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    I am excited to announce the June meeting will be in Salem at The Premium Aquarium! This is a great shop and Garrett always has great deals! We will have a frag swap as always! Garrett has a grill and the one and only first lady Sirena will be doing the grilling! You will be in for a treat as she makes her food with love and it is delicious! When: Saturday June 24 2 to 4pm Where: Premium Aquarium 1875 25th Street SE Salem, OR 97302 What: Frag swap and barbecue and deals on coral !! Keep posted as we will have some sweet raffle prizes!!!
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    This was the first time since I have been a member here that there was no elections needed. That's usually a good sign that people are pretty pleased with how things have been going. I have to admit we have a really good group who works hard and well together and have a nice mix of personalities but all with the same passion for this hobby! Your current officers are: President Emerald (Kim) Vice President BadxGillen (Bert or Robert) Treasurer MrBret (Bret) Secretary Milesmiles (Miles) Vendor relations Lexinverts (Andy) Your new board members are: Holly (Gil&Fin) Cherany (Flashyfins) Our newest additions are! Albertareef (Sean) Zoolander (Richard) and last but certainly not least, Cuttlfishandcoral (Jeff) Congratulations and I'm looking forward to an exciting year! We have some big things planned for you all!
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    Finally got around to taking some video of my dwarf cuttlefish and thought I'd share. I've had the tank running about 6 months, the cuttlefish themselves are about 3 months old now. The display tank is a 29 gal with macroalgae and soft corals. It drains to a 20 long sump + macroalgal refugium, and the return pump also feeds a 20 long shrimp refugium. I have very light skimming (a skimmer from an old biocube) but all this live rock and macroalgae keeps the nutrients in check so far. /crosses fingers Here are pictures of the cuttlefish a few days after hatching. (eggs from bluezooaquatics) Currently I have 4 of these, plan to thin down to 3 as they grow. Here they are now, at about 3 months old They share the tank with macro algae, soft corals, and the few inverts they wont eat A video of the cuttlefish from a week or so ago A video of the cuttlefish feeding, today Here are the display tank, shrimp refugium, and sump/macro refugium. Return pump in sump feeds both the DT and shrimp tanks, and these both drain back to macro refrugium/sump.
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    Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful fathers out there. I hope you have a nice day and you realize how special you are to your children.
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    Yesterdays June Meeting BBQ was another awesome event! Such a good venue and turn out of people, the sponsors of our club are such gracious hosts and Garett is no exception. There was lots of fish, corals, and inverts stocked up and conveniently a very enticing deal of buy 2 get one free on all livestock making it difficult to leave without a new addition to the tanks. I mean, make a trip out of town so might as well snag something while your there am I right!? Anyhow, for those of you who did not attend the June meeting out at The Premium Aquarium out in Salem here is a little recap of some of the good times had yesterday and some pictures to go with them...We wished you were here. Garett had the TPA crew in Full Effect! Everyone of his team was busy bagging and tagging or ringing out keeping up with the pace. All while keeping a cool and collected demeanor, Sometimes it looks like you all are actually having fun at work!? I am going to tell the owner next time I see him. But really, your good attitudes make it a much better atmosphere to shop in. You all are great at your jobs, keep up the good work and we will all keep coming back. Corals and tanks were looking pretty spot on, seeing some nice growth in a couple of the aquariums since i had last visited. And the rimless systems are Sleek! Need a little Acro love? This is such a nice display, lookin good my friends. Lookin goooood. After being greeted by the TPA staff some of the first faces I see are some old familiar friends. Loooks like some of the Washington crew made it South to hang with some of us Oregonians. Stylaster and Gumby here in the front but you probably already knew that. Very cool cats who have a definite coral growing thumb. I apologize for not catching the name of the gentleman in the back but he was also from up north and had commented about how nice this Salem store was, so we were certainly in agreement. Paratore here bringing some pretty interesting shroomage for the impromtu frag swap. Sorry I didn't bring anything to trade man, I was originally not going to come but the night before I made peace with my inner aquarium demons and agreed with them to go to the meeting. Next time my man. Sasquatch! Thank you So much for the gorgonian, It was more like a colony than a frag. It is in my acclimation tank but it will most likely end up with the seahorses. You Da Man! Hit me up for some zoa goodness anytime my friend. One of our newest Board member additions Albertareef and his wife drove from Portland. Good to see you two again, for some reason I thought you lived in Washington but now that I know you are a little closer maybe we can find some time one day to actually get out to one another's houses. I live another 40 minutes from where this meeting was so not Too far from you. A few steps further in I see Kassah, checking out the coral colonies. long time no see man, glad you made it to the meeting, sorry I got wrapped up in the crowd of people and didn't make rounds your way. Maybe next month at the Marine Hatfield Science Center Tour? Highschool Reefer looking for that single jewel to catch the eye and then swoop it up. Sounds like your tank is coming along just fine, maybe sometime we can do a trade or two. I have some hammers and frog spawns that could be trimmed a little. No torches right now though, my other Euphyllia took my Glabrescens down. Exodus was another person I don't get to see at a meeting too often but here he is, another person who is on the steady path to a killer system. Sounded to me like it was about time for an impressive upgrade. In the works I know, but still, it sounds like it will be a nice system with a killer sump and equipment. Hit me up if you need a hand with something yeah. Kireek and KKnight here chatting reef no doubt. I saw a nice chalice and lobo you snagged Kireek but didn't see KKnight's loot, I bet both of your tanks are too full for more coral but we always find room for just one more frag right? Happy you were able to make it, the more good folks out the better. SharkLover and DarkAngel, very nice to meet you two. Looking forward to seeing what you end up making in your custom acrylic tank in tank. I mean Who doesn't like seeing corals and sharks...Maybe you can work that snowflake in there somehow too. ReeferMadness and his wife Dominique looking for some eye candy for their tanks at home, you don't have to look far here. I kinda want one of those electric flame scallops for our seahorse tank now too. I mean I we are already feeding the horses so why not? I loved this picture of TPA owner Garett sharing some of his vast experience and knowledge with a new customer and Jim on the right just grinning about a different subject going on in one of the other many friendly reefer conversations going around at the same time. There was just the right atmosphere and the right people to make a recipe for social success! Love it! Kim and Serena where most of the muscle and legwork on this meeting so I have to give a big shout out to these two! You two girls Rock! Your quite the team, we all appreciate it very much. I am going to see about getting y'all a raise, I you don't get payed enough Everybody really enjoyed the food and accommodations, for a hot day everything worked out really well. That Serena could open a catering business Easy! Emerald getting some tickets to throw down on some prizes...Wait a minute!? Tickets? OH SHOOT!!! I think its Raffle Time Already!
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    Ok here it is not one not two and well not even three...........................I have four corals going in this thread all you do is say what one you like and I will do a random number on Friday Junbe 30th...............or so Number one.........................say a 2x3 chunk of forest fire digi fragged by accident.... Number two................I did it again a week later.........this ones even bigger say 3x3 or even bigger. Number three is a classic acro everyone needs..................green slimmer.............I am going to cut the big arm off of it in the front as it needs a trimming.........I may even get 2 frags if it breaks when I cut it Number four is some branching GSP..........I need to trim the monster........... Oh and if anyone is interested I have some xenia I will toss in for free So that's it for now............make your vote and hopefully you get a nice coral and once again all four corals will go so there will be four winners..........you only get one vote now so vote for the one you want
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    Don't know if this counts but here it is.
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    Why a bucket of rocks is so cool pukani for the new tank
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    For those that are going to RAP NY this weekend, stop buy Golden Basket Reef booth # 519 for some Lollipops
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    Hey all just wanted to let everyone know from here on out I will be posting under River City Corals. I am starting to get stuff in weekly and will start offering a few things after tge 4th of July. Will be mainly SPS/LPS/zoas and some unique or just cool stuff i will bring in sone cool shrimp, inverts and smaller fish. I will also try to get fish you have on your wish list! Just hit me up and i will see what i can do Brian
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    So, I was staring at my crashed tank and wondering which corals were going to rise from the ashes when my cat came down and hopped in my lap. I told him, you are a much better pet than a tank full of expensive calcium sticks. So.. If anyone ever wondered "should I get a cat or a saltwater aquarium".. things you should consider. 1. My cat was $100. The accessories required to maintain said cat cost $15 (two bowls and a liter box). Ok.. well I have a $400 super automatic litter box but that is not required. 2. My cat is grey with green eyes. If it's dry out.. he is grey. If it's humid.. it's grey. Hungry? Still grey. Busted into the food storage bin and eats till He pukes... grey witg green eyes. He is always the same pretty kitty no matter what I do or not do. 3. He brings me stuff. He delivered a dead mouse to the porch last fall and about a month ago he dragged a live rat into the basement. You may laugh.. but what did your zoa ever kill and place at your feet? 4. I never have to test the condition of my cats water. Nor do I have to mix, heat, and condition it. I asked him "straight out of the tap?" He replied "yeah, or the toilet, makes no difference to me" 5. My cat is soft. Nothing in your aquarium is soft, not even the sand. 6. And finally.. Cats snuggle. They are warm and fuzzy and when they love you they purrr. You can't snuggle with an acro. Yes.. I have been drinking lol Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    It's starting to come together.
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    It will be good to see everyone! I'm excited to chat reef, eat some great BBQ, and show off the shop. Lots of new fish and inverts are currently being unpacked Feel free to bring some nice, rarer pieces of SPS to trade. Looking for some nice pieces to start adding to the the 300g display tank that is currently just starting to be stocked back up.
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    We are really stepping up the prizes for the meeting! I'm pretty excited and you have to like those odds! Typically there are about 30 or 40 people who show up to these things! All you have to do is show up to the June meeting at The Premium Aquarium and buy some raffle tickets and you could bring this awesome prize home! Many reefers swear by these and it can be a great investment in saving the loss of all your corals! In case you missed the thread, here are the meeting details:
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    Congratulations to the winner of May 2017 picture of the month, TheClark!!!!
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    Thought I would share some photos of the new build. Finally decided it was time to upgrade the frag system and change up the dark dank part of my basement where I spend most of my time. Cabinets built by Brian67 and tanks and sump by Envision. First pic is after the old tanks where pulled. More to come.......
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    Got some of the lights wired, all will be controlled by the new Digital Aquatics Archon.
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    I just got this little magnetic lab spinner and it's super fun to test with. Way easier. For this test I have to go one drop at a time and shake...to measure general hardness of a freshwater tank. It's normally a PITA. This thing made it super easy...highly recommend.
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    Got a gel filter designed for cellphones. Just wanted to share a few photos.
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    Just want to give shout out to them...................picked this little guy up a few weeks ago. Is now in a IM 14 peninsula tank. Always looks pissed off
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    Thanks for the awesome recap! Here is the gem i got
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    Great time to sign up as a member!!! Grilling has begun!!
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    Share some love! If you win, please grow this one out and share the love with others.
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    I taught my little girl how to ride a bike. We had been working on it since earlier this year and she finally got it! It was very rewarding!
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    As most of you know, I love to cook and I especially love to cook for all of you . Please vote on what you would like to have me grill for you Here are a few pics to entice you.....
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    Plenty of crazy colors !
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    I have a portable one that runs on a 9V battery. Best $50 I ever spent.
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    And my most recent pics! Oviously these are phone pics with blues. One day I'll take the time to take real pictures of my pretties!
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    How much for the flip flops?? They're perfect!! Are you willing to ship??
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    I ordered a maxima and an acro from Reef Corner and got them last week. I must say, the pictures were perfect and the size was bigger than expected. The packing was perfect. The water temp was 73 degrees when I received the clam and sps. Basically, I'd recommend them for sure. Great email communication as well. Sent lots of pics and even had some advice for acclimating to light. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My mother colony was getting too big, so it's time to create a few frags. Pictured is the mother colony for reference. Colors are pretty close. For sale is a multi-stem colony frag ($50.00) and smaller colony frag ($40.00). Must pickup in Tualatin. Cash or PayPal.
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    I've been tossing around the idea of installing an exhaust fan in the sump closet for quite some time. For those who don't know, I have my sump opposite the tank, in what used to be the coat closet (much to my wife's dismay). Now I haven't had any mold or dampness issues to speak of, but every now and then the closet just smells like a sump (go figure). To rectify the issue, I have installed an exhaust vent in the ceiling of the closet. We already have a ceiling fan on top of the washer and dryer that I wanted to utilize. This would prevent me from having to cut another hole in the roof. However, building code, and basic physics, prevent you from just putting two ceiling fans to one roof exhaust. The flaw in that system would be air being pulled from one fan and pushed out through the other fan and exiting right back into the house. What you can do though, is install an inline fan and pull air from multiple locations. In this case, I cut into the laundry exhaust pipe, added the inline fan, and then split it off to the laundry room and sump closet. The previous fan was hard wired and the inline fan was corded. This problem was dealt with by pulling the cord from the hard wired fan and turning it into an outlet. Shout out to electrician Vance for giving me the insight on that! I didn't get any photos of directly above the ceiling because that's all partitioned off under vapor barriers and insulation and I didn't think about pictures until I put everything back together. But here are a couple photos from above the insulation. Our ceilings are vaulted which made the whole process that much more confined...ugh...not fun up there. Anyway, thanks for checking it out!
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    Big shout out to Aaron in Wilsonville. He keeps his tanks clean and corals are huge. If you're interested for large frags visit Aaron.
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    I wanted to say thank you to Krazy4LPS for the two sailfins that he let me take off his hands. Beautiful additions to my tank. And at about 7" ea they are quite the site. They are acclimating great and seem to not have any issues with any other inhabitants. I did rearrange a bit to give them a nice cubby that is about 6"x10" for them to duck into. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First salt tank I had was dwarf seahorses. Such awesome, very tiny little creatures. I sometimes wish I still had them. Maybe I should start another dwarf seahorse tank [emoji848]
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    Hi all, The "new" tank now has water, sand and rock so figured I better try to get caught up with a build thread! Tank is a Miracles in Glass 125 gallon (6l x 1.5w x 2d) starfire tank (used) with dual internal overflows. Stand is custom built (by a friend of mine with a little elbow grease by me) of white and burnt oak. Lighting is a pair of SB reef lights 32 Pro timer units (at 20%white/40% blue in photos). Circulation is by 4 x-wave DC powerheads on two controllers plus rotating returns. Sand is a mix, as is the "live" rock - both from several previous tanks. Separate sump and refugium inside the stand - one drain line directly to sump and the other to refugium which then drains into the sump and shares the return setup... single return pump split to the two rotating devices. Skimmer currently an Aquamaxx Cone 2. Aquatronica controller monitoring pH, temp, levels. Calcium reactor and kalkwasser reactor (fed off ATO setup). The reactors are currently in the stand but not yet running. Plans for livestock include a mix of SPS and softies - I have eclectic tastes. As for fish... my wife and I love wrasses so will likely end up with several. Would also like to get a couple small groups of schooling fish this time as the tank dimensions are more amenable - maybe some anthias? We have had a lot of tangs in the past (scopas, lineatus, kohl) and would consider more (especially a purple). Also had a few reef safe angels and triggers (loved the blue jaw) so perhaps one or two larger fish. Would love to hear peoples ideas! In theory, I would love to make this tank as eco-friendly as possible and focus on locally aquacultured corals from other reefers and stores but know that is hard to do practically speaking. I don't have to have super rare specimens but do love a variety of colors and shapes in the tank. Again, ideas are most welcome. Thanks for looking! Here are some previews... I don't have picture hosting right now so limited to uploads. Pic of stand under construction Pic of stand with panels in place Pic of sump etc. Pic of tank in place Pic of tank in place with water, sand, rock First fish - orange lyre tail anthias First coral - some zoos that were on the starter rock that Spectra very kindly donated to the build - thanks again Scott!
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    This his how it should be looking when cooking right.
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    I hate to lower my odds of winning, but here goes. Not sure if people know what share the love is. Basically @milesmiles902 is giving away this coral for free, sharing the love! All you have to do is reply 'share the love' and pick a number. There will be a random drawing for the winners. It's too good not to reply, FREE CORAL. BUMP and thank you @milesmiles902
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    Two weekends have passed since the last updated, but progress has not stopped. I did not take as many pictures this time around, but there are a few included. In this episode we reinforce the floor, plumb 4 x 1" PVC lines under the house, paint the stand and start to apply the finish paneling to the stand. Then we will drill a hole in the sump and drain the test water out of the tank since we now feel confident that there are no leaks or integrity issues. I decided that reinforcing the floor would be the prudent thing to do, so what was my first step? Go to the store and buy materials. In retrospect, I should have climbed under the house and taken a look first. It turns out the proposed placement of the tank was in a perfect location--that is the floor was already well supported. The wall this tank would be near is clearly load bearing for this two-story home. In addition it appear there is a large beam which sits under the open floor area near the hallway / opening to this room (this room is a sort of den / family room with nearly an entire wall open above this beam. Since I was already dressed for the job and under the house I decided to install the additional support anyway rather than returning it. So, I went ahead and placed it a bit further back (behind the black duct you can see). This should still provide some additional load bearing capability to the floor, but was probably unnecessary. And now a picture of the beam installed. The posts have a hold in the center where a bolt runs through and allowed me to easily snug the beam up to the house. If you look close you can also see the a pipe coming through the floor where I decided to plump the tank. The pipe is placed to allow some flexibility in placement of the tank, but runs right against a wall in the house (I pulled up the carpet from under the trim and drilled a hole). After this picture was taken 4 pipes were run through the floor and off to the right toward the garage. Now, let's take a look from the garage. You can see the 4 pipes coming through the wall here. Since the garage sits lower than the house these pipes are against the insulation under the house and yet come out on top of the concrete in the garage. That last picture also has a sneak peak of the sump which is now drilled with a 1" bulkhead. Before and after pictures are below on the drilling. Now let's look at the stand. These pictures are pretty louse since I had already cleanup up the garage and pushes this project into the corner. I decided to place a permanent outer layer on the stand. I did not mess with doors for now since I have a young child and I don't need to house anything under here. Maybe in the future I could cut out a patch and place a door on the stand, but no need for now. The paneling on the outside is a bead board and the trim was re-purposed. The stand will end up being painted gloss white. When I bought the panel I though it would fit in the car, but it did not so on the roof it went. I held it on with twine and drove slowly along a mile of side streets with one arm out the window. Over this weekend I expect to finish up the fine work and painting of that stand. Then I will finalize placement in the house. I also have the kit in hand to build out the screen top for the tank (from BRS). The lights have arrived now that OR T247s became available again. I'm going to use 4 of them to light the tank and then probably squeeze in 4 t5's if I can manage it. I still need to dream up a design for something floating above the tank to house the lights. I'll also be buying insulating panels this week to build a box around the sump in the garage to contain moisture and moderate any temperature swings. I've also picked up a marine pure block. I still need to make up my mind on flow production. I'm pretty close to clicking the button on two Gyre 250s. Meanwhile... my frag rack is overstuffed with coral and my wife keeps asking when the new tank will be ready.