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    These are extraordinary times, which demand we be extraordinary to one another. We are reaching out to let you know that Cuttle Fish and Corals is making a commitment to be a leader in doing what’s right even when times are down. Cuttle Fish and Corals cares deeply for its community and its customers. We know that these times are putting a strain on everyone in a myriad of ways, including mentally and financially. To put our commitment into action, Cuttle Fish and Corals is taking steps to be here for you in whatever small way that we can. Starting this week, Cuttle Fish and Corals will start offering delivery of dry goods and livestock in the Portland area. If you are outside of the Portland area, please reach out to us, and we will see if we can accommodate your needs. We will also start packing your orders if you do not feel safe coming into the store and deliver them to your car. In addition to this, as long as we are able, Cuttle Fish and Corals will be offering some products, including certain dry goods, with no markup and at our cost to help with the financial strain that some of you may be experiencing. If you have ideas of how Cuttle Fish and Corals can help, please reach out. Thank you and Make Sure to Take Care of One Another. With Love, Cuttle Fish and Corals
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    I thought I would give a shout out to any of our members who may be in an elevated risk group for the corona virus. If you live in the greater vancouver or battle ground area I would be happy to deliver groceries or any other stables that you may need. I mean.. I'm not going to spend my day buying you hot pockets... but if someone is in need of something then send me a PM. I drive from downtown Vancouver to brush prairie every day. Happy reefing.
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    Thank you all for taking part of the Golden Basket Reef live sale. You certainly are a part of greater cause to the TFT program.
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    A funny thing happened today. I was in the shower when I heard the doorbell ring. When I later checked the front porch, there was a delivery of BBQ ribs sitting there in a bag. Completely confusing because I didn't order anything. A few minutes later my wife texted me from work to ask if any BBQ was delivered. It turns out that our house sitter/aquarium sitter/dog sitter placed an order, but the last time she used that app was when she was at our house, so it remembered our address instead of hers. I thanked her for the free lunch. 🍖🤣
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    We’re just taking one day at a time. We’re lucky in that my wife and I both have our jobs still and no salary cuts and can work from home. But we have a 3 year old with no day care or help from grand parents anymore. So juggling keeping her all day and us both getting 40 hrs has been really hard and I have limited time for my tank. My wife starts work at 5:30 am and works til 9:30 am. I get kiddo up and fed and I start work at 9:30 and work through out the day but multitask with her if my wife has a work call. I stop work at 5 pm and take over kid duties and cook dinner so my wife can start work again to finish her day. She’ll work til dinner time and we’re lucky to get kiddo to bed by 8:30. By this time we’re spent but gotta clean up and take care of house chores. Wife will work a little on Saturday but we’ve had the weekends luckily to rest a little. We’re looking at taking some leave from work so we can keep up the pace since it looks like this is the new reality for a while. I’ve really enjoyed being around my family more, but my daughter has had a hard time with the shift in schedule and routine and is all out of sorts. This leads to her being real cranky and hard to manage. So we’re trying to keep our patience with her as she settles into a new routine. But my tank helps me unwind. I’ll do maintenance and such after everyone has gone to bed and helps clear my head so I can get some good sleep. Having the sun out today was a blessing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    With most of us stuck at home, how is everyone doing? I'm still getting used to grocery shopping only once per week compared to the past when I usually decided what to make for dinner the same day and did nearly daily grocery runs. I've found planning meals for a whole week has really reduced the amount of wasted food. My wife is still going in to her office 3 days per week which I think is good because she's not used to being home every day like I have been in retirement for a coupe years. Last night my wife & I participated with a big group of fiends using the "House Party" video conferencing app to have some fun. It includes a bunch of games that provided a couple hours of good entertainment. My tank is probably cleaner than it's ever been. I'm also being more active on Reef2Reef, Neptune Community Forums, and Facebook reefing groups helping answer questions and solving Apex problems. I hope all of you are coping with this dramatic change of lifestyle. What have you been doing???
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    Added a 3rd XR15 to the tank and took the opportunity to take some updated tank pics. Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
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    Whether it's your local gym, Mt. Hood Meadows, the NBA, etc., these notices are becoming the standard. The board has given consideration for our March meeting and decided to postpone it due to Covid19. There's nothing going on that can't be recreated at a later date. We also don't want to have the meeting and then no one shows up. So in the coming weeks as everyone learns more, we'll try and get information posted for a gathering in April. Until then, reef on! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Alrighty! I'm back (I posted about this in the general area). I've been collecting stuff here and there (HUGE thanks to some of you fine folks for priming my hobby pump) and I'm finally to a point where it's time to dump some coin and get my box of water. So.. I did it, I pulled the trigger on a WaterBox 180.5 - should be arriving some time this or next week. Also on the list is a Neptune Systems COR-20 pump. That should be enough to keep me busy during this whole shelter in place. I also have a quarantine system consisting of two 20 gallon tanks, some HOB stuff, etc. Going to get those cycled here shortly so I can at least get some fish in the QT while I set up the main tank. Special thanks to @Gil&Fin for the tanks, the old RODI systems and the other miscellaneous items. It's been a huge help. My goal for this build is a fully sterile aquarium. I've been pretty loose with my tanks in the past and I've always been that "Ich is everywhere, why bother trying" guy and this time I want to do it right. I'll be following the Humblefish/Elliot Lim quarantine method. I realize it's a lot of work, but I'm getting my garage all set up with the right stuff to make my life a little easier. I've ordered some replacement filters/DI resin/float valve/source water adapters/etc for the RODI system I'm making. They should be here shortly and I'll be able to fill this big boy water mixing station that I bought from @pdxmonkeyboy. Stay tuned, I'll be updating as I go and putting in lots of pictures.
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    Found him. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    @Willapa I am in a similar scenario to you. Fortunately I am able to work from home as well. My wife works night shift in the ICU as a nurse...which is pretty much the last place you want to be these days. We use to have my parents help out and occasionally hers as well to watch my son, who is 4 now, but we aren’t doing that now. So she does 3x 12s and when it lands on weekdays, I have to keep the little guy entertained in my office while I work and she sleeps. Fortunately everyone is understanding of this so I usually don’t take phone calls those days and get in what work I can. It’s rough with childcare now but hang in there! It’s been hard on my son as he is missing preschool. We just keep telling him it’s “spring break” and everything is closed! it has been nice doing more around the house, staying out of Portland traffic, and tinkering with my tank. This last week was fun as I finally got my Trident and DOS going! Every piece of gear I add to the apex, I’m more impressed! It’s been a lot of fun lately, which is a major change from my control systems of the past! so if everyone could do our family a HUGE favor and STAY HOME, hopefully things can get under control, my wife’s stress level can come down 👩‍⚕️, and we can all go about our reefing lives 😁🐠🐡
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    About 4 months ago I got this nice purple/blue/green goniopora, but a week later something (likely my diamond goby) buried it and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Well today I noticed a frag plug sticking out of the sand, and to my amazement the goni is still alive! I’m not even sure how that’s possible.
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    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE. The March meeting for PNWMAS is officially scheduled. It will be located at my house and I'll be giving a little presentation on Calcium Reactors. If you're interested in setting one up, learning to tune it better, or just see how they work, I hope you'll join us for this meeting. Last August I set up a 360 gallon tank that's plumbed to a closet across the living room. The tank setup should provide some good conversations with fellow reefers, whether it be PVC work, light canopies, or any other equipment. In addition, we're going to try a new style of frag swap that I don't think we've done before, certainly not anytime recently. We'll release more details soon, but the basic idea is that there'll be a few different price categories and you can bring corals, place them in the respective price categories, and then receive one of similar value. It will be a good way to quickly add some new pieces to your collection. As always, the club will provide food and drinks. Feel free to bring a side dish if you're up to it, but certainly not required. If you're interested in getting a preview of the tank before heading over, you can check out my build thread: http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/45644-wife-okayed-a-new-tank-she-didnt-say-how-big/ What: March Frag Swap and CaRx Presentation When: March 28th, 1PM Where: My house! 52854 NE 2nd St. Scappoose, Oregon 97056 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Well everyone time to reveal my little tank setup. With remodeling my house piece by piece I wanted something that I could move super easy! I settled on a 14G IM Peninsula a couple months ago. These are a sweet little tank btw! After selling off most of what was left in my 60G frag setup I broke it down and moved the rest over. Everything is kinda thrown in there right not but with some downtime this week I hope to get some fragging of some of the zoas and some aquascaping done. For lighting I am using a Kessil A80 which seems to be doing the trick. For flow I bought a Jebao SLW-10. That little pump is by far the best Jebao product I have ever owned. Great flow and quiet. For filtration I am using a InTank media basket with some filter floss and ChemiPure Blue for nanos. Its a mixed tank with several zoas, few neon green toadstools, few frogspawn, 2 RBTAS, and a few different shrooms. Only fish right now is my snowflake clown I've had for a couple years. I plan to add a six line and a smaller gobie sometime soon.
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    My Duncan colony was growing out of control, so today I took it to @CuttleFishandCoral for them to frag for me. My colony is now about 1/2 the original size, and In the spirit of cheering people up during these difficult times, I am giving away the excess frags for free to the first 7 people who request one in reply to this thread! The frags are at CNC, and I'll send Jeff the final list of the 7 lucky recipients so you can pick them up there. Claimed so far: Nick CoralReefTankers Amaez90 CrazyInside ocboat albertareef jtarmitage Here's the mother colony:
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    I posted this on my FB page but wanted to also share this with my reefing community as well. I don’t have a tank up right now but I still think about you all and consider you my family and when this quarantine is over we are planning a big party for you all at the new house! Facebook friends sorry for the long post. I just felt like I needed to say this : On my run today I was thinking about all of you. For those of you who don’t know I am a pediatrician. While I take care of kids I also care very much about their parents. I have heard so many times from mothers and fathers : “I’m not worried about me”. “ I don’t care about me I just want to make sure my son/daughter are ok.” I tell them you DO matter. Your children need you and like the flight attendants say “Put your OWN mask on first” I know you are scared but the good news is from what we have seen in other countries children show great resilience which is a double edged sword because they can also spread the illnesses to more vulnerable members of our community. This doesn’t mean that I don’t take precautions to avoid spreading the virus to them. Mentally I am exhausted. While many of you are home I’m actually working more than normal. Please know I am happy to have my job and am happy to do what I can to put peoples minds at ease. Yesterday I worked from home and fielded nearly 80 phone calls from 9am to 5pm and today I can’t even look at my computer. Tomorrow I am at a different clinic that is further away since my clinic was shut down and I am assigned to see the ill children and will be carefully donning PPE and trying to keep it clean so it can be reused. My brother told me that people were banging pans and setting off fireworks yesterday for healthcare workers. That struck me as strange because I don’t think my job is any more important than any of yours. The term essential worker does not sit well with me because your job isn’t any more or less important than my job. We all have strengths and different skills and we all bring value to our community and you are missed at work. Many of you have helped me because as some of you know I have a very specific skill set and I follow the adage “stick with what you know”. I focus my brain power on learning all there is to know about pediatrics and I love that even if I read for hours every day I still wouldn’t know it all. So needless to say I’m not going to pick up a DIY plumbing book any time soon. (I did once and it wasn’t pretty 😬). For those of you who are also bothered by the nonessential moniker - please know that you do matter and you are important and you ARE essential to so many people. I can feel the anxiety in the air and please know you are not alone. We are in this together and we will get through it. For those of you who feel helpless there are so many ways you can help. Staying positive helps. The thumbs up one of you have me on my run helped. Refraining from the name calling and finger pointing that happens so much on social media helps. Left right black white up down we are more alike then different. Stay healthy stay safe keep your distance and use your common sense. I am here for you all. #community #weareallessential
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    We have been receiving a ton of support from the community and just wanted say thanks. Buying gift card, doing delivery, curbside pickup has been amazing. We have had customers donate gift card to needy reefers. Anything we can do to help let me know. we still are running regular hours at the moment with many Safety precautions in place.
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    Jeff wouldn't do something silly like that. I'll be selling coral on the streets out of a cart!
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    LIVE SALE!! With everyone stuck at home, we want to try something new. Tag your friends and tell everyone you know in the hobby! This Sunday from 2-3pm we will be holding a live sale on Youtube live. Tune in as we show off our stock, and get great deals on all kinds of corals as well as a special price on one of our Colorado Sunburst Anemones! Other featured pieces include eclectus mushrooms, euphyllia of all types and colors, Indo Maricultured acros, and more. You will NOT need a facebook or social media account to participate. We will provide a link to click on when ready. We will be live-streaming from the store. Rules: We will keep track of each piece by number. First to comment “SOLD” with the number of the individual piece will be the new owner. We will take 2 backups per piece. For those of you who are not local, we can ship for an additional fee (the deals will be worth paying shipping). Join in on the fun and get some incredible new pieces for your tank. We can also help with delivery to our locals.
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    Thanks everyone for tuning it. It was fun. We sold out of every piece. There was a few small issues but appreciate everyone working with us. we will probably do this again. Everyone stay safe out there and if we can help we will be there. Thanks. Jeff
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    Those reviews are making my ReeFi Duo Extremes look better every day!
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    OK, all 7 frags have been claimed: @Nick @CoralReefTankers @Amaez90 @CrazyInside @ocboat @albertareef @jtarmitage I’ll send this list to Jeff at @CuttleFishandCoral. You can claim your frag at his shop. When I first bought this Duncan, it had 3 heads. Now 21 months later it had about 40 heads. Hopefully your frags will be as successful and you can share the love at some point in the future! Enjoy your new Duncans.
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    Please check out out my new online shopping website https://goldenbasketreef.com/ Optimized for mobile viewing! Now you can shop from anywhere my renown top quality well conditioned live corals We are not the largest or the best live coral vendor but we have that edge in quality for the 30+ years in business Dedicated to Tank for Teacher program!!!
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    I’m a grocery store manager. Let me tell you what a little slice of hell this is. Unlike medical workers, we have little to no PPE and get to see hundreds of people a day. Full families still coming in with kids touching everything. Stores are a social hotspot. Here in Lane County, people don’t get it. I see some people every day, some several times a day. People are pushy, unapologetic and demanding. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great people out there looking out for our well being, but there are a large quantity of people that need to wake up and realize that this is not a vacation. The first weekend of the shutdown we had a massive amount of people headed to the coast. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Please when you go out, be respectful to your retail workers who are just trying to get through the day as safely as possible.
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    I really thought I'd be essential (I replace windows and broken glass) but apparently not in wa. So here I sit. Both tanks are sparkling clean, lots of old frags have been epoxied on my rockwork, and I'm struggling to find more things I can do with the tank. We just took our evening walk with and brought the rc cars along which was fun. Other than that not much going on. I have 2 family member who are very sick and 2 coworkers who are recovering. Scary times. I did see a nice meme on R2R today, I'll share it with you all!
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    The body shop I managed closed the first week of the month for the owners retirement. I landed a job at Progressive Insurance the second week of the month and I start tomorrow. They delayed my start date a few times due to coronavirus and the company switching to 100% digital but tomorrow is the official start date. Normally the first 2 weeks are spent in Ohio or Arizona for training but I will be completing it digitally. They are not allowing employees to go out into the field so I guess my home will be my office for the near future.
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    Here's the water mixing station I got. It's not in it's final destination yet, and there are a few mods I'll be making prior to filling, but super stoked to have these things.
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    Just sharing some fun eye candy. Hopefully our aquariums can be a sense of calm during these difficult times
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    This weekend, I'm riding my motorcycle. I hear the virus top speed is 100 mph so I plan to outrun it...
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    We are now offering Free delivery to Hillsboro, Beaverton, Forest Grove and Gaston areas. We also offer curbside pickup! $20 minimum puchase. Call to schedule 503-828-6992
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    You probably exceeded your tank sale quota on the forum. 🤣
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    I love how little men compensate by stating their tank size in liters. I can't wait till I get my 2,271 set up!
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    I am among this frags ignoring social distance, can you see? Help me spread these frags apart to a new home Use Coupon Code: SOFT-OP15 https://shop.goldenbasketreef.com/
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    After a day and a half of quarantine, I started looking around for something to tinker with. I found this vase in the garage. It’s 9” across, and 3.5” deep. The overflow is some pvc I cut to fit. that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. I need to scrounge for more random parts for the return.
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    MY truck ran out of gas last night. I just left it on the side of the road because I don't even know where the gas goes in. Do I open the hood?
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    I see you posted a link to your UN-UPDATED build thread....[emoji6] I'm still going into the office. We're a fundraising company that's raising money for food banks and rescue mission across the country. Let's just say those organizations are seeing a massive spike in services, particularly the food banks. We've split our entire fundraising team into two groups and created two different shifts. That way we only have to have half the people in the building at any time and they're spaced out. Easier to manage them, but the hours are longer. Wife is a nurse at Providence so you can imagine how that's going.... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    There is a sea snake washed up on the beach near where I'm working. The local aquarium is on the way to deal with it
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    Working from home, all week. End of the day, ears hurt from headphones and I need a stretch. Flip Side, after a walk in the evening - it's back to the garage and another phase of the plumbing and fish room remodel.
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    Tank cycled, bacterial bloom cleared, 3 fish in QT with 5 weeks to go, about to set up a coral QT. No quaranteen for me here essential personel but traffic has been nice[emoji23] Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Very generous of you Brian. Hot pockets sound kind of tempting right now...
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    With the huge losses in the stock market and economic unknowns for the foreseeable future, I am putting my room addition and new tank plans on hold. It would be irresponsible to spend that kind of money on something completely recreational when it may be needed for basic living or future medical needs. This sucks, but at least my wife & I have our health and my current tank is still thriving. Hopefully all of you stuck at home are getting more quality time viewing your tanks. Be safe everyone.
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    It’s the Covid 19 social isolation special. Just slip the cash under the door and I pass the box to you with some masks and gloves 😆. Nobody gets hurt .. I will even include one roll of toilet paper! 🧻 😂
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    Just out of curiosity, is there any reason a stand alone AC unit won’t work? Like a window or freestanding unit? I always ask people that, if you are going to chill your tank, why not get some of the AC benefits for yourself at the same time? Units are selling cheap now since it’s winter.
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    In hindsight, I should have made the holes bigger and it could double as a frag rack. Want me to drop this off at CNC?
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