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    Hey all! I have a bunch of Rose Bubble Tip Anemones in the tanks right now and need to get some of them gone. These are all true RBTA's and are as beautiful as they come! I have anywhere from 3"ers up to about 8-10" across. 2 different morphs are available. One morph has white stipes/striations through the body while the other is a real rich red rose bubble tip. $35 for the smaller guys on up to $60 for the larger ones. Get em while they last!!! Also have a beautiful Midas Blenny for $38. This guy is nice and large and bright yellow. Eats like a pig too. 2 Smaller Purple Tangs arrived a couple of weeks ago and are priced at $89 throught the end of the weekend. These guys are tougher to find, a great size, and are super beautiful. 3 McCoskeri Flasher wrasses are in as well! Kent 200g Salt Mix Buckets are $49 tomorrow as well!!! Tons more stuff and way to much to list but here is a start! Plus I have entire zoa colonies with about 150-250 polyps for $35-$55! These are all great colors and aren't the ugly browns and such that some can be. Tons of other corals, inverts and fish in to boot. Invertebrates: Hermits- Dwarf Blue Leg Hermits- Red Leg Hermits- Scarlet Hermits- Hawaiian Zebra Feather Duster- Carribean Feather Dusters- Giant Feather Dusters- Cocoworm, Colored Feather Dusters- Cocoworm, Colored XL Star- Sand Sifting Star- Brittle, banded Star- Serpent, banded Star- Chocolate Chip(not reef safe) Star- Linckia, Dalmation, Red Star- Linckia, Blue Star- Linckia, Orange Cucumber- Tiger Tail Sand Sifting Cucumber- Pink and Black Cuke Cucumber- Pink and Yellow Filter Feeding Cucumber- Sea Apple Slug- Sea Hair Anemone- Rose Bubbletip M Anemone- Rose Bubbletip L Anemone- Yellow Sand Anemone- Tube, Green Shrimp- Coral Banded M Shrimp- Coral Banded, Gold Shrimp- Peppermint Shrimp- Cleaner, Skunk M Shrimp- Cleaner, Skunk XL Shrimp- Fire, XL Shrimp- Pistol, Target Crab- Red Mithrix Crab- Emerald Crab- Sally Light Foot Snails- Astrea Snails- Nerite Snails- Margarita Turbos Snails- Mexican Turbos Snails- Zebra Turbos Snails- Jumbo Cerith Snails- Nassarius Obsellita Snails- Nassarius, Vibex L Snails- Nassarius, Tongan XL Snails- Trochus, Tiger/Red Banded Snails- Bumble Bee Conch- Tiger Sand Conch- Fighting Sand Urchin- Long Spine Urchin- Long Spine XL Urchin- Short Spine Urchin- Tuxedo, White Urchin- Tuxedo, Orange/Black Cowry- Money Clam- Squamosa, 3" Fish: Chromis- Green Damsel- Yellow Tail Blue Clown- True Percula, T.R. Clown- True Percula Show Cardinal- Bangaii Basslet- Royal Gramma Pseudochromis- Purple Pseudochromis- Bicolor Pseudochromis- Diadema Goby- Engineer, S Goby- Clown, Yellow Goby- Yasa Hashe Goby- Firefish, Red Goby- Firefish, Purple Goby- Yellow Watchman Goby- Wardi, Tiger Goby- Orange Spotted Sleeper Goby- Orange Marked Sleeper Goby- Decorated Sleeper Anthias- Disbar Dragonet- Scooter, Red Dragonet- Scooter Dragonet- Scooter, XL Dragonet- Mandarin,Target/yellow Dragonet- Mandarin, Psychadelic, XL Blenny- Lawnmower, Algae Blenny- Tailspot Blenny- Midas, L Rabbitfish- Scribbled- One Eye Tang- Yellow S Tang- Yellow M Tang- Sailfin M Tang- Nubilus Tang- Mimic, Half Black Tang- Mimic, Chocolate Tang- Vlamingi, S Tang- Vlamingi, XXL Tang- Blue Hippo, L Tang- Blue Hippo, XL Tang- Purple, S Tang- Purple, SM Angel, Potter's- Hawaiian Angel, Flame- Hawaiian L Filefish- Aiptasia Eating Wrasse- Fairy, Purple Velvet Wrasse- Flasher, McCoskeri Wrasse- Melanarus, Male Wrasse- Cleaner Eel- Snowflake Moray Pipefish- Dragonface, Australian I should be around most of the day tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week so toss me a pm, send me a text, or give me a call to set a time up to swing by!!! SO much nice stuff in right now!!!
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    Kim, we'll be there around noon, although you better be super nice to Jess for me waking her up that early in the morning LOL.
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    No worries, and the strap you are thinking about wont work, not for this job anyway
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    man to bad it wasn't today. i would help but i too cannot make it tomorrow. man all the vancouver flakes around here.DOH!
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    Would love to make it but its my last day at work for a week. Good luck. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
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    No, no it's not. ANYONE paying that much for ANY coral is crazy in my book.