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    The March meeting at Holly's was - a - BLAST!!! Frag Swaps, Coral Sales, and Reef Talk! Good Company, Fine Food, and Great Raffles! I was a great day for sure! The people who have seen Holly's setups know that there is plenty to admire and look at, she does a fantastic job at keeping things nice and proper, but for those who did not make it to the meet or have never been over, here are a few shots of part of her systems. This display is crisp and clean, full of beautiful colors and motion. The Hammer forest and Fungia patch are pretty impressive. And I would say these frag racks are stocked and loaded, there is much to be had here but I know how things go fast so save me one for later yeah. The club was generous enough to provide sandwiches, chips, and drinks to All who attended. It's really nice to just have all the refreshments and finger foods available, cause when I look at coral, I can get pretty hungry, and there as alot of coral. Thank you Albertareef and Gil&Fin for making that all happen, I know there is always some foot work involved in making accommodations for the club. When I got to Holly's I was a little early for presentation setup, but Emerald and Albertareef were already there getting the raffles ready to go. What A Team. These two are very organized and on top of their game, like pros. Get your name tag and raffle ON here!.. And speaking of raffles. LewisFisherman knows whats up! Even wearing the proper attire for the raffle at hand. We had some very nice prizes here. PIA git certificates, Sea Horse Exchange Gift certificate, TPA $50 certificate,Rod's Food pack, an Echotech MP 40, and a BRS dosing system with chemicals. Hot Dam! OptimusPrime coming in and getting those tickets in, MP40 my friend, or the certificates? Love the shirt by the way, I have some VW Zoas, good guy... Prime and Vance. The room for the presentation was great, we filled it with chairs on the sides and there was actually a raised area overlooking the room that I am standing in taking this picture. Lexinverts helped me with some pointers on my presentation and got the system connected and running on the display. Thank you very much man, I would not say I am a computer savvy individual and you just run through it... Meanwhile, downstairs where the tanks are located... So many faces I had not seen upstairs yet, the downstairs was Hoppin! I even think I see DarkAngel and Cuttlefishandcorals in back there. Kai, how you doing guy? Whatcha all Lookin at there Tesch!? Oh, that's right, the $10 coral rack is Loaded! Might want to take a step back and a deep breath...and get the cooler, there is some nice stuff in there. Lotsa of familiar faces and a few new ones too. Stylaster and Carissa came down from Washington to the meeting, happy you two could make it, good company here. I have a frag rack I am going to setup just for you Roy, get a couple chalices healed up for you, always nice to be in good with the man who runs Pacific Corals. And speaking of the Man, Jeff from Cuttlefish And Corals was in the House! Awesome guy with and awesome shop. I hear we will all be seeing you soon my friend, so maybe I can catch up with you then, I only got a few sentences in with you before I got caught up in something else again. Looking forward to seeing what you have in stock, always a treat. And in the same room I got to meet Kevin and his family. It was great talking with you, sounds like you have a good sized system coming along. If you are not too far off of the path one day I can come by and pay you and your tank a visit. Always like seeing other systems. FlashyFins in the bright and vivid colors we find some of our favorite exotic wrasses in. A member of our BOD who does her part in the behind the scenes work here at the club. Lexinverts left and Danlu right. Lex is our Vendor Relations Officer here at PNWMAS and an avid reefer. Danlu is a sponsor of the clubs with his Reefi light and is coming up with a few new product lines here in the near future. Keep us posted Daniel. HigherThinking sporting the black and orange, yeah yeah. Looking forward to a much needed hang out session, I bet the house and tank are looking good. Thanks for the frag too man, You know I will return the favor yeah. Here we have PDXMonkey left, one of the DIY guys that's good at what he does. And then another generous builder,Spectra on the right. Scott is also good in his trade, currently spending some of his free time making a light rack for a Tanks For Teachers tank, what a guy. And yet another cool shirt, Old School man. Exodus has been putting together a top notch system and from what I have seen the results are already showing. Looking forward to coming by and seeing the tank all maturing and growing. Center in this picture putting smiles on peoples faces, is Gumby. I wanted to chat with you, Roy, and Cherany about the upcoming fragfest but I found myself bouncing all over at this meeting. There will be a nest time though, be sure, and I still need to come by and see your display one day. Here is Ron and the wee one, getting another generation interested early is never a bad idea. Maybe I can make it a "Tank Tour" in Albany when I come by and chat with Nick and Brian here soon, get to come say hello. Zoorreeef, left, chatting it up with Lexinverts. Super happy to hear you are back in the game man, can't stay away too long right!? I know it was super weird that I didn't show up with coral to trade this meet but be sure I will have some next time man, so Save me an eclectic shroom yeah. Looks like he knew I had my camera out, Jack the Reefer here.I almost wanted to roll up on the pico contest, but I am out of counter space of my own at home...Maybe I can convince the misses to start one up. Anyhow, it was nice seeing you, it had been a while. Flash and family here. Everyone was so nice and well mannered... And thanks a bunch for helping with some of the presentation aftermath/breakdown, every hand is appreciated, were glad you're part of the club Whoa, Whats That President!? Presentation time and then Raffles!? They are on it! Our Team is Amazing! Getting all this in order is no easy task, Emerald here just KILLs it! Everyone getting ready for that sweet raffle, PetVet, right, has tickets in hand like a pro. I try and remember my beginning and end numbers but it never works and I have to look anyways. Eventually the doser and the pico went into the lucky hands of... NewReefer!!! Yeah BUDDY! What a score! You thinking about getting in on that Pico Competition? It was nice meeting you, we hope to see you at future meets yeah. Had to include one of the many laughing pics I captured. Youcallmenny center right and Lewisfisherman far right just having fun and Albertareef front trying not to laugh while working. Love IT! Just the act of the raffle causes explosive Cheer! And Finally, the suspense of the final draw is thick, I want an MP40 but so does everyone else. Gill&Fin was hoping to be holding the winning ticket but... OOOOHHHH!!!! UUUUNNGH!!! MP40 for Paratore! Congratulations Man, I know you got a spot for that beast. Very Cool! That thing will put some wind in your sail that's for sure. Traler man left, and Kai were close in the raffle, but no cigar. Me either, but it was fun yeah. Now Obviously I wasn't able to take a picture of my own presentation but I plan on revising it and making it available for everyone. This is a picture of everyone starting to gather, after this I had to put my camera down but imagine there were other folks taking pictures so I am hoping they share some here at some point. Thank you to those who attended the presentation I did, hopefully it wasn't all old news to you and the end impact of everyone doing their part in prevention went home with you. Thank You for having me out, it was fun. Now, Kinda off topic but... And earlier I mentioned the upcoming Pico Contest so I felt it was relevant to post this little pico I saw at Holly's house.... Isn't it "Cute'? I actually like the protruded rock face, it reminds me of that Iwagumi style. And another couple of cool off topic shots I caught. Look at Daniels son working those crawling and climbing muscles, welcome to the club buddy...Where's your name tag little man? Not sure if this was when Cody won the MP40 or when Newreefer won the pico tank...Or if it was just kids being kids. Darcy left sees something going on to so I guess I just missed it myself. If anyone else out there was taking photos and has some good ones, I encourage you to share them here on this thread or in another. I can't be everywhere all the time so I know I missed out on tons of stuff. Please and Thank You in advance. And now my usual final message of THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for opening your home o the club Holly, you are an amazing host and your layout fit the meets needs so well, it was truly wonderful. Thank You to the Officers and Board Of Directors who put all those unpaid hours into behind the scenes work making the events happen. And Thank You to the club members, whom without there would be no group we love and call PNWMAS. You All Rock, Reef On!!!
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    Just wanted to give a shout out to some team members that are a part of the pnwmas family. bubbles aka Kai is rocking the social media/auctions/web and is an amazing employee jorge, rocking it big time. Wouldn’t know what to do without u. Reefnjunkie, my rock. Jack the Reefer, super excited to have u starting full-time next week. Holly, I thank my lucky stars every day for having u part of my life. Shane and Micahai aren't on here but they are much appreciated as well. A lot of other members that are amazing ambassadors that I’m lucky enough to call friends. 6 years after our original store opening and we are getting better every day. Thanks, everyone!
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    When: Sunday April 15 Time: 3 to 6 pm Where: Cuttlefish and Corals 6363 SW Capitol Highway Portland, OR What: BBQ and potluck!!Group buys galore ! Growout contest! Great raffles! We are having us a party!! We are breaking out the bbq grill and will be cooking up some burgers! Bring a side dish! Lots of great food! We have lots of great deals on group buys and you can find the links to them here ! There will be more and something for everyone ! There will also be a sps growout contest and you will pick up your frags this day! You know Jeff is going to be bringing in boxes of cherry picked corals with great deals for all of us!! He also has an amazing supply of fish and inverts! And as always we will have great raffle items!! Keep posted for more details !! This will be a blast !!!
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    Omg!! That was hands down the record for most attended meeting and @jtarmitage you were a winner as you scored the mushroom I was wanting! Dibs on the first baby it has ! It was wall to wall people !! Whoa!! I was boxed in a few times ! First time ever for a keg and Boneyard at that !! We even had a visit from @goldenbasketreef the Coral godfather himself Rudy! @Bubbles Thanks for your help with the sound system and what an amazing one it was ! I know who to call for an event now ! Shout our to @spectra for all the hard work with the food!! @albertareef and @Gil&Fin for the help with the rock flowers and the group buys. @Flashy Fins for help with the raffles! @Jack-the-reefer for bagging all those inverts @badxgillen and @Lexinverts and @Jorge for clean up !! And last but not least @CuttleFishandCoral for giving back! In case you were wondering most of the group buys were at Jeff’s cost. Thanks for the generosity!!It was a blast collaborating with you on this ! We are both crazy enough to shoot for the moon to make this most epic meeting happen! I said controlled mayhem and that’s exactly what we had !!! Thanks all for attending !!
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    I'm not sure I've ever posted a full tank shot of my tank. It's a mr aqua 12g long that I've had running for almost 5 years now. The tank is rimless and 36"x8"x8". I love the footprint on these tanks. Although it makes it harder to get a decent fts.
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    .... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Special Thanks to Scott for missing most of the meeting to keep burgers and dogs on the grill for everyone to eat!
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    Spent the day down in la buying amazing stuff for the meeting. This is going to be crazy and something u don’t want to miss. Epic meeting!
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    Have another great deal for this new product! Ecopora!! I saw this on Facebook so can’t take credit. Just drop in your tank under good flow and watch the colonies sprout up! Group Buy ends April 2! Price only 50 bucks for instant colonies !! Add Clownfish starter kit ( remember Sea Monkeys anyone ) for 20 dollars extra ! Just add water and you have instant clownfish!! Paypal is DoNOTpaypal@thisisaJOKE.aprilfools!
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    I was at the shop today (surprising, I know...) and that flame wrasse is AH-MAZE-ING. I have never seen such vivid colors. You can see it from across the room. The shop is packed with a lot of unique pieces right now, too. Would someone just buy that moon coral before I have to?! Definitely a good time to stop in. PS I picked up this adorable pygmy frogfish for my pico. I'm calling him Voldemort.
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    Well Contestants this is the official thread to post your Cuttlefish And Corals Zoa Grow Out entries! If you post your entry in another thread it will not count. Contest begins April 20th!You have a week before and a week after to post up your picture. This competition will run 4 months! Ground Rules: The goal of this competition is to be both educational and fun. I am hopeful the winners will be able to share their "secrets" and truly see how different lighting, supplements, dosing, and tank parameters can make a difference in growth. Rules and Guidelines for The CNC Zoa Grow Out Competition. 1.Your first post must include a quick write up of your system in thiis competition thread. Including tank size, flow, lighting, placement of the frag, frag measurement, equipment (ie calcium reactor, dosing, etc), feeding regiment, etc. 2. You will be required to post photo updates. The contest will start April 20th. You will be required to post a photo update once a month. I will remind you of this when the time is soon to post. I know life gets busy and people go out of town so you have a 2 week window to post.You will have 7 days before the 20th and 7 days after to post your update. If you do not post within the allotted time frame you will be disqualified. 3. Please no cheating. This competition is meant to be fun and for bragging rights. Cheaters will be disqualified and banned from any future competitions. 4. The frags must remain on the original plug. You may modify the plug if needed example cutting off the stem for placement. You may place the frag anywhere you want in your tank and you may move it to a different spot during the competition but it is frowned upon and you cannot move it to a new tank as the point is to see how the frag does over time in different systems. 5. Initial photos of frags need to have a top down as well as side shot so we can all see the frag and what you are starting with. No hiding zoa polyps in your photos. Not following the rules will cause you to be disqualified, I know that sounds harsh but it is out of fairness to the rest of the group. Remember a lot can happen in 4 months. During the last growout many were DQ'd due to not posting. It's really simple. JUST DO IT. Length of competition: The competition will run for 4 months. This will give us enough time for the frag to grow. A lot can happen in 4 months and a lot of people could drop out, so if you are persistent, you have a chance to win the grand prize. This will give EVERYONE the same advantage\disadvantage with acclimation and so on. Pictures will be required frequently for updates. Final post will be July 20th 2015 for the winner. Judging a winner: Should be pretty straight forward this grow out. The most polyps at the end wins. But the Grand Prize is... Not going to spoil it yet, you have to play our little game here. Our Standing List of Fine PNWMAS Contestants are... 1. Sharklover 2. Paratore 3. Kasasah 4. Lewisriverfisherman 5. Spectra 6. Reefnjunkie 7. Jtarmitage 8. Badxgillen 9. Optimusprime 10. MJs reef 11. Sroberts 12.Flash21 13. Emerald525 14.Jeremevans 15.Kristen Herr 16.TheClark 17. Kev 311 18. JMurray 19. Pdxmonkeyboy 20. Gil & Fin So lets see who is who among the competition, Who thinks they have a chance against some of PNWMAS finest coral growers? Post em up and lets get this party started. Featured here is the mother colony, not my grow out frag... Although mine might look like that in 4 months, I got the JUICE!!!
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    I was afraid that was going to happen. Personally, I think el Presidente should go first, but I'll get us started. Here is a picture of me doing "jazz hands," as well as my favorite meme. Holly
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    Agreed and that’s not even counting all the prep work he did. Scott’s a hard worker and an amazing asset to this club! I’m glad he won the gift certificates to Cuttlefish!
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    Some absolutely amazing fish and coral in here are some highlights! REMEMBER PARTY ON SUNDAY 3-6PM!! HERE AT CNC!
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    Let me take this opportunity to say how amazing Kim is for coordinating all this. I can't imagine how much time has gone into organizing. We are certainly lucky to have a President who is so involved, experienced, capable, and generous. I don't think I've been involved in any organization that is so well run. She sets the tone with her leadership. She is incredibly busy in her life but you would never know it given all she does for us. I also want to say a big Thank You to Jeff. He is so much more than a "sponsor" of the club. He is also a Board Member and does a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work. Among other things, he is responsible for many of the raffle item donations that keep this club going. He is always looking for opportunities to be involved and make the club successful. Having him on our leadership team has been an amazing asset. This will be one heck of a meeting! Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Beyond Holy Torch you can imagine
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    Her name is Spot and Mr. Candy is in the background lol Need.....More......Corals!!!
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    Me with the wife, the mistress and the girlfriend
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    Okay my turn. I am the president of this forum and have been for the past 2 years. All you wonderful and generous members make it easy. I’m on the right! My name is Kim. That’s the First Lady Sirena on the left and Laura Simmons the curator of Cairns Marine in the middle. Losing over 100 pounds 3 years ago and keeping it off is one of my proudest achievements as well as encouraging others in their own health journeys. I will be starting a new hobby that I’m super excited about. Yesterday Sirena and I brought this beauty home and we hung out in it in the backyard !
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    You mean this kind of skeleton?
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    I started with a 5.5 converted it into a small drop off. Lighting Par Bulb Heater Small 25 W Filter HOB My goal is to have only zoas and a couple LPS corals. Bottom Landing is GSP Zoas List: Zoas: JF Stargazers Utter chaos Fire and Ice Rastas Grande Paly Oompa Loompa’s King Midas Enjoy!
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    Would there be enough people interested to get an educational round table discussion about growing SPS or some other skill that many of our members seem to possess? We have lots of members that have tons of hands on experience.
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    Hi All Thanks to Chris we are now addicted to the underwater world. It all started with a 65 gallon cube Chris had laying around. I decided I needed to build a stand (see photo) to properly display the tank. After numerous trips to C&C we are cycled and up and running. The setup includes a protein skimmer, 1000 gal DC pump, Tunze auto top off and a Hydro wavemaker with two 600 to 1500 circulating pumps. My wife and I really enjoy what it brings to our evenings.
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    At the monthly meeting I picked up the donations for our tank and it's incredible how much it was donated. Thank you to: albertareef Emerald525 Flashy Fins Gil&Fin spectra stylaster and to who I may have forgotten! A new killer led light and ATO were installed today. The kids are gonna go crazy when they will see all that new colors and life!
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    Hope everyone is ready to party and have fun. We are excited. See you all in a few hours.
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    I am so excited to announce the grand prize for April meeting raffle!! Thanks Jeff for chipping in! You could win an Ecotech Radion XR30wG4 pro! This is a hell of a light valued at 800 bucks!!
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    Just saw them all together in person, they are fantastic!
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    March - Danlu_gt
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    Now that the contest pico is off the desk, I have room to start getting this new project going. It's going to be two 6 gallon tanks plumbed into the same sump. The tank on top is a 10" cube, and will house a pistol shrimp/goby pair. The bottom tank is 24"long x 9" high x 6.5" deep. I'll keep a frog fish in that one. The sump will be the standard 10g tank that was my first set up 6 years ago. I'm going to keep the corals pretty simple. It'll be mainly softies and some macros. That's all I have for right now. I haven't figured out what I want to do for lighting yet. I can't decide on two separate smaller lights, or one big one hung above the whole setup.
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    I'll bring something desserty. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    I have been fooling around with raising clownfish off and on since 1990. About 5 years ago I bought a home and decided to raise clownfish again. This time I was determined to make it more successful and with a lot less work. I have attached a write up of what I am doing because it may be helpful for others interested in occasionally raising clown. Larval project.pdf
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    i have been thinking.. and drinking.. but i have an idea. To save time, maybe we should just get together and buy cuttlefish? The whole thing. For the grand re-opening we can auction of dates with Jorge and Kai? just brainstorming here. Jeff? whats the price tag on retirement? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Here’s me 3/31 update: So far everything has been good other than a huge ich outbreak and I not sure where from. (This photo was from a day or so ago there is no fish in the tank as of now) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had a little arts and crafts time over the weekend thinking about a new tank I'm planning. The tank is a 6 gallon long. Dimensions are 24" x 9.5" x 6.5". Here's what I ended up with.
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    This is what the growout piece could look like in ur tank. Don’t miss out.
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    Here’s me having a bit to much fun at the neighbors house a few summers ago Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here is a picture of the wife and kid both are my pride and joy, close second is my love for cars haha! I used to spend weekends on a wakeboard or snowboard but knee surgeries killed that. I power lifted as a teen/young adult and set multiple world records. Pretty sure that's what did my knee in, along with wrestling. I pretty much enjoy anything that goes fast or can go fast, rc cars, banshees, all that fun stuff. Now I spend most of my time either working on cars or driving them. Other than that I'm a pretty boring dude! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Great job with the hitchhiker talk and the photo recap, Bert! Excelling at two major jobs there! We are lucky to have you! Special thanks to Holly for opening up her home, to all the club officers who pitched in to make the meeting a success, and to everyone who came out to socialize and support the club! We have such a fantastic group of people here! More exclamation points because I love them so!!!!!! What, you don't all have a bottle of turpentine in your fish med cabinet? Consult with Bert or Miles recommended first. Yep, all your fingers are still there, Andy! Technical assistance during the talk appreciated.
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    You need these 2 fittings and some teflon tape to make your own.