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    In my opinion, it is the duty and obligation of all business owners to hire people who represent the ideology of their business. Bad seed or not, I think the employee represents the business when the owner is not around. If I'm going to spend money on this hobby (which I definitely am..), I want to spend it with someone who is honest and genuine rather than someone who believes that it's okay to lie to or deceive me. This forum has been by far the most educational resource on reefing. The amount of knowledge and experience shared is outstanding. For me, the advice given here holds more weight than some from the LFS's. I can fully understand not wanting any drama and store bashing; however, if someone on this forum was ill-treated or deceived by a LFS, I personally would like to know about it. A legitimate bad experience of another is education for us new guys. I think that Arsonmfg's post was a great leaning experience. I had no idea that you could dye Anemone, and my wife and I very well could have bought one unknowingly. We now know that this kind of thing occurs in some LFS's and we shall be more cautious. If this forum wants to hold some kind of feedback system that sharoleb described, then let's model it after the e-bay or amazon feedback system. Each LFS sponsor gets to be rated by members on a star[fish] system and is given a chance to respond to feedback. One could upload a photo of what was bought, perhaps what was paid for it, and any feedback s/he has on the product, specimen or business. I don't appreciate being misled or lied to. Particularly for a profit.