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    Time for a serious topic!(laugh) Avatars! I was talking to Mandinga (Isaac) at the meeting and how when you haven't met a person you kind of picture the person to look like their avatar even though you know that's not them. So the point of this topic is choose wisely Here are some examples: Michael7979 I'm afraid to offend you you look scary!(scary) Coralreefer. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you so every time you post I imagine Floyd the Barber is talking to me!(laugh) Jackaninny when you post I imagine the nasally chipper twang of Ned Flanders and figure you start your posts with a hi dele ho!(laugh) J.R. it's hard to not smile with your posts even when you're being serious because I'm talking to a smiling fish!(laugh) And Lowman! You're avatar! Well.....(laugh)Rainbow Warrior! Beth actually thought this is what you really looked like! So remember to choose your avatars wisely!(laugh)
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    Thats cool, no wories Kim. Whenever we finally hook up. Do you guys still want to trade? I see you already got a piece of it.