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    Here are some photos with my Nikon 60mm macro lens. I'll have a new 200mm macro arriving next week, so I'll do some comparison photos once it arrives.
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    Here's a full tank time-lapse video showing my cleanup crew hard at work. (except for that one hermit crab that hitchhikes a ride on 3 different conchs...😂)
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    soak newspaper in vinegar, lay it on there. several hours later or overnight, wipe it off. or..... wait till it gets really bad then post it on craigslist for sale with a price that is 2x what it is worth. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Guess it was time to propagate the shrooms [emoji51] the two bounces were cut about 6 weeks ago. And one of the half’s got cut again tonight. The original one was huge! Oh and all the Jawbreakers got sliced too [emoji41] Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    Picked these up this morning, will work on some better photos after they have settled in to add to my tank thread.
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    How about 3lbs for .50 cent a lb. maybe I could bump it to four lbs. is the price firm?
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    Just some pics Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I have four tanks that I am looking to give to someone that would like to have them. I need to clear out space and it looks like I will never use them again as I once thought. I would love to get some frags in return if you have them but I am not looking for a lot. First come first served. I have a 75 gallon glass tank that was the sump on my 200 gallon tank until just recently. It needs to be cleaned up and have some of the partitions re-glued. It is a three chamber set up. I have a 75 gallon acrylic tank that I believe holds water fine. I have not had it full for some time. I used to sit in one of my classrooms to hold koi that I grew out from the summer spawning. Before that it was in another classroom growing Salmon fry. The third tank is a 40 gallon tank that comes with a black stand and a black canopy. This could be a great looking tank if you spent some time cleaning it up some. This is a nice looking setup that has not been used in several years. Finally I have what I think is either a 40 or a 55 gallon glass tank that again has not been used for some time. It is clean and will not need much to get it going. Feel free to call me directly if any of these tanks would be of interest to you. I would love to give them to someone that is part of the forum. My number is 360-921-5421 and you could call me or text me. I am located in Hazeldell area of Vancouver with easy access to either Hwy 205 or I -5 Share the Love!
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    @badxgillen took this picture of my seahorse tank and my harlequin shrimp while taking care of my tanks. Nice shot, Robert!
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    Sure, I could be sleeping, but instead I'm looking at my coral after the lights go off. It's amazing to see how some corals change at night. Look at the difference between my lobo during the day and when the tentacles extend at night:
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    ...a frag kit makes you look badass. That is something a test kit will never do... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    New mag arrived today! Nice yellow/green tips! Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    I told my wife I was going to frag the superman monti and she said it isn't big enough yet...I better leave it alone for now since she likes it. So...maybe check back with me in a few months or give Upscales a call and see if they have a piece.
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    Quick FTS purple Ritteri is doing well in the DT so far Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    Decided to go with my Sally instead, she came out as soon as I posted the first one.
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    Cuttlefish Dropped the actinics from 16k to 12k
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    Congratulations everyone ! Thanks Bert for running this thanks ! We have 5 prizes so most everyone gets something. I have most of the prizes but Mr. Bret has the ice cap ordered. I am going to pass on a prize since I was involved with organizing this. Here are the prizes Fragging kit 2 Ice cap spot temp and salinity tester Red Sea test kit No pox Total prize value 200 dollars !!
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    Well a big kudos to those who were able to hang onto those polyps these last few months and grow them out, they were a finicky bunch at times weren't they. On the final roster we had... Emerald 4 - 11, JMurray 5 - 7, Badxgillen 5 - 12, LewisFishermana 4 - 8, PDXmonkeyboy 4 - 11, Kev311 4 - 22, Jeremyeveans 6 - 12, KristenHerr 2 - 5, I will back rack some and double check but it is looking like the first place and grand prize goes too Kev311 With second/Third place tied by PDXmonkeyboy and Emerald. Congratulation too you all, anyone who still has their frag is a winner in my book. Thank you all for playing along with us, as always it was fun and insightful, until next time.
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    Some people might be getting tired of all my pistol shrimp videos, but this one really cracked me up! 😂 The shrimp was basically kicking buried snails out of his front yard. Eviction #1 at 0:15, eviction #2 at 3:50.
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    Not to say there aren’t other great shops in the Portland area. Just the closest to me that has quality and that I trust. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't know why I would pay $1/lb. wait, sorry, I don't know why I wouldn't pay $1/lb. hope that clears it up. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Wow and I thought I was an [language filter] Why sell the rock Holly ? just set up another tank.............you know you want to