    That was a good looking set up Jose. Sucks you had to break it down. Glws