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    Boom. The acclimator 1000 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    And look who shows up.........................BOOM
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    Yep, grab yourself a few small Styrofoam containers or a small cooler and make a road trip out of it. I say a few few small Styrofoam containers cause you go see Jeff and Cuttlefish you'll more than likely leave with more then one item. I have a rule, i only walk in with my ONE main little Styrofoam. Or you can find yourself in a situation like this just a few miles down the road visiting Rudy at Golden basket reef. Yep, good places here in the Portland area but i believe you also have The Premium Aquarium down your way which is also a great shop and owner
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    Dropped by Cuttlefish and Corals to browse and ended up with a few awesome pieces; this shop is always so dangerous! Lol Thanks for lettting me snap photos of the candies.
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    Here's a free "Like" to help Sean build up his sketchy reputation.... He needs all the help he can get! [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I think there are two different things going on here. One is total post count - which impacts things like whether or not your post needs to be approved and whether or not you can post in the classified ads. Those limitations are in place to try and keep spamming down to a minimum (and it does work). The other is the "reputation" points which you accumulate when people react to your posts by liking them, finding them funny, etc. - reputation, as far as I know, does not affect any of the functions on the forum. Hope this helps.
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    Mine has exploded in the last week. Probably 60 heads now. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Taste the rainbow... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Does anyonelses growout ricordea look as bounce-ish as this one?
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    My favorite fish store I've found in Oregon is @CuttleFishandCoral by far. They have a very nice, clean, organized store, full of extremely nice corals and fish at great prices. They're in Portland, so a bit of a drive, but they're worth checking out for sure!
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    An old adage comes to mind......... "If i only knew then what i know now" Firstly, don't let anything i type/say in this post discourage you!! Currently, after about 6 years I can probably fill a moderate size calcium reactor with SPS skeletons Inexperience(chemistry and stability), buying from people without checking in on their past tank history, not dipping new arrivals (on trust) or improper dipping, not replacing the plug the frag is currently on, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, there are some "variables" right there. The care requirements between SPS and LPS are quite staggering IMO as you can probably see from the poll, again IMO, it takes a special bred of person to care for and understand the chemistry that comes with SPS, not alone be a spectrum genius to not only keep it alive but make it thrive. When it comes to the chemistry of caring for SPS there also comes added special equipment such as controllers and calcium reactors. With SPS it's all about stability, lighting and nutrient export much like most all coral, but think of it at maybe a 10 fold situation, but i still look at it like a Mosquito can fly over my tank and fart as i'm feeding the fish and kill half my SPS colony and all my LPS are yelling, hey! Hurry up and get some of that meaty goodness over here! SPS/arcos are also very susceptible to rapid changes in water parameters such as alk, lighting changes and a rapid drop in phosphate. Meanwhile, most of the LPS are sayin' what's going on here? Did something happen? I'm confused. Sadly i can still fill about half the reactor with some rare LPS skeletons as well, it happens. Most of my personal box of shame has mostly come from equipment failures but a great deal of them were through my own negligence, ignorance and life inevitably getting in the way sometimes. Don't get me wrong though, you or anyone can achieve stability with the "low tech" approach of dosing 2-part and grow huge colonies It's about just how much of your time and "hands on" you prefer. At the end of the day with whatever it is it's all about stability anyway i guess. And at the same time like others have said, build around what appeals to you. Do you prefer Cactus like structures that don't move but can be VERY vibrant in colors and fluorescence? Or would you rather prefer to view your tank/achievement with the flowing movement of corals that sway with the current? (Torches/Anemones/Elegance? It's all personal preference. Like Manny said "both" it's very possible to have a mixed reef. The trick is, different corals want different things. I have no idea if you're new to the hobby or not but nevertheless, welcome to the PNWMAS! Any questions just ask away, lots of very friendly and knowledgeable people here ready to help. Okay, so i went and read your "introduce yourself" thread. Lots of truth there, if you don't know patience, this hobby will help teach you that, others have said nothing good happens fast in this hobby. Very true. But the payoff is unreal in the end. Just wait until you learn to frag your corals! Very fun and rewarding. To help us help you better can you share some of your current tank details? Tank size? Equipment? Parameters? Age/cycled-not cycled? Current inhabitants? Rock? Test kits? DISCLAIMER! I'm in no way a expert in any fashion in SPS/LPS Just sharing. Haha! 5-6 cups of morning Joe will create post's like these
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    I have a couple frags of this green blue polyp monti cap that I would like to give away. I travel to Portland often so willing to meet up. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Haha - thanks Andrew, always happy to take some free rep points 😄
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    I'd say it's more like asking 10 people, and getting 30 different answers.😂 As far as the original post goes, when I choose corals I really have a method for it. I go to the lfs, then go straight to their sps, namely acros, if I find one that seems interesting I ask about it, and usually buy it. Why do I go straight to the sps tanks? Because I enjoy the challenges that come with keeping sps, as well as I believe I can grow and color up sps quite well, and most sps corals are ridiculously easy to frag after they growout. From there I go to the meaty lps tanks. Mostly for acans/micromussa. Why? Again because they grow well, and show fantastic colors in my system. Then I give all the softies, and other lps a quick glance. Softies don't do the best in my system, so I tend to just stick with what I know does well. Occasionally I'll pickup a new coral I haven't tried or seen before, but I have a somewhat small space to work with, so I really go after the corals I personally want the most. If I do buy something and decide down the road that I'd rather use that space for something else, Ive rarely had an experience where I wasn't able to make my money back. I truly believe that anyone can keep any type of coral they want if they're willing to invest in the right equipment, and put in the extra few minutes of work. Reef keeping is about the furthest thing in the world from a black and white hobby. Just a whole lot of gray areas written by hobbyists like ourselves.
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    They do say that in the saltwater world ask one question to 10 people and you’ll get 12 different answers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We have three frags that are healing at the moment. Haven't pick the winners yet. Want to let them sit for another week.
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    With so many tangs which can get very aggressive to newcomers, I always recommend putting new fishes in a clear acrylic social box. Only when existing fishes stop attacking the social box then release the new fish at night when tank is darkest. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Just eye balling, the 2 largest one's growth rate seems to be slowing down. Got 2 more several months back which are starting to catch up to the big ones. For their size, they are surprisingly "gentle" when moving through my coral frags. I think it would be fun to do a growout competition on these guys. Hehe Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Well only nem I have...................................
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    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....