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    I was out in my driveway today filling a couple of empty Red Sea salt buckets with water from the garden hose to water some of my trees in my yard when a pickup truck drove by and then stopped and backed up, and this random stranger yelled out, "what size reef tank do you have?". It turns out he lives just down the street from me and has been reefing for 20 years and has a Reefer XL 750. We exchanged email addresses and will likely trade frags and I might help him with some Apex issues. I love the reefing community. Small world! 🙂
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    While I was in "time out" from PNWMAS, I made some serious headway on my 600. The tank is actually all the way full now and flowing with warm water, but here is what it looked like last weekend. You know you have a big tank when you dump an entire 60lb bag of salt in the system and it raises the salinity .05. So yeah..
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    Unlimited available. Bulk discounts available.
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    I hid the problem and blamed the cat. Haha
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    I’ve been in black butte for the last 4 nights and nobody has said anything about my swimsuit so I figured I would share it with some people who would appreciate it! Pretty sure most people know I love acans.
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    We’ve been getting in a lot of beautiful fish and corals over the past few months!
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    Hi, I have to disagree with some of the information on here. Small equipment certainly can be serviced. It often requires that taps are brazed onto the system. The problem with small equipment is that often the service cost can be nearly as much as a new unit. The main thing that would limit your chillers capacity is having a dirty condenser. Many people think that using a brush is enough since it removes the outer dirt, but I found that blowing the condenser out with pressure of really any kind gets the junk from the inside out. You can usually tell if the condenser is plugged by sticking your hand behind the fan. If the air comes straight out, your good! If it feels like it’s mostly coming out of the sides, then your plugged. If you or anyone else for that matter needs help with chillers I am more then willing to help. I do refrigeration for a living. Hope this helps! Pete
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    It's been too long since an update, so away we go! Since the last pics, I've finished my cycle, gotten the first fish (2x True Percs and a Lawnmower blenny) into the tank and now have some new fishies gettin' clean. I also hung the Aquatic Life T5 fixture - which involved me acting out Cathrine Zeta Jones' laser scene from entrapment - but with out the lasers.... and without Cathrine Zeta Jones.... and in my attic... and the lasers were actually insulation and roofing nails. The fish are seeming happy, though the clowns are stereo-typically awkward in one corner of the tank most of the time.
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    My wife & I rented a great VRBO house on the south jetty in Newport, just down the street from the Newport Aquarium. Beautiful weather, great views, and very relaxing. The house is decorated with all sorts of ocean related items, and I really like this clam lamp on the bedroom night stand: Happy 4th of July to all of you!
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    I decided to take the opportunity to actually utilize my phone's water resistant capabilities and took some underwater shots. Cell phone technology has certainly come a long way.... It's crazy. You can't really use the screen underwater, but you can still operate the physical buttons. So pictures are a breeze. I tried taking pictures with different color settings with the lights. Anyway, here's some shots. Still learning the color correction and not making them look unrealistic. They're pretty accurate. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Here's the algae scrubber. I'm about 60-80 bucks into it, but it seems solid. Still waiting for algae to grow, but I'm pretty low nutrient at the moment, we'll see if anything comes from it soonish.
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    Myths about clowns. (You can only have 2) . Truth: If you have eight or more clowns in the tank they will get along. But you can only have one male and one female so you have to do this when they're all juveniles. So you can have a clown tank. My clowns are nice and swim into my hands. They don't bite. They eat tdo reef nutrition. They are parisite free since I've breed them. Happy clowns. these are a hybrid clown percularis. They look like orange saddle backs with a percula body. Not ocellaris or percula.
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    Took some random top-down photos. They are just some Samsung phone photos with color temperature correction. Coral coloration has really been improving lately as everything gets situated and the lights get dialed in. How does the song go? [emoji445]One of these things is not like the other...[emoji445] [emoji38][emoji16] New Scopas tang grouping up with all the yellows. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Ok ok I made that up but seriously look at this masterpiece!!
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    That is actually hilarious I did the exact same thing literally the burn marks are right under her just turned the ottoman around so that sides under the blanket 😂😂
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    Pretty much a copy and paste from reef2reef but someone there told me about this place so a quick introduction and so glad to find resources and knowledgeable people in the area. My 17 year old is very interested in cuttlefish. He has researched them and can spout off facts about them left and right. Last year, thanks to a friend, we were lucky enough to be allowed into the cuttlefish breeding area behind the scenes at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My son picked up some great information and made some great contacts.He has been talking about raising cuttlefish for a good two years now and is well aware how hard it is. Though he is the driving force into this hobby, I am more of a poison dart frog/amphibian kind of person hah, I have decided to leap in with him so we can take this journey together. Our first step is to learn how to successfully keep a saltwater reef aquarium. Learn the ins and outs, the water changes, how much commitment this is going to be etc. If after a year or so of learning that and if he feels comfortable with moving forward he would try his hand at cuttlefish, raising eggs and going down that path.We have decided, I think on a reefsystem 425xl to get us started. But after looking at a couple build threads and mixing stations and modifications and all that I am starting to panic a bit on this. Information overload and I already am getting analysis paralysis. We are trying to decide what is needed now and what we can set up later. RODI system into a trash can and just mix the water by hand and cart with buckets might be how we start. But then there is lights, and all the other stuff to think about and here we go again spiraling into information overload. In my day when I set up a tank full of african cichlids I just popped a fluval onto a million pound 60 gallon tank and put on the hood and called it good. Things sure have come a long way from that!Anyway we are both excited to start this journey together and hopefully this wild ride doesnt turn into a car wreck hah. Dang glad we found this site that is for sure
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    Because it goes against the rules. The nature of the threads is for people to go on ithr defense and they would just spiral. This has been the rule for ten years now and was modeled after Reef2reef which has worked well. The current mods actually let the threads run more than they should have.
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    It's about that time again! I know I'm a little early, but I'm just so excited about the amazing growth I am seeing! Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Illegal reef keeping is even more exciting than the boring legal kind....
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    Apart from the difficulties with a taller tank (typically over 28"), there's no regretting going as large as you can. Even if it means siding the sofa over a bit. If it makes you feel any better, I have my 360 in a 1,300 square foot house. [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    My wife & I spent a great weekend away on the Oregon coast at Manzanita. Between my Apex and my webcams aimed at my aquarium, I was able to relax knowing that my reef was safe and healthy. I'm not sure I would be comfortable leaving town without these safeguards!
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    I also added a coral/invert qt system underneath the main display. It's a separate system that I plumbed a feed from the main tank to get water from. When I do a water change, I just stick in an MJ1200 that's pre-plumbed to a waste drain and let'er rip, over fill my DT's sump, then refill the coral QT with DT water. It's almost too easy. Huge thanks to @Jack-the-reefer for the 20cube. I picked up a RedSea LED 50 from @CuttleFishandCoral to put over this. Should be plenty of light with a similar spectrum/spread to the Kessils I'm planning to run over the DT.
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    The DDR is notorious for having failed optical sensors and/or liquid damage to its circuit board which is just below the top of the unit. Mine had to be repaired by Neptune 3 times in one year for failed sensors. It is the only Neptune product I cannot recommend. You can save money and headaches by using any generic dosing reservoirs and adding the DIY optical sensors available on EBay that trick the DOS into thinking you have a DDR connected: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEPTUNE-APEX-DOS-DDR-DIY-8-CABLE-2-OPTICAL-LEVEL-SENSORS-USE-YOUR-RESERVOIR/254602775253?hash=item3b47820ad5:g:DW0AAOSw9V1ae1f2
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    My wife would love your rock scape... If every rock could be an arch, she'd do it. Looks good man! Digging it. I agree with@SuncrestReef , let's see that backside! "I like big sumps and I cannot lie" "Oh, my God... Beckie, look at her sump.. "
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    Glad I’m not the only one who primarily got out of this post WWC yellow tip frags for sale. #silverlining #addiction Great information too Rudy.
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    . Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Thanks to @shaywood for this beautiful yellow wrasse. He seems pretty comfortable in his new home, and added a nice splash of color to my tank.
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    Need to scrap good the area soonest you see algae growing because it will not stop. If the area keep clean and flow is good the coral tissue will healed and continue to grow to cover the bare spot Unfortunately it is natural occurrence for big colony to get detritus settle down and algae start growing Seems you have enough big frags to start growing again, glue a few within 1" and the base will fuse together
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    Well cats are not to smart you know............... the dog would have found it and started pulling stuffing out of the cushions................
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    As some may know. I took my crustacean love on land and have started to culture terrestrial isopods. These can be used as terrarium clean up crews or feeder insects to some reptiles. I have amassed several thousands individuals of over 20 different morphs and species now. if anyone has some interest in some. I have some for free that are native, as well as other colourful ones that go for $100-200 for 10 of them
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    I’ve done same thing too, didn’t wanna admit it haha.
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    You get the AARP membership yet.............. Happy Birthday..............
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    Well, as the saying goes... get your kid hooked on aquariums and he will never have money for drugs. Lol
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    You can certainly choose to live with whatever unwanted pests you want in your tank, but I think it would be pretty low-rent to not to at least tell someone if you're selling a frag or fish or whatever. I think a general rule of thumb would be that if you're wondering if you need to tell someone about something, you probably should. I didn't QT much the first time around and after the tank crashed while trying to go fallow, I decided everything would get QT'd moving forward. So now I've got two QT tanks and everything goes in. Inverts get 30+ days (which might not even be enough), and fish go as long as they need with at least 30 days of copper. So anything I buy from a fellow hobbyist would go in there regardless.
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    Well if you wanted a comment you needed a acan speedo.................
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    You should have started that post with "trigger alert". Because most people have a warped view of what quarantine actually means or what "I have ich" means.
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    Bumper Sticker? Do you prefer Acropora, Accans or Aiptasia? Stop my car and let me know
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    I've ordered my dream tank, 120"x42"x36"H. I've been debating if I want to convert a guest bedroom to sump filter room or use the closet under the staircase as sump filter room. I've came up with first draft of sump design that will fit in the closet of size 110" x 45" and provide a little over 150gal capacity backflow when the return pumps are powered off. One of my concern with this design is if any one of 4 return pumps need to be clean/replaced, I might have a hard time getting access to it. Also, I want to add a sink so the sump probably can't be any longer than 60" and I'll have to lose some weight so I can fit in the closet with the sink. Please take a look and let me know if there's something I'm overlooking.
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    You can all expect a visit from Scott in the near future @spectra
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    We haven’t run a sale for a while so we decided to do one of our favorites. buy one get one free $10-40 frag section. The shop is overflowing with great frags. At the end of each day we will restock each section with more great items.
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    I need to do some research into these labels we each have! I'm a zoanthid, Calvin is a Shark, Ken is a Trigger, Brian is a Problem Child, and Kim is a Master AzzKrak!
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    looks like you had great weather. agree the apex makes me worry less about the tank when we leave. i don't have the cameras but i like the alerts if something goes awry. we went to Joseph/Wallowa lake for a quick weekend trip. lots of driving for a day and a half of being there but the weather was great and we rode the rails. recommend this if you haven't done it.
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    First off we just want to say "Hello!", visited this forum quite a bit for research and insights, finally figured we have a worthy enough tank to post Quick intro, my wife Jackie and I (David) have been in the hobby now for a little more than a year now. We started off with our nano 25g bow front, It's undergone quite the transformation since we started. We've spent quite a bit of time cutting our reefing chops in a small water column. Our weekly water tests and water changes, learning about chemistry, corals, fish and pests, really put us through the ringer early on especially when we rushed though adding things (oh how the blame game really gets between two loving reefers). In truth this love for our tanks has brought us closer together, we've quickly found our "roles" in our relationship and aquarium care. Jackie is the chemist, fish speaker, health care provider, tinker, me I'm the planning, tech support, heavy lifting, aquascaper it's been a great balance for us. So now we've graduated to our Waterbox 100g and the fun of starting a new tank together has been so rewarding! We are grateful for this PNW community and all the advice, corals and most of all support... We're happy to be here! Oldie tank 25g known now as "Sick Bay" (its our QT tank) The Mother Ship: Home of corals from our LFS and reefing community! Right side is the home of our beloved LPS and softies, Left side is the SPS, zoa and mushroom gardens Gear list: 2x Radion XR30 Gen1 Orphek OR3 LED Blue Maxspect XF330 / 350 2x MP10QD Reef Octo VarioS 6 Reef Octo Regal skimmer DIY Refugium What the future holds... probably a bigger tank but I'm getting ahead, in the short term though lots of dosing and hopefully coral growth
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    Because we like you it'll probably be more like 499.00!!
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    Ok, unfortunately the meters have kind of stalled out, but luckily we're back on track. In addition,@bamburgb has graciously offered his own par meter into the mix to help move the list along. I've quoted the 8 people, in the order I believe they signed up, who are currently waiting. The new meter from Ben is essentially the best of both worlds. It's the same light sensor as the USB, but it comes with the handheld unit. As a reminder, if you're using LEDs, you'll want Ben's meter or the USB, as those sensors have a wider spectrum that captures light more accurately from LEDs. So I'll be contacting@Tracdog777 to handoff Ben's meter and then@albertareef can contact the next two (Parzifal and Smiles) about getting one of the two that he currently has. Sound good everyone? Sorry for the delay and we'll get this going ASAP! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I also realized I never posted pics of what I've done to my quarantine setup to make it easier... I have bulkheads and valves now. They drain straight into my houses drain. I can empty a QT in 2 min, scrub it down with vinegar, rinse it, put a fan over it, and have it refilled with water in 8 hours. So far it's been easy to QT these fish. Medication and all. Let's pray I'm not missing a step. For coral QT, it'll just be a 20gal separate system with water from my display. Nothing special but I will need some sort of nano light. Wishing I had kept our old AI Sol.
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