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    I've mentioned it to a few of y'all, but I got a new tank in the works. Custom sump and tank are still a couple weeks away, but I got the stand today. So I figured I may as well show that thing off. Stand was built by forum member Scott (@Spectra). He did an amazing job on it. It's 2" rolled steel. Welds and seams look immaculate. I went with a 40 inch height because I like to make life hard on myself as I reach around inside the tank [emoji3][emoji3] Seriously though, I really like the taller appearance and it'll make the tank sit at a better height for viewing. Stand is 97" x 37" (tank is 96x36 not including trim). Tank will be 24" tall for a total of 360 gallons. It is being built by Custom Aquariums out of Wisconsin. Shout out to Jeff at CNC for helping see that order through. Sump is being built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. It will be 60 x 22 x 16 for max capacity of 85 gallons. Probably operate with a third of that, of course. I will create a thread for the tank and sump once they arrive, but for now here's some stand pictures. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Not like some pets.... Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I'm working on a series of Apex programming tutorials. Starting this Monday, I'll be posting one tutorial per day on the following topics: Monday - Timers: OSC, If Time, DOW, Defer, When, and Min Time Tuesday - ATK programming and troubleshooting Wednesday - Power Monitoring Thursday - Virtual Outputs Friday - Alarms Saturday - Feed Cycles Sunday - Lunar Schedule and Lighting Profiles After this series, if there are any specific topics you'd like covered, let me know.
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    Just sharing some highlights from a crazy week of orders.
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    I snapped a few photos tonight after lights out with my UV flashlight. It always amazes me how different corals look at night.
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    Hey folks! Thanks for the kind words but I must make one correction: I'm not the head director, only the Research Aquarist and manager of the Aquatic Animal Teaching Lab. In many ways, my job's a lot better than the Director's, i.e. many, many fewer excruciating meetings to attend. (I despise meetings and actively cultivate that reputation.) All that aside, looking very much forward to hosting the meeting, seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new ones. Bert has wisely moved the traditional start time back, which will make it a lot easier for you folks to haul yourselves out of bed on a Saturday, hop in the car and head out to the coast! See you folks in a month! 🐠 Sid
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    Even though I am unable to make it to most meetings, I am continually impressed by the investment of so many members of this community. Look at any one of the images posted here and you see the work that went into the food, the planning, the set up, the organization, the raffles, the community and professional relations, the clean up and the planning for the next meeting the following month. To those who work so hard to make these events and this community work so well and provide so much fun, you may occasionally think that no one notices all the planning and effort it takes to makes this stuff happen. However, I and most of the rest of us do and very much appreciate your investment in this community. To the officers and everyone else who plan, cook, organize, set up and implement these incredibly cool events, we thank and salute you! Next time you see one of these folks, thank them and buy them a drink. They've earned it. /Cheers, folks! 🍻
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    Thanks to all of you who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending and protecting people you don’t even know. Thanks to all those who have served and continue to serve and the sacrifices you have made as well. I can’t imagine being somewhere where bombs and bullets may be going off around me. You all have my respect !
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    Pets think they’re helping, but they’re not.
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    My first wrasse stayed buried for about 4 days straight. We turned it into a game:
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    I have a 1966 mustang, I’ve had since I was 16. Was my first car. I’ve been working on it for the last 2-3 years, after it sat for quite some time. I converted it from a straight six car to a small block v8. Anyone else play with old cars?
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    Happy father's day everyone! I think it's a great day to introduce ReeFi Daddy Longlegs. I think I might need to trademark this. Hehe 1 more hour till the 4th leg is done. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Finally! I've entered so many POTMs I've lost count. I just want to thank everyone who has supported me through the years, and saw potential when others scoffed. I would also like to thank my wonderful family for their never-ending support, quiet encouragement, and keeping me humble. Most of all, I'd like to thank @Jorge for losing. I love you man. I'll work on my acceptance speech some more to present at the next club meeting. This is just a first draft...
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    ...and we're back, how was movie night, y'all? [emoji12] Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    Coral and chill? 😂
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    Well i didn't want to play but fine, lol. Hello my name is Bret. It's been 1h and 35minutes since my last drink.....i mean floor flood. Sometimes the end of the day gets busy 🕹️
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    This morning I looked in my tank and saw my Clownfish in an Anenome! It happened a lot faster than I thought, I've only had them about 6 weeks and they've never paid attention to any of the anenomes. About three days ago I placed a small rock with a couple small anenomes on it in their sleepy spot to see if maybe they would eventually go for it, I really thought it would take a lot longer. Sorry crappy pic, lights were out. The smaller Clown really gets himself wedged in that nem lol. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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    For the past week I have not been able to find ANY aiptasia in my tank or sump. I think I can officially call this experiment a success! I feel bad for the nudibranchs because I'm sure they starved and I haven't seen any signs of them for some time, but they accomplished their mission admirably. It took roughly 3 months. If any of you have an aiptasia problem, I'd highly recommend this solution. You just have to be patient as they quietly do their work every night.
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    Was waiting for Bert@badxgillen to do a write up, but I understand, life can get extremely busy. So, thought I'd just post some pics of the party. If all of you have pictures to share, please do so... Thanks! Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    It's only money, "IF" you have the money[emoji6] Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    I snapped a few shots:
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    Finally switched out my tank for the Waterbox 20 cube I won in the raffle. Everyone loving it except the pistol shrimp, he lost all his work. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Give a standing ovation to our May Picture of the Month Winner: Gil&Fin
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    It's that time again Folks!!! The Annual Hatfield Marine Science Center meeting is at hand! June is a wonderful month to get out to our lovely Newport Coast to have an amazing educational presentation, killer barbecue, and a great time on the beach. Come and hang out with the rest of us PNWMAS crew this next month at our Newport Coast! The head director Sid wanted me to mention that he had a couple surprises for us in store such as... a back of the house tour for those who have not been behind the scenes before, an on-site cookout w/ refrigeration available for anyone, picnic tables, restrooms and prep space available, and an informative presentation in his lab. It's always a lovely day for a drive to the coast on these warm summer Saturdays. Take a gander at some of our previous years gatherings, education, exciting, and fun all rolled into one. Microscope slides of protazoans and parasite. A glimpse at the complete inner workings of the HMSC quarantine center. and a possible hands on health workshop demonstration, this one was done on their resident giant wolf eel a couple years back, that was awesome!.. And what a trooper. Nothing like this all year until now, the annual Hatfield Marine Science Center meeting. Where - 2030 SE Marine Science Dr, Newport, OR 97365 When - June 22nd 1:00 PM until the BBQ is done... What - An educational trip with the facilities director Sid! And a great time to hang out with the rest of us PNWMAS crew, all while on our wonderful summer time coast line in the pacific north west's back yard. Whoop Whoop!!!
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    Just wanted to give a shout out to John here. Another shining example of his amazing organizational skills, tech savvy, and incredible generosity in sharing his skills and hard work. I, for one, and greatly benefiting from his knowledge and generosity. Three cheers for John! Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Also some insane Acros
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    Sounds like a familiar trend... falling in head first. Please empty your bank account at the first opportunity What part of town are you in?
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    I Like this guy because he's the perfect size and bright eyes 🤩
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    This is my newest addition to the tank thanks to Jeff @CuttleFishandCoral
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    Mesmerizing beautiful dive in the Philippines
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    Haven't done this in a while, but it worked in years past as a great way to diversify one's collection. So... let's do this with Beautiful Chalices. 8 people sign up, meaning you should get as many as 7 new high end chalices. Here is how this works. If you have some good sized chalices that you can divide into 7 frags, AND they are NICE colorful quality chalices, then you are eligible(you can use 2 different chalices if you don't have one large enough to make 7 frags). Send me the name AND a pic of your chalice for approval! If you know it's nice, then just post it in this thread:) If you aren't sure, send to me. Minimum size of .75” with 1 eye, Healed(frag it now!). Oh, and no duplicates, meaning if someone else already signed up to frag OME(hahaha!)then you need to submit a different chalice. We will all meet and exchange chalices with one another at a pre-set time/location(probably a local reef shop). Meetup Location: TBD - Portland Likely, unless southerners have all the chalices! We shall see! Date/Time for meetup: TBD - tentatively set for June 29, 2019. I, unfortunately, have to be the gatekeeper, so please submit to me the chalice you are fragging, then I will sign you up! We have done this in the past with SPS, but never with a chalice. So why not? 1-Mandinga - Oregon Mummy Eye 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- So dig deep and break out those stunners and let's make this one bada$$ swap! **Oh, and if we end up only getting 5 people, then 5 it is...but the max is 8. So don't sit on the fence and cherry pick(you know who you are!), jump on board because your super awesome submission could bring another fence sitter to the table! Let's go! Here is my submission:
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    As a general rule, 98% of what I say is humor based. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Well lets just say that that Cinco De Mayo celebration was one of the best ever at Cuttlefish and Corals. The massive turnout of people who attended were greeted by the pleasant aromas of authentic Mexican food, sights of beautiful corals, and the friendly banter of fellow hobbyists. This was a day that I am glad I did not miss. Culinary wizard Sirena setting up the delectable dishes before opening.Her and Scott spent a number of hours working days before the actual event preparing such a feast, and it was wonderful. To have things run so smoothly with so much going on there needed to be some delegation of tasks. Emerald, Gill&Fin, Jeremevans, and Albertareef syncing clocks for operation CNC De Mayo!.. Just kidding, raffle ticket sales, and coordination were on their minds right here. Seen standing here manning the group buys area is Lexinverts, in the Poma Lab shirt, and next to him is the Flash. So many people showed up early to lend a hand showing great community camaraderie. The amount of raffle prizes was vast and with all the proceeds going to a great cause it was a great time to throw down a little more cash and feel good about it. Maybe an hour after opening the store started filling up! I see Eclipse in there amongst the crowd and ReefNJunkie in the background holding down the fort. Needles to say that the booming music and festive atmosphere attracted a ton of people from all around. FlashyFins, Stylaster, and Gumby from up north. JackTheReefer and Bubbles getting the game plan going, it's gonna be busy that's for sure. HigherThinking doing some higher thinking about his new huge custom tank build. Mark admiring one of Cuttlfish and Coral's displays, this is the one with the Crinoid in it as well as some high roller corals and fish. SunCrestReef with some camera gear, as usual, knowing that today there will be many good subjects for a photography session. Snappy having a good time! A good looking reef tank can have this effect on people like us. The Clark and his daughter stopped in for a while to pick up some goodies. PDXMonkeyBoy just working hard slinging out those corals! Kudos to you and Holly for the huge contributions to that day. You Da Man! Had to include a few shots of some familiar and unfamiliar faces. Here you may know this coral caper as the ZorroReef. So many people having a great time! Just look at Optimus Prime in the background getting in on this fun photo. Youcallmenny trying for the duck and cover tactic...Or maybe it was just so packed with people at the time this was the only shot I got. It was hoppin that's for sure. WhatTheFrag in the mix getting his reef on, those group buys were killer weren't they!? On the left here we have the main man Jeff, owner of Cuttlfish and Corals and host of the day. Here he is doing what he does, informing people on the livestock in the shop and finding what suits their personal needs. He likes what he does and is very good at it which makes all the difference in the works when it comes to the marine hobby trade. Like others with passion he has come a long way over the years. Not just the inside was packed but so was the front of the building with the raffle tables, Reefrun getting those tickets in before the numbers are called. And the back of the building were the food was in full effect! There were three tents in the back and all of them were used, it was a super nice an sunny day making the outdoors even more appealing.You can kinda see Spectra to the far right just grilling meats like a mad man over the BBQ. He does an amazing job, along with SIrena who is right behind him in this shot. Soooo many people! Just mobbing the CNC parking lot! Reefer ran and owned! And as usual a couple of gratuitous coral pictures. And lets not forget about this little guy, wish he would come in front of the tank for a better shot but he wasn't feeling the Spanish vibe I guess. A HUGE thank you to all who made it happen, especially Kim, Sirena, Scott, and Scott! So much work involved in these things. Much respect. And Thank You to Jeff and the Cuttlefish crew for having all of us out and getting together such a huge raffle pool for the charity. All in all, outstanding!
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    Growing great at several spots in the tank. I'm attaching a picture of the whole tank. I have a gyre 130 horizontal across the left and gyre 130 perpendicular on the right. Fair amount of flow.
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    I guess I could share since angels are my all time fav! Tank is a bit neglected but they seem to enjoy the algae.
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    I do have a ton of pictures but unfortunately I have been super busy with my business, pond season, and family medical issues again. I assure you all that I have plenty of photos that I will share here shortly. Thanks for getting it in motion my friends, it was a great time.
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    I have a 71 Chevy stepside. I have had it since I was 19 (15 years). It came with an in-line 6 and 3 speed. I swapped a 350 and 4 speed when I got it. Now I’m saving for an LS swap and 6 speed. Also doing a qa1 Coilover suspension this fall. I’ll have this one forever but my dream car is a 68 camaro
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    This is a pretty interesting article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/10/science/coral-reefs-mapping-biodiversity.html
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    I'll be honest, this is one of the few places to exchange thoughts and ideas that don't have to be swamped in politics. Sure would be nice to keep it that way. Particularly because not everyone shares your opinions. I think we can all agree it's nice to have a politics free place to hang and chat. At least I think that's the case anyway. Reef on! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Today's topic -- Timers: OSC, If Time, DOW, Defer, When, and Min Time One of the most common tasks in reefing is to turn on and off a device on a specific schedule, whether that’s based on time of day, a repeating cycle of a number of minutes or hours, or on specific days of the week. The Apex gives you a number of choices on how to program outputs based on timers, each with a specific purpose: OSC: A repeating On/Off interval, where you specify the number of minutes & seconds to be ON, and the number of minutes and seconds to be OFF If Time: Turn on or off between specific times on the clock, down to the minute DOW: Turn on or off based on the day of week Defer: A delay of time in minutes and seconds to wait before turning on or off When: A failsafe to switch an output from AUTO to OFF if it has been on or off for longer than specified in minutes and seconds. Requires manual intervention to reactivate the automatic programming. Min Time: A delay of minutes and seconds before the output is allowed to turn on or off, regardless of the programming conditions Some of these timers can be combined to achieve unique requirements, such as to turn on a pump every day from noon until 1pm, except for Saturday and Sunday. Let’s look at examples for each of these timers: OSC The OSC (short for Oscillation) command is great for turning things on and off in a repeating cycle. It uses three separate timers: OSC MMM:SS/MMM:SS/MMM:SS Then [ON/OFF/Profile] The timers define Delay before first run / Time to run / Delay until next run The maximum value you can specify for any one of the timers is 999:99, which equates to 16 hours, 39 minutes, 59 seconds. Here are a few examples: OSC 000:00/005:00/005:00 Then ON This would turn on the output for 5 minutes, then turn it off for 5 minutes, and repeat indefinitely: OSC 000:00/007:00/002:00 Then ON This would turn on the output for 7 minutes, then turn it off for 2 minutes, and repeat indefinitely: OSC 007:00/002:00/000:00 Then ON This would wait for 7 minutes, then turn on the output for 2 minutes, then turn it off for 0 minutes. It would then repeat the 7 minute off, 2 minute on cycle. One reason to use the initial delay would be to stagger two different outputs so they don’t run at the exact same time, such as dosing pumps. The odd thing about the initial delay timer is that it calculates from midnight of January 1, 1996. If your timer values added together are evenly divisible into 1440 (24 hours), then your output will always come on at the same times each day. If they are not divisible into 1440, then each day will be slightly different, and you’d have to do some interesting math to figure out when it would turn on on any given day. My personal example: I use the OSC command to activate my Swabbie skimmer neck cleaner every six hours. The Swabbie has a motor that rotates the cleaning wiper in the skimmer neck very slowly, so it needs to run for about 2 minutes to thoroughly wipe all the crud from the neck. Here is the programming for my Swabbie output: Fallback OFF OSC 000:00/002:00/358:00 Then ON If Output EB_3_Skimmer = OFF Then OFF The first line — Fallback OFF — instructs the Apex to turn off this output if the Apex ever gets disconnected from the Energy Bar where the Swabbie is plugged in. This could also apply if the Apex locks up and becomes unresponsive (which rarely happens). This just basically means don’t run the program if the Apex unit isn’t in control of the situation. The OSC timers in this example are: 000:00 = zero minutes from midnight until the first run 002:00 = two minutes of actual run time 358:00 = 5 hours & 58 minutes to delay until the next run The third line disables the Swabbie from running if my skimmer is off. This would prevent it from rotating accidentally if I’m performing maintenance on the skimmer or if it’s off during a feed mode. Since my timers multiplied by 4 = 1440, my OSC timers trigger the Swabbie at the same times each day: Midnight, 6am, noon, 6pm. If Time If Time is used to turn on or turn off an output between a range of time: If Time HH:MM to HH:MM Then [ON/OFF/Profile] The If Time command is much simpler than OSC, but it does have a few intricacies to be aware of: The times can only be specified in hours and minutes (in 24 hour format), so it is not as granular as the OSC command which goes down to minutes and seconds. A very important thing to know is that the beginning time and ending times are inclusive. For example: Set OFF If Time 10:00 to 10:01 Then ON will turn on the output at 10:00 and turn it off at 10:02: This means that the shortest duration you can run an output using If Time is actually two minutes. You cannot specify the same value for the start and end times, so 10:00 to 10:00 is invalid. If you want to use If Time for a shorter duration, it would need to be combined with the Defer statement: Set OFF If Time 10:00 to 10:01 Then ON Defer 001:00 Then ON This will cause it to wait until 10:01 to turn on, then turn off at 10:02. effectively giving you a 1 minute timer: I’ll explain Defer in more detail in the next section. Another tip for If Time is that you can span midnight with your start and end time. For example, I run my refugium light on the opposite schedule from my display tank lights: Set OFF If Time 18:00 to 08:00 Then ON DOW The DOW (Day Of Week) command can be used to turn on or off and output based on the day of week. If DOW SMTWTFS Then [ON/OFF/Profile] The letters for each day of the week are placeholders, and if you substitute one with a hyphen, then that day will evaluate False and the output will not be triggered for that day. For example: Set OFF If DOW SM-W-FS Then ON This would turn on the output every day except for Tuesday and Thursday DOW is particularly useful when combined with the If Time command. Let’s say you want to run a circulation pump once per day for an hour every day except on Saturday when you are doing maintenance: Set OFF If Time 12:00 to 12:59 Then ON If DOW ------S Then OFF Remember from my introduction section that the last line of programming that evaluates True will dictate what the output does. In this example, the If Time command is true from 12:00 to 12:59, but the DOW command will evaluate True only on Saturday since that’s the only placeholder not replaced with a hyphen. Defer Defer is used to delay taking action on an output for a period of time. Defer MMM:SS Then [ON/OFF] This command is different than other ON/OFF commands because it’s actually delaying the outlet from changing from off to on, or from on to off, for the specified amount of time. In the above example using If Time where we need the output to turn on for less than 2 minutes, but If Time can’t do that, so the Defer delay was used to prevent the output from turning on until the 1 minute delay elapsed. Defer is particularly useful when basing an output on the reading of a probe or sensor. For example, if you have a float switch in your sump to trigger your ATO pump when the water is low, but the water surface has small ripples that can cause the float switch to go up and down with the water movement, it could trigger your ATO pump on and off rapidly for no valuable reason. To prevent this, the Defer command can be used to wait for the float switch to provide a consistent reading for a period of time, ensuring that the water really is low enough to justify turning on the ATO pump: Set OFF If Float1 Open Then ON Defer 000:10 Then ON In this example, the float switch needs to continuously report Open for 10 seconds before the pump will actually be turned on. Once the float switch first reports Open, the Defer countdown timer begins. If after 3 seconds the float switch reports Closed, then the timer is reset to 10 seconds. A good analogy for Defer is the shot clock in NBA basketball. (sorry to those non-basketball fans reading this). Once your team has the ball, you have 24 seconds to make a shot. If the ball doesn’t touch the rim, the ball is turned over to your opponent. But if you do make a shot that hits the rim but doesn’t go in, the shot clock is reset and you have another 24 seconds to try again. The Defer is just a countdown timer that once it expires, the output can then change state. To take our float switch example one step further, I’ll add another Defer to handle the situation when the ATO pump is adding water and the float switch finally reports Closed due to the rising water level. Since there are still ripples on the water surface, it might toggle between Open and Closed several times before it finally settles in on Closed. Set OFF If Float1 Open Then ON Defer 000:10 Then ON Defer 000:10 Then OFF Defer statements can be placed anywhere in the list of programming lines because they apply to the output itself and are not part of what evaluates as True or False. Another way to represent this is: Set OFF If Float1 Open Then ON — — — — — — — — — — — Defer 000:10 Then ON Defer 000:10 Then OFF (don’t put the dashes into your program….this is just a visualization) The program is above the dashed line, and the last line to evaluate as True dictates how to set the output state. The Defer statements are then controlling how long to wait before setting the output state. When The When command is very unique in Apex programming. It is used to switch an output’s tile from AUTO to OFF if a condition is met. It is most commonly used for ATO pump programming, since a failed optical switch or float switch could allow the ATO pump to continue flooding your sump with fresh water, harming your tank inhabitants and flooding your home; or perhaps the ATO reservoir is empty and the pump continues to run dry. Once triggered, the output is forced into manual OFF mode and the programming will no longer operate until you manually move the slider back to the AUTO position. Using our ATO pump example from above, here we add the When command. This assumes that our ATO pump should never need to run for more that 3 minutes straight under normal evaporation conditions. Set OFF If Float1 Open Then ON Defer 000:10 Then ON Defer 000:10 Then OFF When ON > 003:00 Then OFF Like the Defer commands, When may be placed anywhere in the list of programming lines. I tend to place Defer and When commands at the end for ease of reading and troubleshooting. Min Time The Min Time command is similar to Defer, but with a distinct difference: Defer - will delay an outlet from changing its state for a specified period of time Min Time - will ensure an outlet stays in its current state for a minimum period of time In other words, the output must remain in the specified state for the specified period of time, regardless of the conditions listed in the output programming. Again, the most common example of Min Time is for the ATO pump. Rather than having it turn on and off every few minutes as dictated by the float switch for the slightest amount of evaporation, you can force it to run less frequently even though that means it needs to pump water a bit longer. Set OFF If Float1 Open Then ON Defer 000:10 Then ON Defer 000:10 Then OFF When ON > 003:00 Then OFF Min Time 060:00 Then OFF This tells the output to remain Off for at least 60 minutes. Once that timer expires, the specified programming commands will operate again as normal. Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful. Stay tuned for tomorrow's topic -- ATK programming and troubleshooting -- which builds on what I covered today.
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    Here's an updated video of my Reefer XL 425. I'm pretty happy with how things are looking lately!
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    You are correct!! Hard at work getting stuff moved in and set uoup
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    I'm over by Tryon Creek if that is closer. I think its 1.5 beers per hole isn't it?
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    I've not kept these critters, so take my input with a large, economy-sized grain of salt. If you've had this shrimp for four years, you are undoubtedly doing something right. Surely, there are essential nutrients in live tube foot tissue that this animal will need in the short- and long-term. I've heard of folks buying a few Chocolate and/or Linckia Stars and chopping off a ray occasionally, allowing it to regrow before harvesting another. A far more ethical solution, IMHO, would be developing a small network of PNWMAS members with a bounty of Asterina Stars, harvesting a few handfuls from each display, (I used a net each morning when the lights came on) and setting up a 10- or 20-gallon tank dedicated for them. Then, you could induce fission with a scalpel or paring knife and have a near-everlasting supply with a minimum of effort. You'd be helping them out, too. Or, you could loan this critter out as a hired assassin to trusted colleagues with good WQ and no predators and let this critter feast on their Asterinas and molt before rotating back to your tank. Everyone wins on that deal, too. If it were me, I'd go with the dedicated Asterina mini-tank model. Easiest to implement and you'd pretty much have a reliable supply of the stars at all times. Hope this was helpful!
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