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    So as the time comes near for the PNWMAS December Christmas party I realize I am needing to prepare for a few things such as taking the day off, child care, and last but not least some fragging. Wich bring up a question,is anybody interested in exchanging corals? I am personally interested in all sorts from zoas to SPS so if you have something interesting that you would like to trade let me know and maybe we can work something out. If not I might still be persuaded to part with a frag or two for a proper donation to my Coral Acquisition Fund. If some one is just getting their tank started or re started I might be able to bring you a free frag depending on where you are at with your tank and where you are going with it. As far as what I have to trade I will make a list here and get some more recent pictures up here soon,as I know you all love pictures. This is really a thread to get the ball rolling for the big event. I have to trade some... ---SPS--- ORA Sour Apple Birds Nest, ORA Hyacinth Birds Nest Purple Hystix Birds Nest, Pink Hystix Birds Nest, ORA Neon Green Birds Nest, Birds of Paradise Birds Nest, Green Pocillipora Damicornus, Green Pocilipora D. Dainty, Yellow Porites, Hydnophora, Green Cactus Pavona, Purple Cactus Pavona, Red Montipora Capricornus, Candy Apple Green Monti Capricornus, Idaho Grape Montipora Capricornus, Green Montipora Foliosa Green Montipora Digitata, Blue Montipora Digitata, Red Montipora Digitata Green Psamacora, ORA Kelly Green Psamacora, and a few more to come. ---LPS--- Purple Duncanopsus, Bright Green Claustrea, Striated Green Calaustrea, Teal Centered Calaustrea, Kryptonite Calaustrea, Grape Favia Brain, Red War Coral, LA Laker Turbinaria, Bright Yellow Scroll Turbinaria, Bluee Pagoda Turnbinaria, Alien Eye Chalice, Hollywood Stunner Chalice, Lava Chalice, Pink & Purple Chalice Echinopora Laminosa Chalice, Red Rimmed Pentagona"Penny Brain" Favia. Christmas Favia, Rainbow Echinata, Bright Galaxia tooth coral, Hellfire Leptastrea, Toxic Green Leptastrea, Blue Valley Clossed Brain, Stary Purple Favia, Pot of Gold Favia, ---Softies--- Sarcophyton Glaucum, Tyree Green Sarcophyton, Fiji Yellow Sarcophyton, Neon Green Sinularia, Sunularia Flexibus, Sinularia Dura, Kenya Tree, White Xenia, Electric Green Star Polyps, Fade to Green Star Polyps, Purple Sar Polyps, Green Daisy Star Polyps, Devils hand, Purple Rhodactis Mushroom, Green Rhodactis Mushroom, Electric Green Rhodactis Mushroom, Purple\Blue Mushroom, Watermelon Mushroom, Magenta Mushroom, Camo mushroom, Orange and Purple Yuma, Green Rainbow Yuma, Orange Rimmed Rhodactis Mushroom, ---Zoas\Palys--- Gobstoppers, eagle eyes, nuclear winters, green bay packers, armor of the gods, Armageddons, Mary janes, emerald sunrise, sherberts, Hawaiian ding dangs, Kiwi Crush, Mohawks, passion orange guava, punk rockers, Utter chaos, Magicians, R.Gorilla Nipples, Tubbs Blues, Mind Blowing Palys, Blue Eyed Monsters, LA Lakers, Pink and Golds, GI Joe palys, Fire and Ice, ---Macro Algae--- Chaedomorpha, Sawtooth, Feather, Grape, Red Grape, Prolifera, Red Gracilaria, A whole lot more I am neglecting to mention or am not up to fragging, unless I have some incentive.
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    Thanks you very much. You are no slouch behind a lense yourself. Love the Naso pic.
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    Very nice! I've always wanted to build a stand but didn't have the patience for it. Great work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I finally broke down and just ordered my new OR Arctic T247 light for my tank as soon as it arrives I will be moving my tank to a stand and getting it all set up Cant wait for my light to show up
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