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    As a lot of u know I’ve been in Bali for the last week. Heading back today and wanted to share a few pictures with everyone. Got to spend some time at a few corals farms and the corals are looking better then ever. Can’t wait for export to open back up! Got to culture some corals when there.
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    As long as your store had coral. It could be miles down a dark dirt forest path and I will be there.
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    Im in the picture, you just didn’t look close enough 😉
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    Watch Nassarius snails lay these today. Curious how long and how the look of the eggs change over time. Pretty cool design they made......I see some guy in a hat reeling in a fish, lol.
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    Progress! It's pretty much all zoas and a few mushrooms. Most of which took from my other tanks.
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    Even though my tank is still about a year from where i want it to be, im excited about having people over!! i am going to fire up the keg o rator Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Our baby cauque helping me at work. He is going through his first mult.
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    My Siberian husky Diesel. Even has the tank lights glow on him 😂
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    I like whichever shop space leases for an amount that allows the store to stay in business. Can’t say I’ve ever thought much about the type of building any of our local shops are in; if you’ve got the goods, I’ll show up and figure out where to put my car.
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    My fat head puppy Rocky Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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    Got around to taking some pics today ignore the green algae on the sad [emoji85] Rainbow Nem Speckled Nem Ritteri Nem Long tentacle plate Goni Clam Recovering Aussie Gold Torch Mini Gold Branching Hammer Miami Hurricane Chalice Green and Blue Star Polyp Zoa Garden! Tyree Orange Rainbow BBEB CARs and My Clementines Magicians Red People eaters and Pink Zippers Scrambled Eggs Utter Chaos Rastas and Blueberry Fields Forget the name of these Iron Mans Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    Princeton, my nearly 15-year-old pup. ❤️ Photo taken last spring at the coast.
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    The wife’s chihuahua under the blues 😂
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    This is Cooper, our English Lab, when we got him at 8 weeks old. The inset shows him today at 4 years. It's funny, the ears didn't change at all.
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    The first meet of the year of 2019 was held a the Upscales Saltwater and Reptile pet store located in Tualatin Oregon, and boy was it a riot!!! It had been about a year since I was last in the Upscales store and things were looking better than ever! A new back coral system that I had yet to see was full of colorful goodies, and the rest of the store was just as awesome as I always remember it. Cool corals and vibrant fish tucked into every corner of the shop, YES! Not just frags here in this shop but many many colonies as well. I have made a few great purchases from this store by just simply sharing the costs and breaking a colony apart. Win Win in my book right there. In fact were talking a little about an Upscales Grow Out in the future perhaps, no shortage of jewels here. Everything was so crisp and clean, I was certainly impressed, as usual. So many corals and so little space, love how the corals each get their own little bungalows. I couldn't help myself but to walk away with some killer coral, JeremEvans and I went in on a colony of a gold Millipora and a go at the Echinata Acropora. Travis packing up some goodies on the right here and Kelly Limpit getting the merchandise. The Upscales team was outstanding at their job and never skipped a beat of fish netting and coral bagging fun. And believe me, there was a ton of fun. As you can guess it didn't take long for the socializing to get started and the party to get lively. I have to point out again how organized and clean the facility was, open isles and stocked shelves were very nice. I could look at corals and dry goods all while being in a conversation with my peers. In this pic we have far left Jeremevans our club treasurer, middle- LewisFisherman from our Board Of Directors, and right-Gumby also one of our outstanding B.O.D. Jim here always has something interesting to talk about and once again this meeting is no exception. A little coral chat with the boys I see. I will see about setting aside a couple frags of those Acros I was talking about and we will see if they color up some more. Gotta Share the Love. Youcallmeny and his daughter sitting in the full blown 20,000 Kelvin and actinics blaring out of the surounding reef tanks. Youcallmeny is another one of our awesome PNWMAS Board Of Directors helping behind the scenes when he can. A change of the blue actinics to back outside. Here we have ZorroReef with a few primo mushroom frags. You got me sold on looking into some of the finer shroom specimens. Now I have to save my money or break my piggy bank, for soft corals those can get pretty spendy man. And I though my Acros were costly. One of the highlights of this meeting was that SuncrestReef here brought his microscope along with n attachment meant for holding a cell phone. This meant that you could take pictures and or video of the subjects very easily. This here is a copepod being put on the glass and under the scope. As you can see the system worked flawlessly, the quality was very good, and allowed fro some amazing shots. Here is the tip claw of one of the legs, our microcosm is so fascinating. I might lose a lot of my free time in a microscope unit like this if I had one, it would be like my own nature show right in my home living room. Thank You so much for bringing this in and letting us all get a glimpse of the miniature world in the reef tanks we all own. I imagine we would be interested in another future demonstration if you would be willing Suncrestreef. Trailerman about to take advantage of that old Upscales SPS frag special. I used to hit up this section first, but over time I developed a different route to take before hitting the Acroporas and other SPS up for grabs. Don't want to blow it all before you know what is there. Natedawg left appearing to be jealous of the old school PNWMAS T-Shirt he doesn't have and can no longer get. Just kidding around here, kind of. Laughing about it is the very stylish Walt!...Which reminds me, we need some of those new shirts and cards for our upcoming annual Frag Fest. Vance and his daughter up taking the serene view of all the beautiful corals, there is a lot to take in so I see why two sets of eyes are better than one. Once raffle time comes up people get serious...Okay, not serious, maybe a little goofy actually. Get Your Tickets!!! BicycleBill sharing his contagious smile with everyone else in the room. One of the old school reefers that has always been generous to his fellow hobbyist. Like I said, I will get a couple other Acroporas cut for you and we will see how they do in different aquariums systems. Developing colors in ocean specimens is always exciting. The professional rafflers here, FlashyFins and ALbertareef, top notch officers on our PNWMAS club. They both pull more weight behind the scenes than most of us will ever know, thanks you two, we appreciate it... And now to commence in some winning pictures. PDXMonkeyboy wins the Seachem Gift pack with a variety of cool products. I had my eye on that and threw a couple tickets in but as they say, to the victor goes the spoils. PDXMonkeyboy and OptimusPrime here would make great sales reps for any form of goods, just look at the genuine excitement and satisfaction. Both of you two are hilarious. Far right here we have Gill&Fin trying to stay out of the camera shutter, Gotcha! Speaking of OptimusPrime, he had a winning ticket for the mini Aquatic Life R.O. system. Those are so compact I love it, my home unit takes up a huge portion of a wall and I hate it. Willapa winning the Gyre pumps!.. That's right, both of the pumps were won by Wilapa in the raffles fair and square. But being an amazing sport, he passed off the other Gyre back into the prize lot for another name to be drawn for the win. What a stand up guy, if you want a frag or two from my tank I can make that happen no problem, thanks for doing that man. And here we have Flashyfins, right, handing off the generously re-prized Gyre to BOD LewisFisherman. Flashyfins is also our new Tanks For Teachers coordinator so be sure to give her a round of applause. All in all, as usual, it was a wonderful time. Got to meet some new folks, got to chat with some of the old crew, and snagged me some nice corals from one of my favorite reefer shops, Upscales. Thank you all for helping make this happen, thank you all at Upscales for hosting, and thank you all for attending and making this a fun and productive meeting. Definitely a success! Like I always say, our club PNWMAS ROCKS!!! Reef on everyone!
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    LOL, that is not necessarily true. It's not like I had to plumb my current tank through the wall, down into the crawl space, across several floor joists, back into the interior of the house, across the room on top of a finished ceiling, around a support beam, through another wall and then to my sump. That would be ridiculous!
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    Here’s the key phrase: ”mock-up before I glued“
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    I’d be happy to take a look. Here’s a mock-up before I glued the current manifold for my Reefer 425 XL:
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    I snapped just a few pictures, forgetting (as usual) to take any till we were wrapping things up. President and club meeting photographer, Bert/badxgillen, discussing with fellow club members what else but corals?! Jeremyevans eyeing the goods with newer forum member, Snappy. Albertareef & his wife, Darcy, considering which fishies to take home. All of ‘em, guys! Adopt away! The maxima that made it home with me! Already a gorgeous turquoise blue under standard household bulbs here, this is sure to look even prettier once it’s in my reef! QT first, of course. Would love to see what everyone scored! I snagged the pink and red lobo here and a couple of nice fish, currently going through QT bucket transfers.
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    Exciting news! Over the weekend, Tanks for Teachers set up Klahre House Alternative School in Hood River with a 40 gallon tank! Some of you might recognize the stand and canopy, as it came from a previous TFT build. Deborah, aka @scissortail, teaches marine biology there to teenage boys grades 8-12. I’ll let her tell you more about that, as she has some cool plans for educational use of the tank, and I’ll share with you some pictures I took: Feeling thirsty? These collapsible water bags were new to me, but they worked really well! Jim, aka @Gumby mixed up all the saltwater the day before, as well as extra gallons for the first water change once the tank is through the initial cycle. We advised covering over the leftover water with a dark tarp or similar to avoid any algae growth. Jim’s son came along to help with the install, and he was able to share opinions about what he enjoys in his own tank and make some livestock suggestions with teenage boys like himself in mind. Ocean life textbooks were stacked in the classroom, a sure sign of interest in marine aquariums! The rock you see is just some of what went into the tank, donated by @IntoTheMystic at Hatfield Science Center. Some of it was kept in Jim’s sump for a couple of months to pick up good bacteria, so the dry rock mixed in will soon be live. Jim giving instruction for the HOB skimmer, donated by @Mchums. We also added a HOB filter to the tank, an AquaClear model that allows for some customization of filter media. Since the school is so far out from Portland, making emergency aid nearly impossible, we decided against a sump. TFT did have on hand some very nice canister filters from @IntoTheMystic, so we left one with her and gave her instructions on keeping it clean to avoid it becoming a nitrate factory. The tank doesn’t need it this early, but it will be nice to have once there is a good amount of livestock producing waste in the tank. Lights! LEDs will allow the kids to grow just about any coral they like. Too cloudy to see the rocks in there, but you can giggle at the Do Not Touch sign left on from the Boys & Girls Club. We mentioned taking it off, and the teacher advised we leave it on. 😆 Teenagers! There is a sink in the classroom, so RO/DI setup is possible, but it’ll take another trip out to fully set it up. We didn’t know what her sink setup was like going in, so we brought what we had and ended up needing a few extra items. More to come! THANK YOU to @scissortail for your patience with the setup and your interest in teaching young minds about coral reefs! Your students are old enough that it might only be a few years before they’re setting up their own tanks and trading corals on our forum here! Thanks to @kknight for trusting and recommending me as the new Tanks for Teachers Director and @badxgillen for making it official - I’m delighted to take on the position! Shout outs to @albertareef and @lewisriverfisherman for storing rock and equipment till it was needed - much appreciated! Thank you to @IntoTheMystic & @Mchums for your generous donations! And, of course, big thanks to @Gumby and his son for doing the heavy lifting and traveling out on a Saturday to get this going.
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    Congrats @Kingfisher! With a single submission too - way to make it count!
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    I think the level of wealth required to leave a coral shop with enough money to tip strippers is beyond our demographics here. Can you even claim to be in this hobby if you don’t empty your account every visit to the LFS?