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    !800 pet supplies is running a 25% off everything sale. It looks like their shipping times are not the best. As long as you are not in a rush it looks like you could score a good deal through them.
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    This makes me sad. Although I don't Run a reef currently I still love to read this forum. Alright I love my drama and sadly there's been a lot. it seems as though this poor site has been reduced to bugs and Jerry Springeresk commentary. Yet each day I log back in with hopes that something changes and the forum returns to what I fell in love with. People coming together to help one another out in this addiction we call a hobby. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This site is effed.
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    Good to know info right there as one day I may plumb some of my tanks together and it is nice to know ahead of time what side you are going to be able to drill.
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    Here is some info I found out also. Tanks are now tetra brand. 10, 20L, 29 - all no tempered glass 40B - bottom tempered 55g - all tempered