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    This has to be one of the best treads ever (laugh) I'm hitting refresh every few minutes looking for the next installment.
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    give some rep this way then
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    Neg points for "treads"!
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    so is there more to viewing ones' own rep than seeing the number under our name?
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    Bottom left corner-not under there name-Neg points to you for misinforming I still cant leave you neg points because(flame) I need to spread some rep around DOH! what a bunch of *******
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    Then why can I see your names above your avatars? I'm offended!
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    par condicio. you have been censored too E merald525
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    I have finally converted over my 120g tank to a chalice dominated system I currently have 36 chalice colonies (still not enough!) plus a few SPS and softies thrown in the mix. I have put names to ones that i know, others have no names unless you come up with a cool one! (naughty) I am running two 250w SE 20k radiums with icecap ballasts. One 4 bulb blue led for night time effect. For circulation im using a reefflo dart plumbed to an ocean motions 4 way closed loop. I also have once tunze pump in the tank and an ehiem 1260 for a return going though two seaswirls. I am running a knop calcium reactor and dose brs calcium and magnesium also. I am running a reef octopus with modded impellor I run a media reactor with carbon and phosphate remover 24/7. I also have a 5 gallon bucket of sand with slow water flow through it for nitrate removal since my tank is bare bottom Enjoy folks! worlds on fire chalice on left and golden chalice on right swamp fire chalice superman chalice roys chalice purple urkel chalice pastel chalice orange crush echinata tank right side tank right middle tank middle left tank left side alien eye chalice pastel and urkel unknown keylime mango morph baby emerald mummy eye unknown washington mummy eye miami hurricane / pumpkin patch pink sapphire on left and westside chalice on right paint splatter chalice oiab watermelon chalice golden eye chalice unknown unknown tank shots fungia fantastic frags chalice emerald mummy eye cornbred trash bubblegum mummy eye bubblegum monster on left and oregon mummy eye on right watermelon bandit chalice
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    Emerald525 needs to have neg rep points for abusing her power/authority to censor me. I tried to give her neg points but my the friendly feel good message I got was spread some more points before trying to leave some for her. Apparently she was one of the folks I gave positive rep points to last. For those unknowing Kim (Emerald "the cencorship dictator" 525) And I actually poke jabs at each other all the time so dont read into it ( but please leave her neg rep ponts) Or you can leave me neg points to, they are not something I will not stress about If you disagree please express why (so I can leave you neg points too) and dont be sad as I ran rampid posting neg points to everyone I run across I feel a storm brewing(scary) (cheer)(censored) (drinking)
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    Ok so I put this in the general dis. Due to the fact that its not an outrageous mod. Lol. And is a general to nano tankers. Ok due to not having enough funds for a nice skimmer. I bought an oceanic protein skimmer. So its not completely worthless in my books. I did an alright job. So I decided to mod it a bit. I went and got a top fin syphon, and cut about 5 inches off of it. I then cut the openings just before the wood stone open more to allow it to pull more water. Now I put it back together I'm thinking ill probably cut about 1.5" off tomorrow. But so far the contact between the water and bubbles has increased dramatically. And it foaming far more at the top then it ever has. In my opinion it was worth the 5 minutes of work. 10 bucks compared to the 30 they wanted for an acrylic tube that was 12 inches long...... I'll take a pic of the after math tomorrow. HTC EVO
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    positive rep points for that remark (rock2) Um neg points for this one-(scary) (backtotopic)
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    Not that I'm complaining but it's taken me almost 2 years to get up to 9 then in one day I go up to 11? At first I thought it went up every 100 posts (laugh)
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    Seriously though, how do you leave feedback?
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    I thought it was a prerequisite to pack heat. Its my god given right.
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    Hey to those oldies here: I saw a thread from a while back debating about the reputation system, skimmed through part of it, sounds like the consensus was to record positive and negative, but only show the positive. I recently got two negative reputation marks from one person who I haven't really seen around much and the comment about why they posted negative (for both) info didn't even make sense. I sent a PM to ask what the motivation was/what was going on, but haven't heard back (I'm guessing they only show up rarely). I'm leaving names out of it at this point, but how does this negative reputation thing work? it wasn't in itrader, wasn't about trading. just didn't like two posts I made (apparently). one was complaining that I didn't have experience with buying dry rock, so I shouldn't comment, but I made it clear in my post it was based on experience I've heard from other reefers. The other seemed like a total shot-in-the-dark attempted insult of the quality of my tank and suggesting that my comment shouldn't be listened to. I inherited a massive hair algae problem and cleaned it up with water changes, rock scrubbing, heavy skimming and herbivores, I shared that herbivores anda fuge are my biggest suggestions for fighting nuisance algae and the negative-feedback-comment simply attacked my tank as being a 'hair algae factory' and that i therefore apparently shouldn't have a say? it seems like I should be the perfect person to comment because I successfully battled the issue at hand... so what's the deal with the negative reputation stuff? who sees it? what does it affect? if it's baseless, is there some way to petition it?
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    I wouldn't even worry about it. People use their own judgement when dealing with others. Hey, your rep power is 12 and mine is only 2 . :eek:
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    I didn't say anything as I knew what he ment, I only wish Radiums made a 250w DE, I would buy stock in the company if that where the case, I think the would be INSANELY popular and probably the best selling bulb next to Phoenix...
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    Wow Roy your chalices look great and love the tank pics
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    Very cool!! Just recently had the chalice bug bite me pretty hard!
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    Nice Roy. Good to know where I get to go chalice shopping at now. I really think you need a nice size bird nest to shade some of them guys, hint hint.
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    wow! Nice tank shots roy! I definatley have to get a piece of that purple urkle whenever you frag it!
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    You click on the little star icon under the persons name. Sent from my BlackBerry 9630 using Tapatalk
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    Well that didn't work.
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    Hey who gave me points?!? Hell, now I probably got to write a few swear words to get it back down to 13.