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  2. WTB Sunburst Anemone

    Will do. First available split will be going in auction on Facebook. I’ll make sure to let you know when, but it won’t be for a few months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. WTB Sunburst Anemone

    please keep me updated. What's the lineage?
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  5. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    What kind of tank is that? Looks nice!
  6. Hey everyone! I'll be starting my fish room hopefully at the beginning of the year but wanted to tap this community for advice. Anyone have a basement sump? @albertareef I'm sure you'll have some contributions here. Next question is what would you guys and gals advise I do for the construction end? I'm sort of handy and have tools but am not any kind of carpenter. The plan is to find a reputable GC and plan it out with them but my main concern is that they will likely have no experience with fish rooms. I'd be willing to hire someone off here if they want work in Salem and are bonded/insured. I need to clear the space out a little but I'll post pictures of the area. Basically it'd be converting a Harry Potter understair room. Knock the main wall out and extend it 3-4 feet, add a door, ventilation, wash tub, floor drain, reroute a cable run, add a socket or two etc. I plan on heavy ventilation but don't trust my own lack of know-how around shutting up that much water in a closed area. The sump is a 150g stock tank that will live down there full of rock. Moisture barriers and such are beyond me. A big concern is that the garage has tall ceilings (~16') and I could use ideas for what kind of pump I'm going to need to get the water upstairs, be it internal or external but definitely not interested in DC controllable types. Luckily the fish room should be more or less right under the tank. Anyways, this is coming and I'd like to start my conversation with you all! It's either this or a slightly less extreme compromise of putting water barrels in the room and a sink and just using it for water making/changes and pumping RO/DI water into the reservoir. This would mean I'd just be using the sump that comes with the tank for filtration which isn't a bad choice either. Certainly the cheaper one.
  7. Mag curve 7 $80

    Nevermind, I can't read today, it seems, lol Sent from my man cave while drinking Coors light! [emoji481]
  8. Mag curve 7 $80

    Moi? Sent from my man cave while drinking Coors light! [emoji481]
  9. Mag curve 7 $80

    I texted you but no reply? Still available?
  10. Free Frags

    Very generous of you! I would snag that ric if I was closer.
  11. Free Frags

    Green mushroom Ricordia purple pink and orange leather frags in Salem
  12. FS: Equipment! Cool stuff! 😎Good deals!

    Everything is pending right now. I will keep you posted if anything falls through. Thanks everyone!
  13. FS: Equipment! Cool stuff! 😎Good deals!

    Sure thing Ryan it's yours!
  14. Hey Kim ill take the powerstrip if you can wait till the meeting!
  15. Garage Clean Out

    Hey guys got some equipment to get rid of! A lot of it I was accumulating for my 120 4x2x2 before I picked up my Marineland 15. I will be at the December 2nd meeting and possibly could go north sooner if there are enough interested. All prices are best offer. I would possibly be willing to trade for a DC Return Pump or a 3' 6-8 Bulb T5 Fixture. USED- 48" 8 bulb Teklight with 14 random bulbs. Bulbs are old and probably need replaced but would give an idea of colors Asking $100 OBO NEW- Synergy Reef Ghost Overflow - Best overflow on the market - $140 OBO USED- 2x400W Ice Cap Electronic Ballasts with XM 15k Bulbs and spider reflectors - $100 OBO USED- SCA 180 Skimmer - Works great but upgraded to a Vertex 180i - $90 OBO USED- Probably 120-150 lbs of rock. Been sitting in a tub with water going. Big pieces, pics to come of each piece $2 a lb. $200 if you buy it all PF- Nano Overflow $20 http://www.eshopps.com/products/overflowboxes/pfnano/ PF-300 Overflow $30 http://www.eshopps.com/products/overflowboxes/pf300/ NEW - 4x2x2 Aqueon 120G aquarium with black silicone. Bought and never setup. Still wrapped in cardboard $400 OBO
  16. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

  17. FS: Equipment! Cool stuff! 😎Good deals!

    Desktop reactor is pending... Price reduced on the smart power strip to 30 dollars firm otherwise I will just keep it.
  18. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    Algae patch on the glass That is the giant Cnc Naso yes! He is quite the character!
  19. BTA SPLIT!

    That first split is the best. Yay for your clowns and nems!
  20. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    Really nice! Why does that wrasse in the last picture look like he got a grainy filter ran over him a few times? Is that the giant Naso you got at C&C at the meeting there last year?
  21. 120 gallon saltwater aquarium for sale

    Will also consider trade for a cube tank set up and cash. Thanks!!
  22. 120 gallon saltwater aquarium for sale

    1000.00 or best offer!!
  23. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    Major stalker, all the other fish go about their business. The Naso locks eyes with me any time I look over there. Truly a notch up on the IQ scale from the other fishes at least when it comes to food. Makes getting pics very tough!
  24. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    I like the tang sneaking into that last one to eyeball you!
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