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thats funny.....lol


this is my favorite comment:

Anonymous said...

As a Oregonian and a UofO Duck fan I have to say...


That is some funny #%&* right there!


I love the diamondplate version, every time I see that diamondplate garbage I puke a little into my mouth. (puke)

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Those people aren't even intelligent enough to get the terms of his contract right. Too many big words obviously. Its not a 5 year extension, its a 1 year roll over added to the end of his existing contract.


Der letz make er up sumptin to make fun o dem duks out der in orygun. Yah dat wuld be supur dupur funy! letz see der coach just got some dag ol dum contrakt ecsterension, letz make fun o dat! Yah it'll weely seem like we nose wuts we talkin bout den!

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So far 4 LOIs rec'd!!!






make that 8!


Last Refreshed at 9:15:55 AM

Malachi Lewis - Oxnard, Calif.

9:14am | RB | 206 | ****

Talmadge Jackson III - Murrieta, Calif.

9:10am | CB | 182 | ***

Terrance Pritchett - Sacramento, Calif.

9:05am | SS | 201 | ****

Casey Matthews - Agoura Hills, Calif.

9:01am | ILB | 223 | ***

Terrell Turner - Los Angeles, Calif.

8:51am | ILB | 248 | ***

Charlie Carmichael - Sherman Oaks, Calif.

8:48am | OG | 296 | ****

Anthony Gildon - Simi Valley, Calif

8:41am | CB | 168 | ****

Jeffrey Maehl - Paradise, Calif.

8:36am | S | 178 | ***

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Ok, one of the LOIs i've REALLY been waiting for just arrived!!!! Myles Wade is a Duck!!!! (rock2) (rock2) (rock2)


Last Refreshed at 9:35:14 AM

Myles Wade - Portland, Ore.

9:29am | DT | 314 | ****

Carson York - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

9:25am | OT | 285 | ****

David Paulson - Auburn, Wash.

9:22am | HB | 230 | ***

Rishard Matthews - Santa Ana, Calif.

9:16am | WR | 212 | ***

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Last Refreshed at 10:19:02 AM

Kenny Rowe - Long Beach, Calif.

10:17am | DE | 215 | ****

John Laidet - Bonanza, Calif.

10:10am | TE | 225 | **

Charles Neal - Yorba Linda, Calif.

10:10am | RB | 208 | ***

Aaron Pflugrad - Eugene, Ore.

10:07am | WR | 172 | **

Dominic Glover - Ladera Ranch, Calif.

10:02am | DE | 230 | ***

Tonio Celotto - Oakland, Calif.

9:59am | DE | 252 | ***

Drew Davis - Denver, Colo.

9:55am | WR | 202 | ****

Mark Asper - Idaho Falls, Idaho

9:52am | OL | 269

William Tukuafu - Salt Lake City, Utah

9:34am | DE | 281 | JC | ***

Daniel Padilla - Corona, Calif.

9:39am | PK | 210 | **

Brandon Hanna - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

9:34am | ILB | 235 | ***




Most of the big names are in, just waiting for Darrion Weems!!!!

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So far the Ducks have signed a total of 23 players to National Letters of Intent, consisting of: 2 offensive lineman, 5 defensive lineman, 3 wide receivers, 4 defensive backs, 2 tight ends/H-backs, 2 running backs, 3 linebackers and 1 kicker.

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Wow the Beavs just signed David Ross! Stud corner out of Domingez, CA. We beat out Nebraska. If you would have told me that 10 years ago a guy picked us over the Huskers I would have told ya to lay off the pipe. That is great. The Beavs have signed some killers in the defensive backfield this year.



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Nice, thats a good pickup!


There was speculation that 4 star CB Anthony Gildon would change his commitment to USC, but he was the second LOI rec'd this morning!!! (clap)

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All but 1 commit LOI is in!!!


Last Refreshed at 11:16:40 AM

William Wallace - West Covina, Calif.

11:02am | CB | 172 | **

Terrance Scott - Knoxville, Tenn.

10:59am | WR | 179 | JC | ****

Simi Fili - Salt Lake City, Utah

10:54am | DT | 340 | ****

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Sorry, all but 3 are in now, still no Darrion Weems!?!?!?!?!


Last Refreshed at 12:04:24 PM

Eddie Pleasant - La Palma, Calif.

11:58am | OLB | 218 | ***

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Last Refreshed at 2:19:17 PM

Darrion Weems - Winnetka, Calif.

2:17pm | OL | 300 | ****


And 1 more 4star!!!!


Last Refreshed at 2:24:31 PM

Todd Doxey - Winnetka, Calif.

2:19pm | S | 170 | ****

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The #1 RB out of highschool rated by almost every single recruiting site in the country 2 years ago, yes we will be running the spread with that same guy at RB. Hopefully Chip Kelly will have enough sense to hand the ball to Snoop 25 times a game. We return a lot of playmakers. If a few of these freshman defensive guys can step in and play immediately, this defense should frusterate a lot of teams - that is if our QB stops handing the ball over to them 4-6 times a game.


I expect a lot of the same as last year though. 7-5 year again i think. Maybe we can at least win a bowl game finally. That would be something!


I also don't expect the Beavs to have nearly as good of a year. New QB, new Dline, new CBs. Its gonna be a tough year on the Beavs. 6-6


Cal is the sleeper, could go 9-3, 10-2 or could be a bust and end up 6-6. I am still not sold on Longshore.


ASU will be interesting. Erickson is ten times the coach Koetter was. He'll whip that team around quick, watch em to finish 2nd or 3rd in the Pac this year. Along with Cal, they should be the only team to give any sort of challenge to the USC juggernaught.


Stanturd sucks, both washington schools won't do much, and Zona will probably end up middle of the pack after what, 15 seasons bringing up the rear?


USC will again dominate and roll over the weak Pac10. I sure wish there was more parity in college football, it would be more fun to watch IMO.

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So Chip Kelly is gonna be the new OC. I've read some good stuff about him. Seems to be very creative offensively, loves the spread offense, and is a great recruiter. At Univ of New Hampshire his offenses have averaged better than 400 yards of total offense seven of the last eight years and more than 30 points a game each of the past four seasons. As a result, New Hampshire has had three players receive first-team All-America acclaim each of the last two years. The school’s quarterback, Ricky Santos, was the recipient of the Walter Payton Award (awarded annually to the best offensive player in Division I-AA) a year ago after finishing second in the balloting in 2005.


Kelly’s best offensive output was in 2005 when the Wildcats finished second nationally in total offense (493.5 avg.), third in scoring (41.7 avg.) and fifth in passing (300.1 avg.), while completing the season with an 11-2 record. In 2004, the school broke 29 offensive school records, compiling 5,446 yards of total offense and scoring 40 or more points in seven games.


I hope he can restore Dixon's confidence, or I hope he gives Costa a fair try.

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I say bring on COSTA!!


New OC with a old coach that I believe is grabbing at whatever he can to change the rut he is in. So why not go with the kid and give him 3 years to show us what he has!

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I couldn't agree more. Bellotti ruined the kids reshirt year to play him for what, 2 series? 10 plays? At least give him a chance. He's got a better arm than both Leaf and Dixon, and runs almost as good as Dixon when i've seen him play.

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