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    Nope Myreef is accessed from the computer through the SID module. Cool Huh, The SID does need to be updated though but its FREE just send it in.
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    Beth wanted me to post pictures Beth wanted me to post pictures of the exploded heater. Send coral donations instead of flowers...
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    I am sorry to hear about your heater blowing up on you girls. It sure seems like there has been a lot of heater malfunctions as of late. This would of sure been a scary thing to happen if you weren't home, who knows what would of happened.
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    What brand of heater? I just installed (like 10 minutes ago) a new Finex titanium heater because I have heard so many horror stories about the Stealth heaters.
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    ack thats crazy!! I've had mine start sizzling cuz i forgot to turn it off when i was draining my sump but never explode. I would contact the company and be looking to get a new one. Toss the water too :/
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    Whoa, that's crazy! Isn't the point of titanium heaters that they *don't* explode? Glad it was just in your mixing barrel! Gillian
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    Eww not good I have never seen that happen got a picture?