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    The flow thru the sump should match the GPH of your skimmer, especially in a SPS dominated tank. I would say both are too large.
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    There is a diffence between a concentrated blast continuously and a sweep. A wide flow one direction for 10 minutes then a flow for 10 minutes the other direction has worked well for me. One of the best tanks I ever had for growing coral was a closed looped 90 gallon with 5800 gph pump on it. That 90 gallon tank kept detritus/food suspended in the water column for fish and corals to eat and also kept corals clean also allowed my skimmer to work the way it was designed!
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    What size is your drain plumbing? That is really the only limiting factor here. I.E. You want to be sure the plumbing can handle the flow from the pump and as long as it does you should be fine.
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    I think its unfair for newbie reefers for sure when it come to flat worms but as far as it being a purple hornet or a purple bumble bee for that matter this is why all these retarded names is lame and you deserve to all get ripped off! your the reason this hobby is so expensive! Thanks all you Tyree wanna beeeeeees! hahahaha