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    The Boys and Girls Club would to thank everyone who donated at the last Fragfest for their new aquarium. It is now located in their new Teen area. The kids are very excited to be able to vote on some of the fish. Right now it is cycling. They would love you to support this year's Fragfest also. Oct 27th.
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    Wasn't sure as to where to properly place this thread but as it seemed to be an event of sorts I placed it here...We can move it later if it seems wrongly placed. Recently our adored president had some very serious medical complications which forced him into a position of resignation. In a Board of Directors and Officers meeting this last weekend we decided to make it official that myself acting as Vice President will now be placed into the position as the current president. I know, I know...Don't be too disappointed, we still aim to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this slight transition. We have a very capable team/staff on the PNWMAS crew so you can still look forward to the upcoming events that were planned before his absence. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause to any members or vendors, please be understanding about the situation at hand, we all wish Stylaster well and hopefully a speedy recovery. Thank you all for being so understanding.
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    At Jorge’s suggestion we are running a sale on all fish this weekend. 20% off regular prices. We have tons of great fish and corals in stock. We got in a massive order of clowns and clams this week as well.
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    Well, as it turns out we are going to have to put our beloved sharpei down so Dawn wanted a long horned box fish to takes its place. So Jeff hooked us up with a RSR 170. After leaking a bunch of water from a brittle pipe o ring on to the carpet and a trip to the hardware store, it is up and running. It even has an arch!!! Because what small reef tank is complete without an arch? As a completely obsessive aquascape guy it was frustrating working with a small space.. and it is not finished yet. For those that think it would be great to have a wife or gf that is in to reefing.. be careful what you wish for. This is basically how that goes down... "thanks baby, I am soo excited!!" "good, it will be fun" " I want the long horned box fish" "ok" " and a yellow spotted box fish" "ummmm... I could probably keep that alive" "and a puffer!!! can we get a puffer?" ummm..maybe a saddle back?" "ooh! and a neon dottyback, let's get a dottyback!!" "ummmm" "and let's get another wrassy...which wrassy should we get?" "hey, look at that clam!!! can we have a clam? just a small one, I love the clams!" "maybe we can take some coral from your tank?" errrrrrr... maybe? "what's that yellow and orange one, the fuzzy one...acid trip milli? I want that! STOP!!! Honey, I love you, and I love to see you happy but if you even look at my acid trip milli I will end you. soo.. yeah we are going to have a 40 gallon tank with the following: LH box fish spotted box fish valentini puffer dottyback pair of clowns tail spot blenny lawn mower blenny shrimp watchman gobby clam emerald crabs green star polyps montipora frags and a "bunch of wrasses". sooo...stayed turned for that. sigh.... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Yes. I would like to thank Scott for excellent work on the canopy.
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    Mine has really took off i can cut ya a peice! Lmk btw you can keep both nuts....
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    Well I've been tankless for way too long so today I pulled the trigger on a little nano setup. Plans are pretty simple, some easy corals, a couple fish, and then upgrade this winter to a bigger more permanent tank. My work schedule has died down so I finally have time for another tank. My wife was also getting eager to have fish again so what better timing?! Equipment list aquamaxx 22l low iron -ocean box reef conversion -2 ai primes -santimonica filtration drop 1.4 algae scrubber -neotherm heater -tunze 6040 -eheim return pump -IM hydrofill TI with pump I may ditch the algae scrubber and go with a skimmer but not sure yet. Sand gets here tueaday and I'm grabbing some rock from Kevin tomorrow since the rock that came with the setup smelled like a bucket of death and buttcracks. I will likely buy an apex again soon as well before I upgrade the tank. Anywho I'll be out for some corals once everything is cycled! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Under duress!!! LOL Thanks though, you reminded me I need to start a thread about how much I hate cuttlefish. Do you realize how much better off I would be financially if you just sold boring corals like most stores?? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Here are some top-down photos using my new Avast Marine XL Porthole on my Nikon D610 & 200mm f/4 macro lens:
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    Are you saying the “brighter than the sun” monti I just ordered won’t look like this?
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    Online coral sales are tough. We do the best we can. Kinda of a cheap shot at lfs stores if u ask me.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the update - glad to see the tank up and cycling thanks to all the Fragfest participants and Jim’s hard work. I think there were at least a couple other members who contributed time and effort as well. Well done all!
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    Is there a prize for last place cause i can seriously keep an acro the same size for 12 months without killing it. That’s gotta be worth something.
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    That is one reason why I labeled them potassium chloride. Hopefully as many people will wonder. Watch, now all the drug dealers will be labeling their drugs potassium chloride.
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    You are not suppose to agree Dodge, lol! 😂 Thanks for nitpicking lol! [language filter] zoa names 😂
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    Just a little bitter bud...geez!
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    Good to see you’re flexible. Now where is that ban button...
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    got it all installed. the light is mounted to the bottom of my frag/skimmer chamber table. The chaeto is in a 25 gallon tote cut in half. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I am REALLY excited about growing this guy out. Thanks Jeff!!!
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    I'll take the tank when your done with it! 😉😉😉